Chapter 17: Diaper friendship is really worthless

Before the show started, Yu Qing came to Yu Nian’s house again to freeload a meal.

She walked around the house seriously and saw Yunyao’s animal-faced white porcelain writing brush washer on the table in the study.
She “tsked” and said, “How old is this brush washer?”

Yu Nian was pruning the plotted plants.
After hearing the words, he recalled carefully, “About three hundred years or so? According to my grandfather[1], it seems that my grandfather’s grandfather[2] also used this brush washer.
The inkstone next to it was also handed down from generation to generation.”

Yu Qing carefully touched the porcelain surface with her fingers, then quickly retracted her hand.
She sighed, “It’s really extravagant for your Yu family to use antiques like this!” She added, “But it seems that your family has been using these from generation to generation? So what’s there to be surprised about.”

Yu Nian held brass flower scissors.
He was wearing a loose white T-shirt and washed jeans, looking very relaxed.
He smiled and replied, “Grandpa used to say that if these things aren’t used, they will just catch dust in the corners.
They will be lonely.”

“It makes sense!” Yu Qing carefully touched the inkstone again, “I remember this inkstone very clearly.
I have seen your grandfather using this before.”

She stood up straight and commented, “Compared with your family, my family is purely a nouveau riche! No wonder my grandma wanted to throw me over to your grandmother to raise me when I was a child.
She just wanted me to have a little knowledge about poetry and books.”

Yu Nian thought of something, put the flower scissors away, and asked Yu Qing, “Sister, what time is it?”

“It’s just seven o’clock.”

Yu Nian calculated the time, “Brother Meng asked me to post a video of playing the piano and singing on Weibo.
I’m going to record it now.
You mustn’t appear in front of the camera for a while.”

Yu Qing raised her eyebrows, “Oh, Meng Yuan is really doing the same old stuff.
You can record a video of playing the piano and singing at home without make-up or dressing up, or you can also sing a cappella.
It’ll be just like saying bluntly, Laozi has a good face, and talent, and can also sing! If you have the ability, you can continue to criticise me!”

Yu Nian laughed, “Yeah, tomorrow, there will be a video of me dancing in the practice room.
I don’t know when Brother Meng was going to film it.”

Half an hour later, Yu Nian posted a seven-minute video on Weibo.
In less than a minute, thousands of comments were accumulated.

[I haven’t seen it yet! Just came here to check first! Anyway, my Nian Nian is the best looking!]

[WTF, I screamed so loud! Are the hands on the black and white keys a work of art? How does he look so good without makeup? How can he look so handsome in just a white T-shirt? He can sing a cappella so well! I have good eyesight to fall in love with such a little brother!]

[The person in the video is already married to me!!]

[I suppressed the excitement and finished listening, only then did I come here to comment! Whistle! Rolling on the bed with my phone in my arms! The voice is really too good to hear! It’s kissed by a hundred angels! The singing skills are also solid! Auntie loves you!]

Yu Qing brushed the comments beside him happily, “Nian Nian, Sister found that your fans can write a complete book of rainbow farts!” She picked up a few comments to read them out:

“——I’ve been looking at the Celadon Piercing Ear Bottle Vase in the corner of the video.
It seems familiar!”

“——Me too, me too! I saw it at a glance! But it should be an imitation, right? The real thing is close to seven figures, and no one would buy it to use it as a flower pot… right? But Nian Nian’s taste is really good, and it really looks good this way!”

Yu Qing pretended to clear her throat and continued to read:

“——Our Nian Nian can also write songs! I saw the manuscript on the side! Even though I can’t read it clearly, Nian Nian is really amazing!”

Yu Nian was helpless, “Sister, if you stop reading it, then I’ll make snow pear with rock sugar in a while to eat it together while watching the show.”

Yu Qing stopped immediately.
“No more reading, no more reading.

At eight o’clock, Yu Nian turned on the TV and sat on the sofa with Yu Qing, each carrying a bowl of snow pear with rock sugar.

Yu Qing ate and turned over the old accounts, “If I hadn’t called you by myself at that time, you aren’t planning to find me as your partner on the show, right?”

Yu Nian nodded, “Yeah, aren’t you busy filming? At that time, I was going to ask the program crew to invite whomever they wanted.” When he saw Yu Qing’s widened eyes, he said quickly, “Eat more snow pear, you just get rid of Autumn dryness disease[3], don’t be irritable.”

