ad been suppressed and defeated by Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan had firmly held the rhythm of the battle then.
No matter how Zhu Yi had struggled, he was like a fish caught in a net.
There was no way to break free.
He still remembered that feeling of despair and powerlessness.
No wonder Gao Hongzhi’s fighting style looked so familiar.
Turns out it had all come from Chu Yunfan.
No wonder.

Zhu Yi knew that Gao Hongzhi’s opponent was doomed.
The terrifying thing about this fighting rhythm was that once the rhythm was taken away by one party, it would be very difficult for the other party to gain it back.
Then, all that could be done was for the losing party to run as fast as they could.
In the end, the loser would suffer a crushing defeat.

As if confirming Zhu Yi’s thoughts, after trying to break through a few times, the monk-like youth was forced to continuously retreat.
Regardless of whether it was his attack or his defense, he had already lost it all.
Gao Hongzhi landed strike after strike and the monk-like youth was only passively defending.
Everyone could see that he had already lost.
He couldn’t turn the tables.

“How could this be? We’re both clearly at the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage.
How can I be inferior to you?!”

The monk-like youth was absolutely flustered.
The feeling of being suppressed by an opponent of the same realm in all aspects

—from battle experience to strength-was really humiliating.

Gao Hongzhi sneered.
And then with a swipe of his spear, he flicked away the staff that was in the hand of the monk-like youth.
Gao Hongzhi thrust his spear at the youth’s face.
It was obvious that he still had some strength left.

Gao Hongzhi was proud of himself.
He had always been suppressed by Chu Yunfan in this exact manner.
Their realms were clearly the same, but he was always completely suppressed by Yunfan.
And even back when Yunfan’s realm was lower than his, that guy had always been able to suppress him.

“No wonder Yunfan always liked fighting this way.
It’s really awesome!” Gao Hongzhi chuckled.

After surpassing him, Chu Yunfan became a role model for Gao Hongzhi.
Although he did not deliberately learn it, after a long time, he naturally absorbed Chu Yunfan’s fighting style.
Gao Hongzhi had always been the one being abused, and he always felt bad about it.
Now that he had turned into the abuser, he felt very pleased with himself.

“If you want something done, you have to do it yourself!”

Yin Chen looked at Gao Hongzhi with an icy stare.
He stepped into the ring.

This was no longer as simple as getting their money back.
It was now related to the honor of the No.
25 High.
He could not let his school’s honor die in his hands like this.

“Just give up, You can’t beat me,” Yin Chen said coldly.

“I still want to try anyway.
I want to see how powerful No.
25 High’s number one is,” Gao Hongzhi said with a chuckle.
“You’ll regret it!”

Yin Chen made his move.
He whipped out two sabers.

The two blades in his hands displayed astonishing power.
They slashed out like two flood dragons-one from the left and one from the right-and rushed toward Gao Hongzhi.




Yin Chen was extremely fast.
The speed of this eighth-level Qi Sea Stage warrior was much faster than the two seventh-level Qi Sea Stage warriors from before.

“Watch out!” Zhu Yi cried out.

However, when the two long sabers slashed at Gao Hongzhi, Gao Hongzhi’s figure turned into three phantoms.
The two sabers slashed through the phantom but failed to hit Gao Hongzhi.

The crowd gasped in astonishment.
“A movement technique!”

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