Chapter 25.2: Crying? I can do it too

It was still the same private box from the cafe as last time.  

This time, Yu Nian arrived first.
The box door was opened from the outside, and Xu Xuan, who was wearing a short black skirt, walked in and said with a smile, “Sorry, you have been waiting for a while, haven’t you?” 

“Not that long.” Yu Nian waited for the other person to sit down, his voice gentle, “Is your sister okay?” 

Xu Xuan bowed her head slightly, her expression became gloomy, and she forced a smile, “It’s still the same.
The doctor prescribed several imported medicines, saying that the effect might be better, but the cost is very high.
“Xiao Fu is very sensible, saying that she doesn’t need such expensive medicine,” she shook her head, her voice sad.
“She’s sensible, but how can I be willing.”

“Is the money enough?”

“Not enough at all.
I’ll ask my agent to see if I can take more endorsements; otherwise, don’t talk about buying medicine, the hospitalization fee will be almost impossible to pay.” She took a lady’s cigarette out, put it back in, and said nervously, “Yu Nian, you… don’t really blame me?”

Yu Nian shook the hot milk in the cup and asked, “Do you mean the fact that you sprinkled water on the stage and caused me to fall and get hurt?”

Hearing Yu Nian say this, Xu Xuan took a deep breath and smiled bitterly, “I wasn’t in my right mind at the time.
You should be angry with me; after all, it was me who wanted the money for first place too much.” She grabbed her bag with both hands, and her tone was gentler than before, “I’m really grateful if you don’t pursue this matter and encourage me.”

Yu Nian curled his lips into a smile.

Xu Xuan discerned Yu Nian’s expression and smiled tentatively, “The recording of ‘Sound of Nature’ is almost finished.
When you release the album in the future, can I ask you to sign it again? My sister will definitely be very happy to take it.”

Yu Nian didn’t say yes or no and looked at the time and said, “I have to go back.”

Xu Xuan stood up and asked with concern, “Should I send you off?”

Yu Nian politely refused, “No, thank you.”

Back home, Meng Yuan and Shi Rou were already waiting in the living room.

 Meng Yuan saw Yu Nian coming back, and seeing that his expression was nothing special, he asked nervously, “How was it?” 

Yu Nian sat on the sofa, took out his mobile phone, and clicked on the recorded audio file.

After listening to the recording, Meng Yuan sneered, “She must have really racked her brain to think of the role of a sister who has worked hard to make money to treat her sister’s illness, right?”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Yu Nian again and advised, “Nian Nian, don’t take it too seriously.
There are many bad and hypocritical people in this circle and in the world.
You are only twenty-one years old, and you are still young.
This time, just think of it as a lesson and that you have gained more experience.”

Shi Rou spoke for Yu Nian, saying, “It’s not Yu Nian’s fault; this Xu Xuan is so good at acting.”

Meng Yuan stared, “All right, all of you are good people, and only I am vicious.”

Yu Nian replied with a smile, “Now, probably, I have to join the vicious ranks.” 

They didn’t drag out the matter until the next day.
At 7:30 that night, a well-known Big V paparazzi issued a notice, saying that after half an hour, there would be big news.

The melon eaters who squatted on Weibo emerged one after another, all guessing what was going on.

At eight o’clock on time, the big V did what he said and directly dumped a recording, with only six words: “Everyone, savor it carefully.”

[Fuck, why is this audio so long? After listening to the beginning, it seems like a woman is on the phone.
Is there a class representative to summarize!]

[In the first half, the protagonist is on the phone with a person named “A-Yi,”  and the main points are as follows: My sister, named “Xiao Fu,”  has a bad temper and refused to take the medicine.
I feel wronged, but my parents are gone and only my sister is left, so I will endure the grievance.
‘A-Yi’ gave enough money to spend, and there are still more than half a year’s expenses left. 

The highlight is in the second half.
The protagonist said that because she had a sick sister who was lying in bed, Yu Nian would not pursue the matter.
The protagonist once made up a reason to get close to Yu Nian, but Yu Nian only played with Xia Mingxi.
The protagonist was not satisfied and was going to use this opportunity to try again.]

[Kneeling to thank the class representative! Aaahhhh, I have a premonition that this is a big melon! Yu Nian and Xia Mingxi? Are they going to be in the hot search again? Come on, set up the soda and prepare to eat the melon!]

[I just want to know who this woman is! What did she do that won’t be pursued by Yu Nian?]

[I have a not-so-wonderful guess… Yu Nian fell during rehearsal and danced with his injured foot; didn’t that matter also make into the top searches? What caused the fall?]

Seeing that the heat was rising quickly, the Big V followed up with a second Weibo, “The recording just now was bought from a nurse sister at a huge price, and she also named the person who called; it was Xu Xuan.”

The matter involved Yu Nian, Xia Mingxi, and Xu Xuan, who were very popular, and Zhao Yi, a rich second-generation, was quickly picked up as well.
Soon, the attention given to this matter suddenly increased.

The people in the comment area opened up their brains one after another, and the stories became more suspenseful.

On the contrary, this Big V was not in a hurry at all and had enough appetite.
It took him more than half an hour to post the third Weibo, “Everyone, please taste [recording] [recording].”

