their lives.
In any case, they could retreat to the jet to recuperate, so they need not be afraid.
Their attacks became increasingly bolder and more violent with each passing second.


The students could turn the tide of the battle with that strategy, no longer needing to fight defensively.
As expected, the students riddled the apes with severe injuries.
As the saying goes, those who were arrogant were afraid of those who were foolish, and those who were foolish were afraid of those who did not want their lives.
Still, Sha Peng and the others did not want their lives.
In any case, they could retreat to the fighter jets to recuperate, so they did not need to be afraid.
The student’s attacks became increasingly bolder and more violent at that thought.


Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan’s movements became even more brutal.
He no longer reserved his strength.

“No, we can’t continue like this! We must think of a way to break one of those apes first!” Chu Yunfan shouted and condensed all his True Energy.
In addition, his terrifying Heaven and Earth spiritual energy also condensed with his slash, instantly exploding downward.

“Flow Cut!”

Chu Yunfan thundered as his Flow Cut ruthlessly hit one of the apes.
The ape could not react in time as it flew, crashed into a tree trunk, and fell to the ground immediately after.
No one knew if the ape was dead or alive.
Even if the apes’ physique was far better than humans’.

Chu Yunfan’s Flow Cut was no ordinary attack.
If not for his weighted suit, his attack could pose a threat and injure an Acquire Stage expert.

The other ape was shocked when it saw what had happened.
It probably did not expect Chu Yunfan to unleash such a terrifying attack suddenly.
However, a terrifying roar erupted.

The Bloodmane Apes were a united troop that held grudges, and Chu Yunfan chopped down one of its companions.
The ape did not know if its companion had survived Chu Yunfan’s attack, but its simple brain only thought to dismember the human before it into a thousand pieces.

Then Chu Yunfan took the opportunity to drink a bottle of energy elixir.
He felt his physical strength rapidly recovering.
The opposing sides ran toward each other again, and without the other ape in the way, Chu Yunfan had an easier time fighting its companion, entirely unleashing his techniques.

After another 15 minutes, Chu Yunfan finally grasped an opportunity and chopped off the head of the Bloodmane Ape.

“Huff, Huff, Huff!”

Chu Yunfan was panting heavily.
His whole body was soaked in sweat, but he quickly circulated his zhen Qi and dried up.

Then, he supported himself and walked to the front of another Bloodmane Ape, whose life was unknown before, and chopped off the head of this Bloodmane Ape.

The vitality of these monsters was too strong.
If they didn’t chop off the head, it would be too dangerous.

Although these Bloodmane Apes had some martial arts stances, they only had some stances.
In terms of techniques, there was still a huge gap between them and the well-tempered humans.
However, their physical qualities were stronger, humans of the same realm were simply not a match for them.

Chu Yunfan had killed two Bloodmane Apes, and the rest of the battle had finally ended.
Under the fierce attacks of the students, these Bloodmane Apes were all killed.

However, the students were all wounded, and the wounds on Sha Peng’s body were so deep that even his bones could be seen.

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