Chapter 30: Xie Xiaoyou, is there something urgent?

Yu Nian brewed the tea and finished drinking it before receiving Xie You’s reply, which was just one word, “Yeah.”

Sitting lazily on the sofa, Yu Nian leaned against the pillow, not noticing that the corners of his mouth were curled up.
He typed a few words and was about to send them, when unexpectedly another message came in.

“Looks good.”

Now, Yu Nian couldn’t hold back and laughed out loud.
He touched his lower abdomen casually and felt that the physical training during this period was not in vain—at least he would be very confident.

After deleting the previous content that he was about to send, Yu Nian asked instead, “Will there be takeout today?”

This time the reply came quickly, “Yes, there are two.”

Yu Nian laughed again—

He was looking forward to it.

But before the special takeout was delivered, Meng Yuan’s call arrived first.

“NianNian, the ratings have soared to 3.9 just now!” Before Meng Yuan’s voice could fall, He Qiubai next to him said, “Oh, oh, how can those shows in the same time slot be so unwatchable!”

Meng Yuan laughed, “Director He, are you inflated? It’s okay, you can swell as much as you like; anyway, don’t forget NianNian’s big red envelope!” He turned to Yu Nian again, “And there are three topics with your name on them that have entered in the top 20, the top 15 of the hot search list, and more than half of them are “Sounds of Nature” related!”

“Old Meng, you are too strict; won’t this result make me inflated?”

Yu Nian didn’t interrupt.
He listened to the quarrel between Meng Yuan and He Qiubai with a smile in his eyes.
When the two of them finished bickering, he said, “I’m really grateful to Director He for giving me this opportunity this time.”

He Qiubai smiled: “It’s all mutual.
I want to thank you too.
Originally, the risk of using newcomers was great: either the show would become popular and make a lot of money or it would lose everything.
Fortunately, you and Xia Mingxi have supported half of this show; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been in the mood to eat barbecue and drink beer here.”

Meng Yuan hummed beside him, “Old He, shouldn’t you thank me properly? I was the one who pulled him out in front of you!”

“Yes, yes, thank you!” The two drank beer, and He Qiubai’s tone became more serious: “In this circle, there are always many people who are good-looking, can sing well, and can dance, but you are unique.
Yu Nian, work hard and mix well with your brother Meng, and you will definitely become famous in the future.” 

Yu Nian sincerely thanked him again, “Director He, thank you.”

Hanging up the phone, Yu Nian looked at the blacked-out screen.
He suddenly felt that the previously foggy future was finally a little clearer; at least he could vaguely see the way.

While he was in a daze, the notification tone on his phone rang again.

Opening his phone, he found that it was not Xie You but a message from Rong Yue, saying that the admission qualification for the inner area of the auction had been obtained for him.

Yu Nian calculated the time.
The shooting time was just the second day after the auditions for the movie promotion song; he happened to be free that day, so he replied, “I will definitely be there on time.
It would be trouble for Uncle Rong.

After sending the text message, Yu Nian remembered what Meng Yuan said, and he opened Weibo to take a look.
Sure enough, “Sounds of Nature” had become very popular, and the sixth position in the hot search was Xia Mingxi.     

Yu Nian clicked in and found that 20 minutes ago, Xia Mingxi updated his Weibo: [#Xia Migxi# Everyone, can you stop posting photos of my bare buttocks when I was a child? I also want some face QAQ.]

The comment area was full of “I can’t.”.     

Yu Nian also forwarded it with bad intentions: [I can’t.//@XiaMingxi: #XiaMingxi# Everyone, can you stop posting photos of my bare buttocks when I was a child? I also want some face QAQ.]

Just after reposting, Xia Mingxi’s WeChat came over.
He sent nine heartbroken emojis in a row, and Yu Nian replied with an arms-akimbo emoji.     

[Xia Mingxi: Are we still brothers? By the way, I just found out that I will be filming the day after tomorrow.
My mother even packed my suitcase!!”]

Yu Nian paused while typing, surprised: [So quick?]

[Xia Mingxi: That’s right, it’s a very good crew.
My mother found a friend to take me in with great difficulty.
According to the time, I have to go there in advance to prepare, and I will leave in the morning of the day after tomorrow.] 

Yu Nian understood, typing: [Then we’ll meet when you come back.]

[Xia Mingxi: It’s settled then; you mustn’t forget me, NianNian! Wait for me for half a month to come back, then we’ll play together!] 

On the morning of the eleventh, Meng Yuan drove over to pick him up.

Seeing Yu Nian abandon his crutches and wear the white shirt he wore when they met for the first time, his eyes were clear and revealed a youthfulness.
Meng Yuan realized again that Yu Nian was only twenty-one years old.
He regained his composure and said with a smile, “Why are you wearing this again? Didn’t you go to buy some expensive clothes and shoes? I heard that AJ’s sneakers seem to be co-branded again, and the new autumn models of various brands are also available.”

