s arms had been shattered and fractured.
However, after being injured, he gained a lot.
He finally broke through to the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage and entered the eighth level.
It would not be long before he could enter the ninth.
It was not farfetched to say that he might even enter the Energy Refinement Stage before the end of this training.

In half a month, many had made breakthroughs.
There were even some experts at the peak of the Qi Sea Stage who had already broken through to the Energy Refinement Stage and went to Zone 2.
Chu Yunfan who had beaten Zheng Hongzhe to the point that many people were shocked had yet to make a breakthrough.
This attracted a lot of gossip.
In the eyes of many people, when one broke through to the Energy Refinement Stage, it meant that one’s potential was great.
Chu Yunfan was trapped in the Qi Sea Stage.
In another ten days to half a month, he might be a level away from the others.

This rumor became more and more intense.
No one knew if there was anyone behind it, but it had developed to the point that someone spoke about it in front of Chu Yunfan.

Gao Hongzhi had fought with the other students several times out of indignity.
Even Tang Siyu had personally taught a top three of another division a lesson.
She had left the other party completely stunned.
Tang Siyu was usually quiet and was not very well-known.
However, once she made her move, she easily beat up that student at the peak of the Qi Sea Stage.
For a time, Tang Siyu’s reputation soared.
Among these thousands of elite students, she gained many suitors.

While the others were anxiously discussing this matter, Chu Yunfan himself was not anxious.
This was because he was very clear about his own strength.
Why should he feel anything for the words of outsiders?

Suddenly, atop a distant wall, Mr.
Lin stood firm in the cold wind.
He swept his eyes across the battlefield and spotted Chu Yunfan who was fighting in the open area.
A smile flashed across his face.

On the battlefield, Chu Yunfan was about to take a break to recover his True Energy after defeating a monster.
The speed of the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method was fast—at least several times faster than other cultivation techniques.
This gap became more and more obvious as time went on, but it was not endless.

Suddenly, a black light flashed from afar and instantly arrived in front of Chu Yunfan.
He took a closer look.
It was not a streak of black light.
It was clearly a strange monster.

This monster looked like a black cat, but much bigger.
It was level with Chu Yunfan’s chest, and its jade-green eyes emitted a terrifying glint.
Behind this strange beast, there were two long tails.

“Twin-tailed Cat Demon!”

Chu Yunfan’s heart tightened.
The monster was a Twin-tailed Cat Demon.
This monster was not very strong, but it was extremely fast.
Although it was only a Energy Refinement Stage monster, in the discussions of many websites and forums, it was ranked one of the top twenty most terrifying monsters.
Ordinary monsters would be fine against it, but humans were fragile.
Once caught by the Twin-tailed Cat Demon, it would be a dead end.

“No, I have to calm down!”

Chu Yunfan immediately calmed his mind.


A sound like metal clashing was the sound of the claws of the Twin-tailed Cat Demon scratching Chu Yunfan’s armor.

It originally aimed at Chu Yunfan’s neck, but at the last second, Chu Yunfan dodged and the hit landed on his breastplate instead.

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