nd the holy land, the marine folsk, and Infinite Demon Mountain are all eyeing our territory covetously.

“Recently after the members of the holy land and the marine folks entered the Federation, vicious cases have been happening one after another.
Even the overseas sects, which have always been obedient, have begun to show signs of revolting.

“As for the Monster Cult, the number of missing people has doubled compared to the past.
We have destroyed several of their bases and found that the missing people.
They have either become food for the demons or their experimental materials.

“However, the Monster Cult still has many such bases.
Although the army is strong, it’s a bit of a waste to get a tiger catch to catch these rats,” Zhu Buping said, “The government doesn’t have a dragon head, and we’ve been grieviously infiltrated by the various great aristocratic families.
We’re too weak when it comes to dealing with these matters.
Under such circumstances, Special Ops urgently needs a powerful figure like you to hold the fort.”

After listening to Zhu Buping’s explanation, Chu Yunfan realized that although the Federation looked calm on the surface, there were undercurrents in the dark.

The Federation had as many forces as the hairs on a cow.
It was fine on normal days as the Federation’s strength was sufficient to suppress them.
However, the disappearance of the president had dealt a great blow to the Federation.

Chu Yunfan felt a headache just listening to this.
The government had never been soft-hearted when dealing with these illegal crimes, but now it had reached a point where even they found it difficult to deal with, so one could imagine how serious the situation was.

“Do you have the confidence to take up the post? This job will definitely be very difficult, but I can tell you that you will also have many benefits.
The financial resources of the Federation are not something that the Chus can compare to.
We can help you to sprint to the Divine Abilities Stage.
By then the Fluttering Blooms, even a Star Destroyer would be justa foot note,” Marshal Zhu Buping said as he stood with his hands behind his back.
“If it’s the entire holy land, we might be a little afraid, but it’s just one sect.
Even if they have three to five Divine experts, we’re not afraid.”

Zhu Buping’s words were already very straightforward.
If Chu Yunfan joined them, the government would protect him.

“All right, I accept,” Chu Yunfan immediately agreed.

Although the threat of the Fluttering Blooms was undoubtedly an additional burden, he confident in the protection of the military.
The most important thing was the disappearance of the president and the whereabouts of his instructor.

He had not been able to find the time to investigate before, but now he could investigate through the power of the Special Operations Department.

“That’s right.
When you work for the Federation, the Federation will not forget you,” Zhu Buping said, “Then I shall take my leave now.
I have to get back to outer space.”

Chu Yunfan recalled the discovery of the ruins in outer space that Chu Haoyue had mentioned.
He didn’t expect that even Zhu Buping would be fighting for it.

The news of Chu Yunfan becoming the head of the Special Operations Department couldn’t be hidden.
It quickly spread among the higher-ups of the Federation, and then among the ordinary people.

This was the first time so many had heard of the Special Operations Department.
However, just by hearing the name, they knew that this department was not simple.
If it was just an ordinary department, there was no need for a powerful person like Chu Yunfan to be in charge.

“To be able to become a high-ranking official of the Federation upon graduation, Chu Yunfan truly is mighty!”

“What exactly is the Special Operations Department for?”

“It sounds really cool!”

The news of Chu Yunfan becoming the head of Special Ops spread throughout the Federation.

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