Crocodile Prince displayed terrifying strength, the end result would be no different from him killing Jiang He with one punch.

In fact, the difference was like Heaven and Earth.
Third Crocodile Prince had done his best to deal with the sect master of the overseas sect, but he still had some strength left.

Although more than a decade had passed, for the long-lived monsters, more than a decade was not a long time.
Third Crocodile Prince had not crossed the line.

However, even if he managed to cross it, Chu Yunfan was not afraid.
The Imperial Physique that he cultivated was not ordinary.
During the Ancient Zenith Civilization, those who possessed the Imperial Physique ran amok and killed countless demon experts.

After fusing with the Thunderclap Physique, the power of the Imperial Physique was now even more shocking.

And the month before the alliance ceremony was a rare time for Chu Yunfan to rest.
He was now at the peak of the seventh Innate Stage, and as long as he consolidated his cultivation, it wouldn’t take long for him to make another breakthrough.
At that time, his combat strength would be further improved.

During this month, he had a rare chance to relax.
He made up for all the homework he had missed in the past few years.
With his amazing memory and comprehension, this wasn’t a problem.
He then completed his exams on the Internet.
Fortunately, he could complete the exam on Federation University’s online portal.

Other than the year-end exam, he had completed all the other assessments within the month.
His credits were full, and he could graduate at any time.

Although he didn’t need a Federation University graduation certificate with his current cultivation, it was still what his parents wanted.

Other than that, he spent most of his time guiding his sister in training.
Chu Yunfan’s current strength was far beyond that of the teachers at Federation University, and his great vision was also helped by the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, so he was able to look at things from a higher position.

His younger sister, Chu Qingxuan, had already stepped into the fourth Acquired Stage and was considered outstanding among her peers.
She was the most outstanding in the entire Chu family.

This amazing talent attracted the attention of the entire Chu family, and they trained her as the leader of the next generation.
They had no lack of cultivation resources, and she had a great chance of topping the college entrance examinations.

And after a month of Chu Yunfan’s meticulous guidance, Chu Qingxuan broke through to the sixth stage, and the seventh stage was not far away.

Of course, part of the credit went to Chu Yunfan for producing some medicinal pills.
With his guidance, he was not afraid that Chu Qingxuan would suffer from indigestion and have any residual effects.

All of them could be transformed into her strength.

As for the Chu family, because Chu Yunfan said that he could help Chu Haoyue enter the Divine Abilities Stage, although not many knew about this, they were all extremely excited.
To them, there was a new hope, so when Chu Yunfan wanted to concoct pills, they quickly sent all the medicinal materials he needed.

Back then, Chu Yunfan did not receive such good treatment.
At the same age, his strength was far inferior to Chu Qingxuan’s, but wasn’t this the meaning of Chu Yunfan’s hard work?

It could make his family’s lives more relaxed.

According to Chu Yunfan’s estimation, as long as there was no monster, Chu Qingxuan would definitely be the top scorer in the college entrance examinations.
In fact, Chu Qingxuan was the real monster.

With the support of Chu Yunfan and the Chus, although she couldn’t catch up to a freak like Chu Yunfan, she would have no problem surpassing Chu Haoyue back then.

In addition to that, Chu Yunfan had been making pills for his parents.
Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun had both been stuck at the peak of the Acquired Stage for more than a year, and their accumulation was quite deep.

With Chu Yunfan’s help, after taking the Innate Pill, they opened up their Ren and Du meridians, opened up the heaven and earth bridge, and stepped into the Innate Stage.

Chu Yunfan even used the Ancient Zenith Civilization’s meridians cleansing method to cleanse his parents’ meridians, changing their physiques and improving their qualifications.
This could guarantee that their cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds in a short time.

Of course, the cost of doing so was very high.
Even with Chu Yunfan’s current cultivation, he had to rest for three days.

However, Chu Yunfan felt that all of this was worth it, especially since his parents were not very old.
Back in the Common Era, people in their fifties could indeed prepare to retire.
But in this era, they had just entered middle age.
In addition, they had entered the Innate Stage, so their lifespans had been extended and they would have enough time to improve themselves.
Their future prospects were limitless.

His parents naturally hoped to have the strength to protect themselves instead of always being protected by others, so they were particularly serious in their cultivation.
Coupled with the top-notch cultivation techniques from the Ancient Zenith Civilization that Chu Yunfan had taught them, their future prospects were limitless.

In fact, if there was an opportunity in the future, no, even if there wasn’t one, Chu Yunfan would find a way for them to step into the Divine Abilities Stage.

A relaxing but fulfilling month passed by in the blink of an eye.
The alliance ceremony of the three forces finally began.
As the event approached, the momentum of the Internet became more and more shocking.

One day, Tang Siyu, who had disappeared for more than a month, finally got in touch with Chu Yunfan.

“Yunfan, I’ve found the place where those elders are being held.
We can take action at any time.”

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