e armor on their bodies to make sure they were in good condition.

These were all human elites.
Of course, they were not as messy as the common rabble.

Chu Yunfan’s eyes darted around and spotted his teammates, along with Yao Xueyi and the others from the base.
However, Chu Yunfan did not quickly step forward and acknowledge them because he knew that it was not the right time yet.

Not long after, Chu Yunfan received a mass message saying that it was almost time to launch the attack.
Numerous criminals stood atop the walls surrounding the mine.
Compared to the base that Chu Yunfan had previously attacked, this mine was on a completely different level.
The base was nothing compared to the big picture.

Thousands stood atop the walls of the mine and were densely packed together.
This made the attacks from these students much more difficult.

Immediately after, there was a burst of loud shouts.
Dong Fanghao, Jiang Pengfei, and Liang Haoyu led their troops to attack the mine from three different directions.
It was clear they did not want to interfere with each other, so they each attacked one side.
Who would get the most points would depend on their abilities.

Each of them led over two thousand students, so it was clear that they did not need to worry.
Their numbers alone were enough to crush the condemned criminals standing on these mine walls.

Chu Yunfan followed the crowd and attacked the wall.
But the walls were not very wide and there was not enough space for too many people.
This was the key reason why the students’ numerical advantage could not be fully unleashed for a while.

Both sides did not hold back.
This was a life and death battle, and it was not a situation where they could afford to hesitate.

For a time, the battle was in a stalemate.
However, the students had the advantage in terms of numbers.
In addition, these students were elites among the elites, the greatest of the greatest.

After a period of stalemate, the students managed to open a path and thousands poured into the mine.

Inside the mine were many criminals.
At a glance, intense battles were happening everywhere.

Chu Yunfan flew over the wall.
Just as he landed, he saw a tall criminal on the other side.
The criminal was grinning hideously as he brandished the huge ax in his hand.
He pounced toward Chu Yunfan, and his ax headed straight for Chu Yunfan.

This ax was as tall as a person and extremely thick and heavy.
If it connected with its target, the resulting consequences would be obvious.
It was extremely terrifying.

A person could be split into two by an ax.
It was one of the best heavy weapons around.

Ordinary students would not dare to clash head-on with such a heavy weapon.
Unfortunately, this tall criminal had met the wrong person.

Facing this criminal who was rushing straight at him, Chu Yunfan was fearless.
He merely raised his eyebrows slightly.
Then, the Shadowless Saber appeared in his hand and smashed down on the huge ax.


The tall criminal was flying away at a speed faster than he had come.


The tall criminal landed on the ground and took a few steps back before he collapsed.
He could not believe that there was someone who had such great strength.
Just a casual slash had sent him flying.
And before he could react, he realized that an eagle-like figure was swooping down on him.

Using the Thousand Pound Drop, Chu Yunfan came to stand in front of this criminal in the blink of an eye.

A black light flashed!

The head of this tall criminal was instantly separated from his body as his head was chopped off.

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