In Federation University Metropolis, the students came and went in a hurry.
For easy access to information, the liberal arts students spent more time in the library.
As for the martial arts students, they treated the training room as their access point.

The annual year-end assessment was coming up, there was no such thing as failing.
It was unacceptable for them to fail.

In the fiercely competitive Federation University, no one wanted to fall behind.
Everyone wanted to strive for the top, or even stand out from the crowd.
The higher one’s ranking, the more resources one would receive.
Then, in the next assessment, they would be able to rank higher.

The assessment was no trivial matter.
How many benefits they would achieve in the future had a lot to do with their ranking in the university.
The more outstanding students ranked higher and would receive more support and resources.
The gap between the students would widen with each assessment.

For freshmen, this was the first annual assessment.
It was especially important.
Most of the rankings were determined during this first annual assessment.

At Metropolis’s airport, Chu Yunfan had just gotten off the shuttle when he received a notice from Federation University that the assessment would be held over the course of three days.

As a martial arts student, the first two days would comprise liberal arts subjects.
Although Chu Yunfan did not come to class often, with his photographic memory, it was not difficult for him to get full marks.

Federation University did not pay much attention to giving students a standard education system or having its students come to class regularly.
This was because these students were all geniuses in the eyes of ordinary people.
For such people, a standard system would only slow them down.
It would be completely useless.

Many people could get full marks even if they did not come to class.
If the university insisted on them coming to class, it would be a waste of these genius students’ time.

On the last day of the assessment, the martial arts assessment would be held.
In addition to the basic tests, a new round of ranking competition would be held to determine the rankings for the next year.

The last ranking competition was the college entrance examination.
Now, the university provided an opportunity to reshuffle the cards.
At the same time, some students who were ranked at the bottom would be eliminated.
If they were unable to pass the basic tests, they would be eliminated.

“Chu Yunfan’s back!”

The news of Chu Yunfan’s return quickly spread.
It was completely different from before.
After more than two months of ferment, Chu Yunfan had become the focus of attention of the entire Federation University.
His killing spree during the Dao Conference undoubtedly placed him at the forefront of many people’s attention.

During the past two months, Chu Yunfan had used the excuse of recovery to not appear at Federation University.
This caused the crowd’s curiosity to continuously accumulate.
At this moment, it was about to erupt.

Following Chu Yunfan’s appearance, the popularity and curiosity that had accumulated over the past two months erupted at the first possible moment.
This made his movements the target of many people’s attention.

Although Chu Yunfan was in the midst of preparing for the assessment, this news still became the headlines of the university.

“He’s finally back.
I thought he would never recover after his life force was sucked dry by that demonic treasure.”

“I didn’t expect such a monster to appear among our university’s freshmen.”

“Hahaha, this is going to be a good show.
I remember that Wang Qi claimed that he was the one who obtained the Demon Descends Illustration.
Then, Chu Yunfan stole it in a despicable way.”

“Who cares? Who knows? Anyway, the treasure is in Chu Yunfan’s hands now.”

“And the Divine Ability monster’s inner core.
Tsk, tsk.
That item is priceless.
The bounty on his head in the underground black market is constantly increasing.
It’s said that his head is already worth more than two billion.”

“For this sum, there are many who are ready to make a move.
Usually, those who have a two billion bounty on their head would be an expert in the Innate Stage.
Hehe, even Jiang Lingxiao doesn’t have such a high bounty.”

“But everyone knows that it’s an elaborate deception hiding malicious intent.
Everyone wants that inner core and the Demon Descends Illustration.”

All of a sudden, all sorts of news about Chu Yunfan started to spread.
Just the appearance of one person had attracted the attention of all the forces in Federation University.
The items in his possession were too attractive.
It was simply immeasurable.

Naturally, Chu Yunfan could also see these comments.
He was part of the Internet too.
He sneered as he read these comments.
He knew that there were definitely many people who had ill intentions toward him.
But if they thought that he was a pushover, they would be gravely mistaken.

With Chu Yunfan’s current cultivation level, he was much more powerful than most of the instructors at Federation University.
Only Innate masters were more powerful than him.

Chu Yunfan’s path of return was destined to be not calm.
Halfway back to his villa, a group of about twenty people blocked Chu Yunfan’s path.

“Hahaha, it’s finally here.
The big show is about to begin.
Many can’t resist the temptation of the items in Chu Yunfan’s possession and have caused them to make a move.”

“It’s the Guangfu Association.
I didn’t expect that the Guangfu Association would be the first to make a move.”

“But it isn’t surprising.
Among the many factions, the Guangfu Association is the weakest.
If they don’t make a move first, they won’t get a share.
But although the Guangfu Association is the weakest, if their president makes a move, Chu Yunfan will probably be in big trouble.”

“That’s right.
The president of the Guangfu Association had reached the peak of the Acquired Stage a few months ago.
It’s not enough to face Jiang Lingxiao and the others, but to Chu Yunfan who’s only a freshman, it will be difficult to deal with.”

Chu Yunfan looked at the twenty or so people in front of him.
All of them were wearing dark green martial arts suits with the word “Guangfu” embroidered on their chests.

These were the elites of the Guangfu Association.
Chu Yunfan swept his gaze over them and saw that every single one of them was at least in the seventh level of the Acquired Stage.

In the midst of them stood a young man in his early twenties.
This young man was clearly much stronger than the others.
He had already stepped into the peak of the Acquired Stage and was a few times stronger than Huang Qiu.
He was the true elite of the elites.

This young man was comparable to the instructors of Federation University.
He was only inferior to the university’s few Innate students.

This person was the president of the Guangfu Association, Li Guanghua.

He was another famous figure in the university.
To be able to form an organization in a place like Federation University, he was not a simple figure.

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