[The class representative is here! The main points of integration are as follows: Xu Xuan sold misery, saying that her sister was seriously ill and that the cost of hospitalization was huge.
She worked hard to make money, but it was like a bottomless pit.
When Yu Nian fell on the stage, it was Xu Xuan who paid the staff to sprinkle water on the stage in order to get the first prize of 500,000 yuan to treat her sister.
When the matter was discovered by Yu Nian, Xu Xuan hoped that Yu Nian would forgive her.
Yu Nian said that he would not pursue it, and Xu Xuan made an appointment for the next autograph for her sister.
That’s it!]

[I’m about to curse!?! Xu Xuan wanted to take first place, but she thought that Yu Nian was blocking her way, so she sprinkled water on the stage.
She then sold her younger sister’s misery, forcing Yu Nian to abandon the case; and she still wanted to rely on this matter to get close to Yu Nian?]

[Xu Xuan did mention her seriously ill sister on a variety show, saying that their relationship is very good…]

[This big melon is wonderful! But I can’t match up Miss Xuan’s words in these three audio clips! Can she pay for the hospitalization fee or not?]

[Yu Nian is really miserable, right? His foot was injured, and he was coerced by a scheming girl to use morality.
The other party still wanted to climb up the pole and continue to approach him.
I really want to know how Yu Nian’s psychology is right now!]

On the other side, Yu Qing called and laughed, “Nian Nian, why didn’t you tell me that you recorded your conversation when you met that woman for the first time?”

Yu Nian was not too embarrassed, “Well, at that time, I thought, just in case.”

Yu Qing was in a good mood, “We are all grown up, Nian Nian, and we all know to record conversations to preserve evidence.
This time it was really beautiful!” 

Yu Nian explained, “I was hesitant at the time, but I started recording because I wanted to be defensive.”

Yu Qing: “As soon as these three recordings came out, the story couldn’t be more complete.
But I contacted that Zhao Yi on Xu Xuan’s side before, wanting him to say a few words, but the other side replied that someone had already called him, emphasizing that all the medical records must be sent.” 

Yu Nian took a breath.

“Alright,” Yu Qing didn’t say anymore, “I’ll hang up first.
I’ll continue to eat melons.
I’ve been relying on this to adjust my boring crew life for the past two days!”

That phone was hung up and then it showed that a new message was received from Xu Xuan.

[Yu Nian, I didn’t expect you to be such a person.
I mistrusted you.]

 Yu Nian typed with one hand, “I am such a person, sorry.”

 Not long after, Zhao Yi, the rich second generation, came into battle and sent a sentence: [Fuck, I’m so blind! The money should have been donated!] and posted nine pictures in a row.
It included screenshots of more than 2 million transfer records to Xu Xuan, medical records sent to him by Xu Xuan, and related chat records.

The people who eat melons ridiculed, saying that donating more than two million yuan was indeed very generous.

As Yu Nian’s popularity was getting higher and higher, fans and bystanders alike went to Xu Xuan’s Weibo to swipe the screen.
Xu Yuan posted a Weibo after a long time.
It didn’t say much, just: [She is my only relative, and I really don’t want to lose her.
She is very ill, please don’t disturb her.]

After this Weibo was posted, some people were amazed, saying that Xu Xuan was still selling-off misery.
But many people said that although Xu Xuan’s methods were not clean, in order to treat her sister, she really had no other way, and it was excusable, so why be so aggressive?

Just when this kind of rhetoric was about to gain the upper hand, a Big V from an authoritative medical forum suddenly pointed out, “According to the medical record photos Xu Xuan sent to Zhao Yi, her sister is being treated for almost four or five years.
But everyone who understands this disease knows that the sooner the disease is operated on, the better, and the longer the delay, the worse the condition.
After carefully examining the records, although the disease is now a lot more serious, it still meets the surgical indicators, so why has the surgery been delayed for so long? @XuXuan.]

As soon as this conclusion came out, the people who were eating melons were shocked.

[The reason for not having surgery and not being cured is maybe because…this reason is particularly useful?]

[Haha, after all, if her sister’s illness is cured, where would Xu Xuan have a reason to make her miserable, kind, and sympathetic, saying that she did bad things without thinking? How can she ask the rich second generation to get money and have an excuse to hurt people?”

[Aaahhhh, I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep.
This melon is eaten from beginning to end.
I just wanted to know if Yu Nian’s feet have sequelae? Is the unlucky sister okay now?]

[Our Nian Nian didn’t pursue this matter because of sympathy and her experience, but he didn’t expect it to be like this! Feeling angry and depressed! How can people be so bad? I feel sorry for Nian Nian! I feel bad for her sister!]

Until one o’clock in the morning, the popularity of Weibo did not decrease.
Meng Yuan and Shi Rou had already gone back, and Yu Nian added water to the inkstone and calmly wrote a page of words.

At this time, the phone rang.
Yu Nian opened it, only to see that it was from Xie You: [Open the door.]

It didn’t take a few seconds before the second message came over: [Don’t worry, go slower.]

Yu Nian was stunned.
He put down the brush and slowly walked toward the door.

As the door opened, a man in a black suit stood outside the door.
He handed Yu Nian a box.
After Yu Nian took over, he didn’t speak, turned around, and left.

Closing the door, Yu Nian opened the box and found that there was a small cake that was made crookedly.
There was a handwritten card next to it with the words, “Don’t be unhappy.”

Yu Nian stood in place, dipped his finger in cream, and tasted.

Very sweet.

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