“I can’t come on weekends.
I have a schedule.”

“Really? I was going to ask you to have a meal together.”

“I spar every week.
And from next week, please tell me in advance the day I have to come.
I can’t come every day.”

“What is this? You’re a research assistant, but why are there so many days you can’t come?”

“That was unilaterally designated.
If you are dissatisfied, change it to someone else.”

“Okay, I surrender.”

Weathering, who raised his hands and immediately shouted surrender, reminded me of Tess during the swordsmanship sparring.
I can’t believe everything reminds me of Tess, I’m seriously ill too.

“So what do you want to do with these bouquets?”

“Leave it.
I will throw it all away.”

His tone of reply was oddly cold.

“So you can’t do weekends every week?”

However, the voice that followed was no different from usual.
Did I feel wrong?

Because I have sparring.
Of course, if something more important happens on this side, the sparring will be skipped.
But don’t just call me if you’re bored.”

“Sparring? With who?”

Bonart’s first, which you saw before.”

“What, were you very close with that tall young man?”

Weathering, wearing his glasses again, asked in surprise.
On the one hand, I was relieved that he didn’t seem to know anything.

Like the other Consium researchers, they don’t ask me what my relationship is with the Emperor.

* * *


The sword flew helplessly from Ethyl’s hand and fell to the floor with a loud noise.

“What is it, Ethyl? You’re weird?”


“It’s pretty messed up.
If you’re going to be like this, I will go.”

Ethyl, who muttered something quite harsh, suggested things.

“Let’s do something else today, not sparring.”

After saying this, he strode into the building and I followed after without knowing why.

Ethyl brought a wine that resembled the owner’s personality and guided me to a neat study.

“This is the 15-year-old Emperor Bordeaux.”

“Oh, isn’t it hard to find?”

“I went to the border and found it by chance.”

“In the meantime, let’s talk about the border.
There was also a border post in Varen, but it’s been quiet there.
Did you go west?”

“It’s not particularly a pleasant story, if you want.”

Unlike the Southern Empire, monsters frequently appeared in the Northern Empire.
Some said that this is different depending on whether or not they received the protection of the god of light.

There are many Lux followers, but in the Northern Empire, it was never recognized as a state religion.

“When your family was kicked out, the monsters started to run wild, so there were rumors about it.”


I urged Ethyl, who kept his mouth shut.

“I won’t get hurt by that anymore.”

“That Euseniel Hardland is a child of the devil.”

“I was kicked out, so I manipulated the monsters in retaliation for that? Aren’t monsters children of the devil?”

Maybe the devil’s child is not me…….

The contents of the book I borrowed from the temple not long ago came to mind and turned bitter.

“It’s similar.
Except for the Emperor and Duke’s family, I didn’t know why Hardland had to leave the capital in a hurry.”

“Why do they want us……no.
Pour me another drink.”

I was about to ask Ethyl if he knew why our family had to be kicked out.
It was clear that Ethyl, whose memory was distorted anyway, would not know anything.

“Is it that terrible? The border.”

If there is a guy who wants to go see it as a joke, I would really send them away.”

Soon, Ethyl began to sigh deeply, and eventually took out strong liquor and poured it.
I was worried about the headache, so I stopped him, but he didn’t even hear.

Ethyl, who had been tilting the glass for a while, suddenly spat out a word.

“It’s not strange.”


“Now Aurin is Marquis Xuen, and it’s only natural that I can’t contact her because she’s busy, right?”

“…… right?”

Recalling Aurin, whom I met just yesterday, I replied shyly.

“Then why am I so upset?”


“I saw her at the palace last week? I saw her, I saw her…….”

“You saw, what?”

“When she called me Sir Bonart, I felt upset?”

Ethyl’s tongue twisted slightly.

“Isn’t it because she’s inside the palace?”

“No! Then she can’t just do that to me.
She has to be formal to other people besides me…….”


“Why do I feel bad when she walks away laughing with a guy other than me?”

I squeezed my face hard to hold back a smile.

“It must have been annoying and cumbersome, right? But why do I keep thinking about it?”

“You missed her?”

“No, not necessarily! It’s not like that…… yes.
I can’t sleep, I can’t concentrate, so I keep getting scolded by the captain…….”

Ethyl Bonart, one of my old friends must be suffering from a terrible unrequited love.

Ethyl will surely object if I say, ‘Don’t you like Aurin?’.

“Then why don’t we go see Aurin in person?”


“Since Aurin has been looking for you so far, you can contact her first and then go see her .”

Ethyl frowned.
He was silent, seemingly thinking very hard.

“We’re friends? What’s the problem?”

“…… right?”

Ethyl, his eyes half-closed, tilted his head.

Since we’re friends, I can congratulate her on taking over as head of the family.
I never personally congratulated her anyway.”

“…… That’s right.
You didn’t do what everyone else did…….”

The gentle lips made a bitter smile.

“And while you’re there, ask her who the man was.
He might be someone who approached Aurin with an impure intention, right?”

“Is that…… so?”

He could just be looking at Aurin’s status and trying to seduce her.”

First of all, forgive me, random man who I don’t even know.

Ethyl’s eyes, which had been loosening, suddenly gained strength.

“Really? Then I just can’t stand still.”

When I saw Ethyl nodding his head, I covered my mouth.
I gave strength to prevent myself from laughing out loud

I don’t know who the man Ethyl was talking about, but maybe, ah, I’ve decided to give his heart to someone who fits the circumstances.

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