Yu Qing poked the bottom of the bowl with a spoon, making a noise.
She raised her chin and said, “My agent has already prepared everything over there.
The filming has been over for so long.
It’s time for me to go on a hot search to check my presence! I also have to let those little hussies see who is sister and who is sister’s person!”

On the other side, He Qiubai was holding a takeaway and chatting with the producer.

“How much do you think the ratings of this episode will be?”

The producer wasn’t very optimistic, “Didn’t Ouyang Yu’s fans say they want to boycott it?”

He Qiubai waved his hand in disapproval, “His fan base looks prosperous, but in fact, it’s not solid, and not many people agreed with this.
What’s more, people want to see what kind of shady method there is and whether Yu Nian will take first place again.
You just wait.
I’m telling you here, today’s ratings will rise upward.”

The opening of this episode was done by Xu Xuan, who led her senior sister to control the stage well, and the scene exploded as soon as she came up.

He Qiubai glanced at the ratings, which hasn’t even broken the two.
He was very patient, and pulled the producer to watch together, “You pay attention to the barrage and comments, some people are already asking how long it’ll take for Yu Nian to come up on stage.”

The producer was also nervous, staring at the screen, “Will it really be—”

Right at that time, the staff next to him suddenly shouted, “It’s gone up!”

He Qiubai squinted and laughed, “I just told you, as soon as Yu Nian and Yu Qing come up, the ratings will explode!”

Seeing the numbers rising all the way, the producer was also smiling, after all, the rising ratings were all money! He approached and asked, “Lao He, why were you so optimistic about Yu Nian?”

“Well, take a closer look at this scene.
Yu Qing’s aura has always been overwhelming, not to mention that in this episode she is taking the route of a beautiful but aloof older sister.
Red lips, black leather jacket and leather pants, rivet high heels; while standing on the stage, she is the only focus.

But Yu Nian wasn’t suppressed by her aura at all.
He wore a white shirt when he came to the stage, but even when standing next to Yu Qing, it was hard to look away from him! That alone is enough! “

As soon as the two came to the stage, the site was filled with screaming coming from all around.
The barrage also went crazy and was densely packed.

[Yu Qing just exploded the scene! ! This aura, lie down and respect!]

[Yu Nian’s eyeliner and tear moles are so charming aaaaahhhhhh! Seducing people without realising it! My nosebleeds can’t stop!]

[Where is the queen and the little prince from! The looks of the two are outrageous! What a wonderful combination this is!]

[Hahaha, is my focus wrong? Nian Nian and Qing Jie have similar noses! Both look so good!]

Just when the two of them were performing, the topic of #Yu Qing Yu Nian# rushed to the fifth place in one go, and the topics of #Yu Qing Sound of Nature# and #Yu Nian Shady Deals# also squeezed into the top ten.
When the performance was over, Ouyang Yu’s topic also reached fourth place.
There is no need to bring wind direction or accusation comments at all, the comments on the internet have been completely one-sided.

[#Yu Nian Shady Deals#Emmm, to be honest, Ouyang Yu wasn’t wronged to be eliminated! In contrast, if Ouyang Yu was with Yu Qing, I might not have seen him the whole time! Temperament, aura, this kind of thing really exists! Too bad he didn’t have it.]

[Damn it! I was clearly here to see what the shady deal was about, but as soon as I saw Nian Nian, I screamed: How are you so good! Aaaahhhh! Did I fall into a deep pit!]

[# Yu Qing Yu Nian# On the same stage, how can Yu Nian, a newcomer, can actually crush Yu Qing’s aura! I didn’t find it when I watched his solo performance before!]

[To be honest, if the program team gave Ouyang Yu the first, no, even the top three, that would be a real shady story!]

Yu Qing, regardless of her image, collapsed on the sofa while holding the phone.
She laughed and said, “Hahaha, why are these people so funny! Was Ouyang Yu pissed when he saw it? “

She threw away the phone, and the anger she was holding in her heart was relieved, “It’s the first time we both were on the same stage, and you were touted in a fancy way.
It’s worth celebrating! Let’s go, your sister will take you to eat delicious food!”

Neither of them worried too much and went straight out the door before the show was finished.
Yu Qing drove and asked Yu Nian, “What do you want to eat? I’ll invite you today!”

Yu Nian fastened his seat belt, “Uncle Shen is cooking in a private restaurant over there, do you want to try it?”

