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“Kill the adulterous couple!”

“They must pay the price!”

Everyone said indignantly.

“The problem is that to prevent Great Wei from invading them, Great Qi completely cut off all the teleportation circles from Great Wei to Great Qi.
We can only teleport to the border of Great Wei, then fly to the border of Great Qi before we can teleport again,” someone said worriedly.

“It will only take a day.
The fused origin energy in the array is endless.
It was prepared for all of us.
How much can the three of them absorb in a day? The key is that Chu Yunfan feels that it’s impossible and will try to destroy the array.
At that time, the fused origin energy will scatter and our efforts will be in vain,” someone said worriedly.
Instantly, everyone’s expression fell.
In their opinion, Chu Yunfan, Ye Qiushui, and Chu Hongcai were just three people.
How much could they absorb? One day was not important.
However, if Chu Yunfan destroyed the array, all their previous efforts would be in vain.

“D*mn it.
That is a possibility,” someone said through gritted teeth.
They judged others by themselves.
After thinking about it, if it were them, they would probably do the same.

“If he dares to do this, I’ll tear him into pieces!” someone said.

The array was prepared for them and they were supposed to each get a share of the loot.
However, if Chu Yunfan destroyed the array, everyone would have worked in vain.

“No matter what, we have to leave immediately,” Liang Ruicai said worriedly, “I’ll make sure he dies a horrible death!”

When he thought about how all his hard work might be burned to ashes, his heart felt as if it was being chopped by thousands of knives at the same time.

These people discussed for a moment and immediately rushed back to the capital of Great Qi.

At the same time, in the Origin Energy Fusion Array.

Chu Yunfan sat cross-legged in the air.
All the fused origin energy around him was depleted.
He was like an endless bottomless pit, constantly absorbing the fused origin energy.
Compared to Chu Yunfan, Ye Qiushui and Chu Hongcai combined had absorbed less than one percent of his fused origin energy.

The effect of this energy was truly astonishing.
In just a short time, he had already reached the peak of the late Core Form Stage.
He was only a little bit away from reaching the peak Core Form Stage.

This was only a matter of time.
As long as Chu Yunfan continued to train, he would be able to break through to the peak of the Core Form Stage.

It was not impossible for him to reach the Golden Core Stage.
And at that time, Chu Yunfan would use the Ninety-Nine Golden Core Seals to form his golden core and achieve a shocking leap, allowing his combat strength to surpass the Core Stage.
Everything he was doing now was just building his foundation.

In addition to him, Ye Qiushui had stepped into the Golden Core Stage and was now consolidating her Golden Core Stage.
Chu Hongcai was the weakest, but his improvement was also the most obvious.
In a short period, he had stepped into the Core Stage from the seventh tier of the Divine Abilities Stage, completing a breakthrough in his cultivation in one go.

Everyone had gained a lot.


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