838 The Life Ender Formation? Shattering It in One Hit

Jiang He immediately turned around and stared at Chu Yunfan.

Two years ago, Chu Yunfan killed his son, and he had been trying to kill Chu Yunfan.
Who knew that Chu Yunfan would die to a nuclear bomb?

He originally thought that he had avenged his great hatred and wanted to make a move on Chu Yunfan’s family, but the Chus had always protected Chu Wencheng and the others very well, so he couldn’t make a move.

And this time, he, as the First Elder of the Jiangs, had actually come to congratulate Yang Feiyang in person to kill Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun.

It wasn’t easy to find an opportunity to get close to Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun.
Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun knew that the only thing they could do for their son was to live well.
Therefore, they rarely left the Chu family’s ancestral home.

Now that Jiang He had finally gotten this opportunity, he would not let it go easily.

But who would have thought that they would see their mortal enemy here?

He couldn’t hold back his anger and had exploded.

“Raze my family and leave no one alive?!” Yang Feiyang suddenly exploded.
“Jiang He, let’s see if you have the ability to do so!”

Yang Feiyang was also enraged and exploded.
Although he was afraid of the Jiangs’ strength, Jiang He alone was not enough to make him lose his ground.

“If you refuse the toast, you will taste the repercussions.
Do you still think that the government can suppress everything?” Jiang He looked at Yang Feiyang coldly.

“The eighth great families are so powerful.
They’re really too much!”

“Why can’t they talk about it after the birthday banquet?”

“Is he trying to force Marshal Yang to kill his own grandson?”

Immediately, the high-ranking military and civilian executives among the guests began to speak.

Although this was an era where everyone was equal, everyone knew that no matter what field they were in, people from aristocratic families had too much of an advantage.

Under such circumstances, it was inevitable that the high officials of civilian origin would group together to keep each other warm.
If they did not do so, they would be defeated one by one by the aristocratic families.

Although Yang Feiyang wasn’t exactly a commoner, his family was only a small wealthy family.
It wasn’t until Yang Feiyang himself rose up that the Yangs really stood out.

However, even more people were still concerned about Chu Yunfan’s identity.
Many people began to secretly look into his identity.
Who exactly was he that made Jiang He not hesitate to turn hostile at the birthday banquet and attack him?

After tomorrow, this would definitely make the headlines.

“What? He’s that Chu Yunfan? Isn’t he already dead?”

Many people who had found Chu Yunfan’s information were shocked.
After all, the aftermath of what Chu Yunfan had done in the past had not yet dissipated.
He had single-handedly killed his way through the Jiangs and severely injured them.
Even in this era, such an incident still sounded like a myth.
A legend.
No one believed that Chu Yunfan could do it.

But he had.

According to the information, Chu Yunfan should have died to a nuclear bomb.
And in all the information, it only mentioned that Chu Yunfan was from a branch of the Chu family.
His biggest support and network should be the Chus.
They didn’t expect that he would be related to Marshal Yang Feiyang.

Although the number of marshals in the Federation wasn’t small, they weren’t many either.
Every marshal had unimaginable influence.

Generally speaking, even a behemoth like the Jiangs would try their best to avoid starting a war with these people.
This would make those high-ranking officials of civilian origin automatically huddle together for warmth.

In fact, in the current Federation, at least half of the high-ranking officials were commoners.
Even though the resources they could get were not as good as those from the big families, but there were only a few people in the great clans and sects, and there were not many civilians within the Federation.
The number of geniuses that could appear far exceeded the people of these great clans and sects.

As a result, the commoners among the high ranking officials were by no means weak.
It could even be said that they were quite powerful.
Otherwise, the Federation would not have been able to suppress the development of the Great Eight.

Everyone’s eyes were on the Chu family guests.
Many of the Chu elders had come to attend the birthday banquet.
The high officials were also a little confused, because they didn’t know that Chu Yunfan was still alive.
They had long thought that Chu Yunfan was dead.
Otherwise, Chu Haoyue wouldn’t have used a nuclear bomb to retaliate against the Jiangs in a fit of anger.

All of this was based on the fact that everyone thought that Chu Yunfan had died.

“Though the president is no longer around, this isn’t an era where you big families can do whatever you want!” A general shouted.

He was also a commoner, and the president was the spiritual leader of the commoners.

“That’s right, Jiang He.
If you leave now, I’ll pretend that nothing happened.
Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite,” Yang Feiyang said firmly.

“Hmph, impolite?” Jiang He said coldly, “I’m not afraid to tell everyone that two years ago, this b*stard killed his way through the Jiangs and killed countless experts of our family, including my son.
Today, I’ll make whoever doesn’t let me take revenge unhappy.
Whoever tries to stop me will be made to suffer.”

