His strength had a fundamental improvement.

Compared to before, the efficiency of Chu Yunfan’s energy output had increased by at least several folds, and the improvement in his combat strength was self-evident.

If he were to exchange blows with the vice-sect master of the Fluttering Blooms again, the man would not be able to last that long and would be heavily injured with a single punch.

The increase in combat power was so obvious.
The Imperial Physique was so powerful.

And Chu Yunfan absorbed the rest of the massive medicinal power while circulating his Emperor Method, scattering it into his limbs and bones.
With the help of this massive medicinal power, he could consolidate his new cultivation level in the shortest time possible.

Now that the barrier of the eighth Innate Stage was gone, this feeling of breaking through almost made Chu Yunfan a little intoxicated.

‘No wonder it’s said that there’s no cycle of cultivation in the mountains.
The happiness of cultivation is better than all the happiness in the world,’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.
Even he was a little addicted to the joy of cultivation.

Although cultivation was boring, if one could sense the progress of cultivation like him, then the dullness could also become incomparable happiness.

Chu Yunfan stood up and his body made a series of crackling sounds.
He had been sitting there for three days and three nights without moving.

And after this breakthrough, the Divinity Nourishment Pill was also about to be completed.

‘Since there’s still some time left, I’ll practice the Eight Astonishing Punches,’ Chu Yunfan decided after some thought.

He had only managed to cultivate one of the portions of the Eight Astonishing Punches.
In fact, the Eight Astonishing Punches were made up of eight different techniques.

Previously, his cultivation level was not high enough to cultivate two different wondrous techniques at the same time.
Now that his cultivation level was much stronger than before, he could continue to cultivate.

He decided to practice the Garuda Portion of the Eight Astonishing Punches.
The Garuda was one of the eight guardians of the Buddha in ancient legends.
If it were to be described in a more familiar way, it was the golden roc.

This golden roc ate dragons.
Everyone knew that dragons were the top creatures in the world.
Their life level was very high.
However, this golden roc consumed dragons as food.
One could imagine how powerful it was.

In addition to being able to spit out an extremely powerful flame—which was the Garuda flame—the most amazing thing about the golden roc was its speed.

When using the Garuda Portion, one’s speed could be increased to the extreme.
When combined with Chu Yunfan’s Nine Heavenly Deity Transformations, his speed would really be increased to an astonishing degree.

At that time, he would be able to go anywhere in the world.

Chu Yunfan closed his eyes, and the cultivation method of the Garuda Portion from the Mighty Emperor Battle Book appeared in his mind.
Countless words appeared in his mind, and in an instant, turned into a huge golden roc.
With a cry, it shook the world.
Just by visualizing this secret method, he felt as if he possessed the secrets of nature.
He could fly in the sky and escape the earth.

And around Chu Yunfan’s body, an incomparably huge golden roc appeared.
It was not the slightest bit inferior to the asura from before and looked extremely fierce from a distance.

Countless cultivation information was transmitted into Chu Yunfan’s mind.

All of a sudden, Chu Yunfan threw out a punch.
This punch was different from the one from the Asura Portion.
A red flame launched out from his fist, and the temperature in the room instantly rose.

The moment Chu Yunfan threw out this punch, many of the Chu experts outside the villa instantly felt as if an incomparably huge bird of prey had appeared in front of their eyes and was about to devour the world.

That flame was enough to burn the whole world.

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