Chapter 104: Ten Days Later, Crisis Arrived


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The final exam was looming closer and closer.
Every day, Chu Yunfan followed the same schedule—cultivating followed by concocting pills!

As for contacting the hospital and the doctors in Calm Ocean City, his mother and father were in charge.
There was no need for him to interfere much.
This way, Chu Yunfan was happy and relaxed.

Every day before the final exam was extremely precious to Chu Yunfan.
With every day that passed, his strength would increase considerably.
The medicinal effect from the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill he had consumed had not been completely consumed.
Previously, Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu had
relied on the medicinal effect of the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill to advance their cultivation by leaps and bounds.

Now, it was finally Chu Yunfan’s turn.
After breaking through to the fourth level of the Qi Sea Stage, he had completely consolidated his cultivation within two days.
Every day after that, his cultivation increased significantly.
When his increase finally stopped, it was already ten days later.
As the moon rose from the east, the glint of the silvery moonlight overlaid with the light from the streetlamps cast a unique glow on the people below.

Chu Yunfan was walking on the road in his district and was stretching slightly.
Today, the thirty Meridians Cleansing Pills had finally been completed.
All of them were of perfect quality, and there was not a single mistake.

And just now, Lu Qingxuan had already transferred the last sum of 4.5 million into his account.
He had earned 45 million from this transaction, of which, 10 million had already been transferred to the hospital in Calm Ocean City as a deposit.
Then, from there, another 25 million had been transferred to
his parents, 20 million of which was his sister’s medical expenses.
The remaining 5 million was just in case.
At this moment, he still had 10 million left on him.
He could be considered a small millionaire.

He could not help but sigh.
The more advanced an alchemist was, the easier it would be to earn money.
However, ordinary alchemists did not have such high success rates.
Moreover, more than half of the money he had earned was used to buy ingredients for the practice of concocting newer pills.
Even so,
that amount was still a fortune that an ordinary working person could not earn even after working their entire lifetime.
With a fortune of over 10 million, Chu Yunfan had enough to support his cultivation for quite some time.
Wealth truly was an indispensable item required for cultivation.

And even though Lu Qingxuan, who collaborated with him, did not earn much money, she still managed to earn around two million.
Although it was not comparable to Chu Yunfan’s income, it was still considered a decent profit.
Most importantly, with these perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills, Lu
Qingxuan successfully opened up trade channels in Calm Ocean City and Donghua City.

Previously, they had not wanted to work with Lu Qingxuan because they were following Tengda Group’s wishes.
However, the Tengda Group was not as important as actual benefits, especially when more and more dealers were accepting Lu Qingxuan’s perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills.
Even if the
Tengda Group were to fly into a rage, there was nothing they could do about it.
This was the reason why the law did not punish the masses.

Most importantly, as the batch of perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills in Lu Qingxuan’s hands entered the market, the rumor that a high-level alchemist was standing behind Lu Qingxuan also went viral.
Other than that, they could not think of any other possibility.
This was because a concocting
perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pill might be by chance, a batch was definitely not the case.
This could not be described as a coincidence.

This was especially so because everyone knew that every great alchemist worked alone.
In fact, all these alchemists owned a pill company, maybe even more than one.
Although Lu Qingxuan’s company was small, there was a possibility that it might be a company owned by a great alchemist.
Offending Lu
Qingxuan was not a big deal.
However, offending a great alchemist would be a big problem.
All great alchemists not only had extraordinary strength, but they also knew many experts and had a wide network.
If they wanted to bring down these distributors, it would only take a few words.

Lu Qingxuan was very clear on this point, but she was also happy to let those people misunderstand and use the power of the unknown to intimidate others.
However, what she did not know was that behind her stood a potential stock that was far scarier than a great alchemist.

Lu Qingxuan did not hide these things from Chu Yunfan, so Chu Yunfan was also very clear about it.
However, he cared not about these things.
Other than his sister’s illness, what he was most concerned about now was the increase of his own strength.
After ten days, he had finally completely digested the
medicinal effects of the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill.
His own cultivation had finally broken through to the peak of the fourth level Qi Sea Stage.

Now that all the Meridians Cleansing Pill had been made, he was able to free up his hands and try to ascend in the remaining few days.
Although the appointment between him and Ou Yang in the top twenty was just a spar, he did not want to lose! Now he was already qualified to spar with the number one
person in the school, Ou Yang.
There was still one semester left, and his future was even more limitless.
Thinking about those things, Chu Yunfan’s footsteps could not help but become much lighter.

suddenly, he only saw a black shadow passing by in the small thicket by the roadside.
An ordinary person would not even notice it.
However, Chu Yunfan’s abnormal dynamic vision was on full display.
It was a thin figure, wearing a night camouflage suit.
Originally, it was not strange for a figure to pass by.
In modern society, many people used Qinggong to move whenever they were in a hurry.
However, it was strange for a person to be wearing night camouflage.

Chu Yunfan’s first instinct was to call the police.
If someone had broken into the residential area, the degree of danger was obvious.
However, when he saw the figure carrying a person, Chu Yunfan immediately changed his mind.
Because in an instant, he recognized that the clothes on that person were
the pajamas that his sister liked to wear at home.

“This can’t be good!” Chu Yunfan thought to himself.

In an instant, his body reacted automatically and he chased after the figure.
He did not have time to call the police and he did not have time to think.

Chu Yunfan leaped and flew onto a tree branch.
He then landed on the ground and chased after the figure like a cannonball.
The skinny figure in front was obviously very strong.
However, he could not use his full speed while carrying someone on his back.
Chu Yunfan was getting closer and closer.
That person soon realized that there was someone following him.
He stopped in a grassy area and put down the person he was carrying.

Chu Yunfan followed closely behind.
He arrived almost immediately.
He focused his eyes and saw that the person who was placed on the grass was his sister, Chu Qingxuan.
However, Chu Qingxuan’s eyes were closed and her breathing was even.
She must have been knocked unconscious.

Seeing that his sister was only knocked unconscious, Chu Yunfan heaved a sigh of relief.
It was good that she was fine.

“How dare you chase after me!”

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