“Okay, how long has it been? I haven’t eaten the dishes made by Uncle Shen in years.”

There wasn’t much traffic on the road at night, and the car drove all the way to the west of the city.
When passing the Sining Mansion, Yu Qing slowed down and asked, “Why did you think about moving out?”

Yu Nian looked at the silhouette of the old house under the dim street lights, his smile faded a little, “It’s too far here, if there is a traffic jam, you won’t be able to get to the city centre in two hours.”

Yu Qing smiled as usual.
After seeing his expression, she guessed that maybe Yu Nian missed his grandparents while living in the old house.
She became annoyed thinking that she shouldn’t bring up this topic, so she followed along and said, “Indeed, your little house is well kept.
I saw a pot of green onions on the balcony, it looks really good!”

When the car drove to the door of the private restaurant, Yu Qing patted the steering wheel, “You go first, Nian Nian, there is no parking space here, I will park a little farther.”

Yu Nian was worried, “Should I go with you?”

Yu Qing snorted, “Don’t worry.
Your sister knows mixed martial arts, boxing, and taekwondo.
Whoever dares to rob me will be unlucky!”

This area in the west of the city was full of old buildings, less prosperous and cleaner.
Yu Nian walked along the path, and when he passed the frame full of roses, he suddenly remembered that the last time he met Xie You was here.
He picked up a fallen flower from the ground and continued to walk inside.

Before coming here, he already informed in advance, so before Yu Nian arrived in the box, he saw Shen Wei waiting at the end of the small arch bridge.

Yu Nian quickened his pace, “Uncle Shen, good evening!”

Just like when he was a child, Shen Wei handed Yu Nian a few washed tomatoes with a kind smile, “Aren’t Miss Yu Qing together?”

Yu Nian took a bite of a small tomato and replied with a smile, “We came together, she’s parking the car.
She said that she hadn’t eaten your food for a long time.”

Shen Wei smiled, “What do you want to eat today, young master? Uncle Shen will make it for you!”

Yu Nian pretended to be confused, “I really can’t choose one, everything is delicious.
Uncle Shen, what do you want to make!”

Shen Wei was amused, “Okay, then you be patient first.
Just wait!”

When Shen Wei left, Yu Nian walked in while eating a small tomato.
When he was passing by a box called “Moon Shadow”, the door was suddenly pulled open from the inside.

Looking at the other party, Yu Nian was the first to react, “Hello, Mr.

Qu Xiaoran blinked, realising that he wasn’t hallucinating.
He opened his mouth to shout, “Xie Xiaoyou, your family’s Nian—bah! You come here!”

Qu Xiaoran said in his heart, Xie Xiaoyou said that I was greedy and ran all the way here to eat, which disturbed him watching the show.
What’s so good about the show? There are real people here!

Xie You heard Yu Nian’s voice and walked to the door in a few steps.
He looked at Yu Nian, who had a smiling expression, standing outside the door, “Yu Nian.”

Yu Nian was surprised, “Xie You?” He understood and asked with a smile, “Did you come over for dinner?”

Qu Xiaoran looked at Xie You for half a minute but didn’t hear him say anything.
He was anxious, so he simply said by himself, “Yes, the food here is really good!” He laughed again, “I haven’t congratulated you for winning first place again!”

After speaking, he quietly pulled Xie You’s sleeve, who was standing behind him.

Xie You also said, “Congratulations.”

Qu Xiaoran was feeling depressed.
At this time, it was obvious that he should perform well, such as praising Yu Nian and saying that he is full of talent, and is very precious.
In the end, Xie You just come up with one word? One word take half of your life, right?

“Thank you!” Yu Nian looked at Xie You, and the corners of his lips curled upward, “I liked the pastry last time.
I heard Mingxi say that it’s difficult to buy now, so I have troubled you so much.”

Mingxi, is it Xia Mingxi?

“If you like it, I’ll buy it for you next time.”

Xie You’s tone still sounded cold as usual, but Qu Xiaoran and Xie You grew up together, and they couldn’t be more familiar.
Hearing this, he was frightened — what the hell, so gentle? Did you buy cakes on purpose?

He deeply realised that the diaper friendship is really worthless!

At this moment, the sound of high heels stepping on the floor came from a distance, followed by Yu Qing’s complaint, “Nian Nian, it’s really hard to park outside! Hey, have you met someone you know?

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