uld actually be able to defeat him one day.
For someone as proud as him, being able to admit that Chu Yunfan was on par with him was his limit.
Defeating him was a miracle that he had never thought of.

“You’ve lost,” Chu Yuntian said simply.


“Yes, I’ve lost, but…” Chu Yuntian was about to continue speaking when he saw Chu Yunfan was completely ignoring him.
Chu Yunfan turned around and left as if Chu Yuntian’s defeat was a matter of no doubt.

Chu Yuntian could feel the transformation in Chu Yunfan’s state of mind.
Chu Yunfan was no longer obsessed with defeating him.
Chu Yuntian was completely ignored.

For the first time in his life, Chu Yuntian felt aggrieved.
He had always ignored his cousin who was the same age as him.
Since when could Chu Yunfan ignore him like this?

But Chu Yuntian had nothing to say.
He had lost.
These three words were enough to explain everything.
He finally understood what Chu Yunfan had endured all these years—a child from another family was stronger than you and he does not give a d*mn about you!

“Don’t go thinking the results of this battle is the end.
I’ll definitely defeat you the next time,” Chu Yuntian said as he gritted his teeth.

“I’ll be waiting.” Chu Yunfan sped up and left the ring.
At this moment, he was feeling elated.
He felt like he was walking on cloud nine.

Shortly, the top three in the sparring competition for this year’s Chu family ancestor worship ceremony were decided.
The first place went to Chu Yunfan, the second place went to Chu Yuntian, and the third place went to Chu Xuelian who was highly regarded as one of the main descendants of the Chu family.

The ceremony finally came to an end.

The three of them were brought before Chu Haoyue.
Chu Haoyue looked at the three of them and could not help but feel a little emotional.
Thinking back to those years, he had also obtained the first place like this.
In the blink of an eye, everything had changed.

“The three of you have performed well,” Chu Haoyue proclaimed, “However, I don’t want you to grow complacent because the enemies you’ll face in the future will far exceed your imagination.
Putting aside the countless experts in Federation University, even the current situation of society requires that you grow rapidly.
The outcome of today’s match doesn’t matter.
A momentary victory or defeat will not be for life.
How far a person can go depends on whether his competitors are strong or not.
I hope that you can become the driving force for each other’s advancement.”

“Thank you for your words of wisdom, Junior Leader,” the three of them said in unison.

“Earlier, my father said that the top three would receive a special reward in addition to the prize money that they’ve earned.
Three of you, come with me.
The prize money will be transferred to your private accounts.
This special reward will be yours alone,” Chu Haoyue said.

The three of them nodded.
Chu Yunfan had already received the message that over ten million had been transferred into his account.

Although this amount was not an astronomical figure to him at the moment, there was no doubt that the Chus had spent a large sum of money.
But what Chu Yunfan was more concerned with was the rewards for the top three.

Under Chu Haoyue’s lead, they quickly entered the depths of the Chu family’s ancestral land.
With the junior leader leading the way, they naturally encountered no obstructions along the way.
Chu Yunfan could sense that the closer they got to the depths of the Chu family’s ancestral land, the more he could sense powerful gazes spying on them.
Numerous powerful auras like hibernating giant dragons emitted extremely terrifying auras.

The foundation of the Chus was far deeper than it appeared from the outside.

The four of them passed by a valley.
Although this area was a dip in the land, the valley was unexpectedly well preserved and did not seem affected by any external factors.

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