would be good for him to meet the young master of Wuwei right now.
Since the young master did not have any ill intentions, it would be good for Chu Yunfan to make more connections.

Chu Yunfan was led by the man in the black suit to a private clubhouse at the center of the reception area.
The clubhouse was extremely hidden and there were even hidden formations operating in the surroundings.
If it was not for someone leading the way, it would be very difficult for ordinary people to discover it.

After entering the clubhouse, Chu Yunfan felt that he had entered an extremely modern private club filled with all sorts of luxurious decorations.

It was a rather large hall and the decorations inside it were magnificent.
All sorts of food were laid out.
From the eight major cuisines of ancient times to Western cuisine to even Japanese cuisine.

At this moment, there were already about a dozen people gathered in the clubhouse.
They were chatting and laughing, appearing quite relaxed.
These people looked to be about in their twenties.
All of them were dressed luxuriously, giving off unspeakably powerful airs about them.
When they saw Chu Yunfan enter, they glanced at him a few times before they stopped paying attention and continued chatting amongst themselves.

Chu Yunfan originally had no intention of getting close to these people, but their words caught his attention.

“Jiang Yunfei, I didn’t expect you to have improved so much after just a year.
You’re only a sophomore and you’re already at the fifth level of the Acquired Stage,” someone said.

Everyone turned to look at a certain young man.
He was tall and slender and looked quite handsome.

Seeing everyone’s gazes turned to him, this young man’s face revealed a proud expression as he said, “You flatter me too much.”

“This rate of progress is pretty impressive.
At this rate, you’ll reach the Innate Stage within ten years at the latest,” that person continued to say.

“I heard that Jiang Pengfei from your family is also coming out for the Dao Conference.
Is that true?” a beautiful woman asked.
Her words immediately attracted the attention of all the other women.
The name Jiang Pengfei was clearly quite attractive to them.

“Indeed he is,” Jiang Yunfei said, “He’s one of the top contenders amongst this year’s freshmen.
Naturally, he’s determined to become the champion of the Dao Conference.”

Suddenly, a young man who looked about eighteen said, “I heard a student from Federation University say that Jiang Pengfei was defeated by someone.
That person was named Chu Yunfan, right?”

At the mention of this name, a gloomy expression appeared on Jiang Yunfei’s face.
He said, “That was just an accident.
Chu Yunfan took advantage of Jiang Pengfei’s unprepared state to defeat him.
He won’t be so lucky this time.
Jiang Pengfei will find this Chu Yunfan and avenge his previous humiliation.
He might even kill him.”

Jiang Yunfei did not bother mincing his words.

“Chu Yunfan is just an insignificant clown.
He should be grateful to our family’s junior leader, Jiang Lingxiao, for being able to live well.
If not for the so-called one-year agreement with Jiang Lingxiao, he would already be a dead man by now,” Jiang Yunfei continued, “That kid is arrogant.
If I knew where he was, I would teach him a lesson on behalf of Jiang Lingxiao.
Jiang Lingxiao can’t bully the weak, but I don’t have such concerns.”

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