Everyone suddenly realized that there was such a reason behind all this.
Chu Yunfan had killed Jiang He’s son, and Jiang He was avenging his son.
No matter how they looked at it, there was nothing wrong with this.

It was never too late for a gentleman to take revenge.
The hatred of one’s son killed could even be avenged after ten lifetimes.

“Heh!” Chu Yunfan finally stood up.
“You Jiangs used nuclear bombs to deal with me twice, and you’ve besieged and blocked me many times.
There’s no need to play the good guy here.
I was still weak back then, and I couldn’t do anything when you were chasing me.
But since you’ve attacked me time and time again, you should have expected this day to come.”

Many people heard Chu Yunfan’s tough words and seemed to be able to see how Chu Yunfan, who was still young, had escaped from the Jiangs’ pursuit with great difficulty.

With the use of nuclear bombs twice and countless experts, such a lineup was enough to deal with a Divine expert.
However, they were used to deal with a youth who was only twenty years old.

The Jiangs’ ruthlessness was imaginable, and it also made many people shiver in fear.
The style of these large families was too ruthless, and once they offended them, they would doubtlessly die.

Everyone from the Yangs knew that Chu Yunfan’s strength was tyrannical, but they didn’t expect that he would have such experience behind him.
Although he had explained it to them several times, nobody could imagine how dangerous it was.

Yang Yayun, as his mother, was in tears.
Although she knew that her son’s life had been very dangerous and difficult in the past few years, Chu Yunfan had never mentioned it to her.
Now that she thought about it, it was not just difficult.
Chu Yunfan had disappeared several times in a row.
And although his strength had improved greatly every time, it was also a kind of helplessness.

“You Jiangs want to cover the sky? Do you really think you can still do that?” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer, “I’m right here.
If you want to kill me, then come and try.”

“Yunfan…” Yang Feiyang looked at Chu Yunfan, wanting to say something but stopped short.
His grandson’s strength was amazing, but at the same time, these years had indeed been difficult.
Speaking of which, he felt that he had failed as a grandfather.

“It’s fine.
Please wait for a moment.
They’re just a bunch of useless.
The Jiangs only produce trash,” Chu Yunfan nodded and comforted his grandfather.

The crowd immediately went into an uproar.
Chu Yunfan was probably the only person in the world who dared to treat the Jiang experts as if they were trash.
The Jiangs’ Life Ender technique was world-famous.
Who would look down on the Jiang experts?

“Very well!” Jiang He was so angry that he laughed.
“Since he wishes to die, then let’s attack together using the Life Ender Formation.
I want him turned into minced meat paste!”

Under Jiang He’s command, the dozen or so experts behind him moved one after another, surrounding Chu Yunfan in the middle.
All of them got into formation.

This was the Life Ender Formation that the Jiangs had formed based on the Life Ender.
Its power was infinite.
When an Acquired expert used it, it could even compete with an Innate expert.

Not to mention, these people were all upper-level Innate experts, all of whom were Jiang He’s direct subordinates.
They had been transferred here from all over the country to kill Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun.
To avoid the Chu family’s interference, they brought many people.
Little did they expect it to come in handy now.


All of these experts burst out, and a terrible killing intent spread throughout the square.
Fortunately, most of the people present were martial arts masters, so they could resist this momentum, but they had to retreat.

“The Life Ender Formation is so terrifying.
With so many experts gathered together, I’m afraid that even a peak Innate expert won’t be able to withstand it,” someone said as their face turned ashen.
Although he tried to resist it, the overwhelming killing intent still made him very uncomfortable.

Not far away, Yang Feiyang was shielding his family.
His aura was able to resist the aura of the Life Ender Formation.


Yang Yayun looked at her son who was standing in the field with a worried expression.
It was obvious that these experts were not easy to deal with.
She was extremely worried.


These experts burst out in unison.
All of their Innate True Energy boiled and accompanied by endless killing intent, it condensed into a huge saber in the sky.

It was the saber intent of the Life Ender.
One person’s saber intent could not form such a scale, but a dozen Innate experts could.


This saber slashed down and the entire sky was cut into two halves.

“It’s just a petty trick.
The Jiangs’ martial arts are nothing!” Chu Yunfan said loudly.

At that moment, he moved and threw out a simple punch.


This punch met the saber head-on, and with a bang—to everyone’s surprise—Chu Yunfan’s casual punch shattered the long saber into pieces.

The experts of the Jiangs were like kites with their strings cut.
They were sent flying and coughed up blood one after another.

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