Yu Nian got into the car and fastened his seat belt.
He smiled and shook his head, “I didn’t buy it.
I’ve got enough clothes to wear; I don’t like buying clothes very much.” 

In the past, when his grandparents were still there, the family’s clothes were all made by an old tailor.
The style was simple, and the material was good.
One piece could be worn repeatedly for a long time, so he didn’t have the habit of buying new clothes frequently, as long as it was enough to wear.

Meng Yuan clicked his tongue, “You are really the most frugal entertainer I have ever seen.
You don’t smoke cigarettes or drink good wine, you don’t buy houses or watches, you don’t like luxury goods or luxury cars, and even the daily clothes were bought in wholesale by the dozen.
If I tell it, no one will believe me!”

Speaking of this, Yu Nian was curious, “What about you, Brother Meng, where do you usually spend your money?”

Meng Yuan raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Some time ago, I liked to shop for antiques and curios.
After years of serious research, I still can’t stand the fact that there are too many fakes! Later, I liked to invest in collectible jewelry, and then I loved to buy houses.
But now I like to save money.
Looking at a large list of numbers, I feel good “

“By the way, let’s get down to business,” Meng Yuan remembered, “when we go over in a while, you will meet You You and He Junyu.
It was reported that You You’s audition was in the afternoon, but Director Xu’s schedule is tight, so it’s also in the morning.”

Yu Nian nodded, saying, “Brother Meng, don’t worry.
I’ve memorized the lyrics and melody.
I sang and recorded it last night.
After listening to it, I was quite satisfied.”

Meng Yuan was a little more confident, but he still persuaded him first.
“Don’t be discouraged if you’re not selected.
You have just taken the first step in your career, and there will be many opportunities in the future!” 

Yu Nian knew that Meng Yuan was worried about his state of mind, “Yes, I know.”

“Let’s take our time.
Rest assured, if you mix around with your brother Meng, you will definitely eat your fill!” 

The elevator went up to the 30th floor, and as soon as they stepped out of the elevator door, someone came to guide the way.

Yu Nian followed the two in and arrived outside a recording room.

Recognizing the person standing at a glance, Meng Yuan greeted first with a smile on his face, “Director Xu, Producer Ning, long time no see!”

Xu Xianglan was in his 40s or 50s and dressed casually in only two colors: black and gray.
The lines at the corner of his mouth were very deep, and he looked a bit difficult to get along with, but when he smiled, his expression was very gentle.

He shook Meng Yuan’s hand and then turned to Yu Nian, saying, “I’ve listened to all the songs you sang on “Sounds of Nature,” and they are very good.” 

Yu Nian was neither humble nor overbearing, “Thank you, Director Xu!” He smiled and said, “I like watching your movies very much, and I’ve watched each of them more than once.
I’d never expected that I would have the opportunity to meet you in person.”

Xu Xianglan raised his eyebrows and smiled at the person next to him, “Most of the movies I shoot are dull.
I didn’t expect children to like dull literary films so much!” He then asked Yu Nian in a gentle tone, “Which one do you like most?” 

Yu Nian didn’t hesitate: “I like “Nation Warrior” and “Survival” the most, especially “Survival”.
The part where Yun Lai committed suicide in the house at the end left the deepest impression on me, and every time I closed my eyes for several days after that, that was the scene in front of my eyes.”  

Xu Xianglan didn’t expect Yu Nian to like the movie “Survival”, which was his early and most satisfying work, so he asked a few more questions, “Then do you think Yunl Lai should commit suicide?”

 Yu Nian thought about it for a few seconds and said seriously, “There’s no should or shouldn’t.” A person has their own ideas and manners to support themselves in life.
Yun Lai just lost his ideas and manner.”

Xu Xianglan didn’t say right or wrong and patted Yu Nian on the shoulder, “Please wait a moment; there are two more singers coming over, we will start when they are all here.”

Yu Nian went to the next lounge with Meng Yuan.
There was no one inside; the staff brought two cups of tea over, put them down, and went out.

Meng Yuan was cautious and did not allow Yu Nian to drink the tea here.
He handed him a thermos cup and didn’t ask Yu Nian if he really liked Xu Xianglan’s movies; he just introduced, “The one next to Director Xu was the producer of this movie, Ning Ge, who is very low-key.
Just to choose a singer for the promotional song, the director and producer have all come; it seems that they really attach great importance to this movie.”

Yu Nian wrote down the name and the number on the phone address list, and after chatting for a couple of sentences, he took out the lyrics list to consolidate his memory.
Meng Yuan didn’t bother him and took out his mobile phone to do his own business.

Not long after, the door of the lounge opened, and You You and He Junyu arrived together.
The three of them greeted each other politely, but they were all competitors and had never met before, so no one pretended to be warm, and the whole lounge was silent.

Soon, the staff came in and took He Junyu out.
After ten minutes, You You also went out.

Meng Yuan looked away and found that Yu Nian was calmer than himself, “Aren’t you nervous?” 

