Chapter 131 The Battle for First Place

It was now the tenth round, and only Chu Yunfan and Ou Yang were left.
Both of them were currently the most popular students in the school.

The outcome of the battle between the two of them would determine the first place in this ranking battle.
In addition, both of them had just defeated a powerful opponent.
Their momentum and popularity could be said to have reached their peak.
Most importantly, both sides had previously agreed on a battle for the top 20.

Initially, everyone thought that even if both sides met, it would be in one of the first ten rounds.
After all, both of them were very strong.
The further they went, the higher their points would be.
The probability of them meeting at the end would also be higher.
However, no one had expected that when they met, it would actually be the final battle for the championship.

For a time, the battle between the two of them could be said to have attracted everyone’s attention at once.
As for the other people’s tenth round, even if it was Tang Siyu’s or Zhang Teng’s, they had all lost their luster.
Everyone’s gaze was focused on this battle.
This would reveal the person who would be ranked first.

At the podium, Qin Wu’s expression was also somewhat exciting.
Because even he himself had not expected that the battle for the championship, which was to be a civil war among Class 2, would actually come true and become a reality.

The homeroom teachers of the other classes also looked toward him, and even high-level school leaders like the principal gave him a look of praise.

Two similar classes had been handed over to Qin Wu and Jin Feng, and it was obvious that Class 2 had the upper hand.
Naturally, Qin Wu, who was the homeroom teacher, had played a big part in this.

Jin Feng, who was beside him, was not paying attention to the fight for the championship.
Because no matter who the champion was, it would be someone from Class 2.
What did it have to do with him?

On the contrary, the fight between Zhang Teng and Tang Siyu in the tenth round had become the focus of his attention.
Because the outcome of the fight between the two would directly decide the third place.
Now that it was clear that the champion and the second place were gone, at least the third place was left.
Otherwise, as the homeroom teacher, he would really lose his honor.

“I didn’t expect that you could really reach this stage,” Ou Yang said as he stepped into the arena and walked to Chu Yunfan’s side.

Ou Yang had heard that Chu Yunfan had won nine consecutive victories, and he too had won nine consecutive victories.
The final victor between the two was to be the first place in this ranking battle.
He was not nervous because he had experienced much.
All along, he had been a strong contender for first place.

“Is it strange?” Chu Yunfan asked with a smile.

“It’s not strange.
With your improvement speed, it’s only a matter of time before you catch up with Zhang Teng.
It’s just that I didn’t expect it to be now,” Ou Yang replied.
“This year, our school has produced two dark horses.
One is you, and the other is Tang Siyu.
Both of your performances are outstanding, but I’ll tell you that dark horses will always be dark horses.
It’s impossible for you to defeat me.
I’m not Zhang Teng, and I won’t be defeated by you!”

Ou Yang smiled faintly.
His words revealed extremely powerful confidence.
That kind of heroic bearing that looked down on the world was not arrogance, but absolute confidence that had been brought by being number one consecutively for the past few years.
Not to mention in high school, even when he was in middle school, he was the most outstanding one.

“Saying this now is a little too early.
Whether I can defeat you or not, we’ll only know after it is over.” Chu Yunfan only smiled indifferently.
There were no fluctuations in his expression.

“Interesting!” Ou Yang said with a slight smile, “I’m very surprised that you and Tang Siyu can reach this stage.
However, to reach her, you don’t only get the glory, you also have to take responsibility.
However, it’s still too early to tell you this.
I’ll tell you in detail when I have time later.”

“All right!” Chu Yunfan said.

Just as Chu Yunfan left the arena, Gao Hongzhi flocked toward him.
With an exaggerated expression, he said, “Yunfan, you actually made it to the last round.
That’s Ou Yang! Ou Yang! Even a genius like myself has to admit that Ou Yang is slightly stronger than me!”

“Just slightly stronger? This shameless look of yours is very much like the style I had in the past!” Chu Yunfan raised his eyebrows and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Tsk, when it comes to shamelessness, can you compete with me? In the world of shamelessness, I’m number one!” Gao Hongzhi said proudly.
He did not feel ashamed, but rather proud.
Chu Yunfan also said helplessly, “Fine, you win.
I’ll give you the title of number one in the world of shamelessness!”

At this moment, Tang Siyu arrived beside them.
She was soaked with sweat.
She was no longer as cold and otherworldly as she was at the beginning.
However, she was like a fairy in the sky.
She suddenly had a sense of the mortal world.
Not only did it not reduce her charm, it actually made her look even better.
Tang Siyu walked over while downing a bottle of energy elixir to replenish her stamina.
The battle with Ou Yang just now had almost exhausted her stamina.
She had lost because her stamina had been exhausted.

“The opponent you’re waiting for is Ou Yang?” Tang Siyu opened her mouth and asked.
Her beautiful eyes shone brightly.

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Now only the two of us are left with an all-win record,” Chu Yunfan nodded and said, “I saw your battle just now.
You almost won.
There’s nothing wrong with you seizing the opportunity, and your tactics were also very good.
You hid your strength that you had already broken through to the sixth-level Qi Sea Stage in advance and attacked at the critical moment.
But in the end, you lacked a trump card that could decide the outcome with one stroke.
Otherwise, the outcome would have been different!”

Generally speaking, it was very rude and taboo to point out the shortcomings of others in person.
However, the two of them had been through life and death together, so he knew that Tang Siyu would not mind.

“You’re right.” Tang Siyu nodded

She had almost won the battle, but in the end, she had failed.
She was also reflecting on the meaning of actual combat.
If she did not fight, how would she know that she was still lacking such a big shortcoming?

“You also have to be careful.
Ou Yang’s staff is specially made.
It’s very heavy and difficult to receive!” Tang Siyu advised Chu Yunfan.
Thank you for the advice!” Chu Yunfan saw that Ou Yang had rarely attacked.
Not to mention using his full strength, Tang Siyu’s experience was very useful.

“Your next opponent is Zhang Teng.
He’s not easy to deal with either.
It’s hard to say who will win or lose between the two of you.
His strength is a level higher than yours.
Moreover, as a man, he has more stamina.
However, as long as you aren’t dragged into the later stages of the battle by him, your chances of winning will be greater.
In short, make it a quick battle!” Chu Yunfan said.

Tang Siyu nodded.

The two of them began to exchange their battle experiences as if there was no one else around.
This made Gao Hongzhi, who was being ignored, feel very depressed.
Chu Yunfan only vaguely heard him complaining.

“A pair of dog lovers showing off their love.
Go to hell, you b*stards!”

Before the two of them could exchange their experiences for a long time, the tenth round finally began.

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