is in itself was an irresistible temptation.
Everyone was sure that this Qi Replenishing Pill was a long-lasting hot-selling product.

In addition to this online sales channel, there were many mercenary groups, monster hunter groups, and exploration groups that went directly to Shanhe Alchemy and placed orders with them.
At the very least, they ordered hundreds of Qi Replenishing Pills.
At the most, they ordered thousands.
Moreover, these were not one-time orders, but long-term fixed ones.
Once the company stabilized, it would definitely be a huge cash flow channel.

Although these teams basically had their own alchemist teams, they were not specialized alchemy companies after all.
It was impossible for these teams to maintain a huge alchemist team just to refine such ordinary pills.
It would be a waste of resources.

Therefore, they placed orders for these medicinal pills from the alchemy pill company they were working with.
Each company had its own customer base.
That market was simply not something that a newcomer like Chu Yunfan’s Shanhe Alchemy could get into.

However, the effect of Shahe Alchemy’s Qi Replenishing Pill was outstanding.
Unless one did not care about the lives of their subordinates, who would choose inferior products that had a similar price but had twice the effect.

No matter how much the commission was, they did not dare to be careless in this matter.
These teams were struggling on the verge of life and death every day.
Dancing on the edge of a knife was extremely dangerous.
If the leader was to joke about the life of his subordinates, the morale of the team would be shattered and they would fall apart.

Therefore, there was no need for Lu Qingxuan to seek out these groups one by one herself.
These large teams all came to talk at the same time.
In the beginning, they wanted to put on airs.
The number of pills that these large teams needed to consume every year was an astronomical figure.

“Using your Qi Replenishing Pills is like giving you money.
Give us a cheaper price, plus some rebates,” all of the teams said.

But to these old foxes, Lu Qingxuan only had one answer.
“Buy it if you want, don’t if you don’t want to.
If you want a rebate, forget about buying from us.”

These Qi Replenishing Pills that were unique to the market were Lu Qingxuan’s biggest source of confidence.
Other than at Shanhe Alchemy, it was impossible to find another supplier such as them on the market.

This was a typical seller’s market.
In the end, no matter how much these team leaders gritted their teeth, they had to obediently follow Lu Qingxuan’s terms.

In a short period of time, Shanhe Alchemy had monopolized more than 30% of the Qi Replenishing Pill market.
This was undoubtedly a huge profit.
But because the scale of Shanhe Alchemy was already there, even if they recruited people every day, it was difficult to obtain enough people in such a short period.

The company did not have enough alchemists.
Currently, they have recruited more than 500 alchemists.
But compared to the huge order, it was still far from enough.

And not all these alchemists had been recruited directly into the company.
Instead, they adopted a mode of offline cooperation.
In any case, the formula had already been made public.
These alchemists could concoct the pills according to the public formula.

Shanhe Alchemy would purchase these pills they made at a certain price.
As long as the final product passed, they would pay.
No matter who had made those pills, it was fine as long as the product was up to par.

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