Yu Nian looked away from the lyrics, “It’s useless to be nervous; it’s better to memorize the lyrics a few times.”

Meng Yuan pondered, “That seems to be the truth.”

After waiting for another twenty minutes, the door opened again, and the staff member said politely, “Director Xu asked me to call you.”

Yu Nian thanked him.

After entering the recording studio, all sounds were isolated by the glass.
Yu Nian didn’t look at the expressions of the people standing outside, and he put on his earphones.

Xu Xianglan stood with Ning Ge, looked at Yu Nian standing in front of the microphone with judgmental eyes, and asked in a low voice, “Do you think the appearance and temperament are okay?”

Ning Ge crossed his arms, “Director Xu, are you the director or I am? You choose your own person, why ask me?” 

“Just say it if you’re too lazy to use your brain.” Xu Xianlan muttered, “I’ll just take another look and think about it myself.”

Ning Ge nodded, concentrating on listening to Yu Nian’s singing, and when he was waiting for the interlude, he asked, “What do you think of his singing?”

Xu Xianglan didn’t hesitate to answer this question, “It’s much better than You You and He Junyu.”

“That’s true, but he doesn’t have as many fans as You You.
Although he dominated trending searches a while ago and his popularity exploded, his popularity foundation is still too weak and unstable.” Ning Ge tapped twice on his arms with his finger, “I choose You You.”

Xu Xianglan didn’t say anything immediately, but said the same thing as before, “I’ll think about it.” 

The result would not be announced on the spot, and it would take a few days to notify the agent.
After singing, Yu Nian came out of the recording studio, greeted them politely, and left with Meng Yuan.

In the elevator, Meng Yuan didn’t turn the corner, “It’s difficult this time.
I chatted with You You’s manager, and depending on the situation, You You is quite favored.” 

Yu Nian’s expression didn’t change after hearing that, “I didn’t make a mistake while singing this time.
If I don’t get selected, I won’t regret not doing my best.”

“You’ve done your best,” Meng Yuan sighed again, “Nowadays, the pre-publicity of movies is becoming more and more important, even if it’s a big production with a famous director, but for the sake of the box office, they’ve no choice but to use these underhanded methods.
I’ve heard of You You’s performances before; he’s not as good as you.
The only thing that can be compared is that his fan base is stronger than yours.” 

Yu Nian turned to persuade Meng Yuan, “Let’s take our time; I will be very powerful in the future.” 

The cloud in Meng Yuan’s heart was dispelled, and he laughed, “Yes, yes, you will definitely be very powerful in the future!” 

In the afternoon, Yu Nian continued to go to the company to take professional classes.
His foot injury has basically recovered.
In order not to affect his future dancing or various sequelae such as habitual sprains, he had to keep up with ankle strength training and the like.

After returning home at night, Yu Nian put on a mask, went to a nearby shopping mall to buy pork ribs and seaweed, passed the shelves, and chose a gray thermos bucket.

After carefully handling the ingredients and stewing them, he turned on a low fire.
Then he went to the study and handled a few documents to settle the accounts.

The money signed with Xinghai, the settlement of the live broadcast, plus the bonus of “Sounds of Nature”, and the performance fee, coupled with the theme song written for Yu Qing’s movie and the remuneration from the film studio, totaled seven figures. 

Set aside the fractions and put the rest in the account.
Yu Nian estimated the price; as long as he didn’t encounter a bidder who didn’t lack money or a malicious bidder, he should be fine to buy the item back. 

The pork rib soup has been simmering for almost two hours, and the aroma of food wafts out from the kitchen.
Yu Nian guessed that it was almost time and was about to enter the kitchen when he heard the doorbell. 

After confirming who had come, Yu Nian opened the door. 

It was the same man in the black suit as before, and the other party handed over a box with a card attached. 

Yu Nian opened the card first, and what caught his eye was the familiar handwriting, with vigorous strokes, which was very beautiful, “I tasted it at dinner; it was delicious.”  

So you want me to try it?

Yu Nian smiled, looked up, and said, “Please wait for two minutes.
I have something to trouble you with to take back.” 

Entering the kitchen, Yu Nian took out a new thermos bucket that had been cleaned from the cabinet and took out some pork rib soup from the pot.

After screwing the lid on and making sure the soup wouldn’t leak out, Yu Nian went to the door. 

The other party took the thermos and nodded at him, then he turned around, and left. 

Qu Xiaoran came out of the dinner, drove the newly bought sports car directly to Xie’s house, and went into Xie You’s study familiarly. 

Pushing open the door, the warm light poured down.
Qu Xiaoran stepped on the light-colored carpet, hooked the car key with his fingers, and turned it around, raising his chin, “Xie Xiaoyou, you called me twice in a row, calling me to come over tonight, is there something urgent?”

Xie You inhaled lightly and pointed to the thermos that was well placed by his side, “Would you… want to hear about its origin?”

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