Chapter 6: Are you in a bad mood?

Yu Nian followed Meng Yuan into the box.
The flowers and trees outside the window were sparse, and the branches and leaves had formed an ink-like shadow on the snow-white walls because of the light of the streetlamp.

Meng Yuan reached out and handed a menu written with a brush to Yu Nian, “You have been working hard in the class during this time.
You can order whatever you want.
Don’t be afraid, your brother Meng won’t become impoverished.”

When Yu Nian took over the menu, he was not polite and ordered one meat and two vegetarian dishes.
Meng Yuan added another meat dish, one vegetable dish, and one soup then rang the copper bell placed by the table.
Two waitresses in dark blue embroidered cheongsam opened the door, walked in and took away the menu.

Meng Yuan didn’t want to waste the time while waiting for the food.

“While we’re free now, I’m going to tell you about the other four people whom you are going to record the show with tomorrow. Know thyself, know thy enemy, a thousand battles, a thousand victories.“

Yu Nian took a sip of the flower tea and said with a smile, “I was planning to ask about it.”

Meng Yuan said, “The secrecy work of ‘Sound of Nature’ has always been very good.
They throw a lot of money to promote the show in advance, but they never mention who will be participating in the competition and won’t inform the participating singers in advance.
Because of this, many newcomers have been very active in creating a wave of popularity, and on the way, they have also created a wave of popularity for the show team.

Yu Nian held a cup made of green bamboo and was curious, “Then how did you know about it, Brother Meng?”

“Isn’t that simple? I looked at the list from Lao He dignifiedly.” Meng Yuan said confidently, and laughed, “I’ll count with you.
One is called Zhao Ruo, who sang the ending song of an idol drama two months ago.
The voice belongs to the sweet one, and the singing skills are average.”

“The second one is Xu Xuan, a member of a newly debuted girl group who can sing and dance and is considered the most popular in their group.
When participating in ‘Sound of Nature’ this time, she definitely wants to rely on her strength and make a new wave of popularity.”

Meng Yuan commented, “If we compare these two female singers, Zhao Ruo is much weaker.
And there are three male singers, you, Fang Huai, and Xia Mingxi.”

Yu Nian answered, “I know Fang Huai, he has released a single before.” He added, “It was sister Rou Rou who helped me sort out the information on new singers recently.”

“She’s very attentive.” Meng Yuan tapped his finger on the table and continued, “But I don’t really care about Fang Huai.
He is a shy and warm man, and his image, temperament and strength can only be considered average.”

Yu Nian raised the corner of his mouth and smiled, “So it’s Xia Mingxi who you’re worried about?”

“It’s him.” Meng Yuan sighed, “Xia Mingxi was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” He continued, “His father is called Xia Yuan, and his mother’s name is Zhang Lan.
The singer and actress have been popular for decades.
He is their only son, and his ancestral fans are already in place, just waiting for him to debut.
I have met him twice, and he really picked the good qualities of his parents.
Just like you, he is the type that can get popular just by relying on his face.  “

Yu Nian touched his face and emphasised with a smile, “Brother Meng, I’m obviously going to rely on my talent!”

Meng Yuan also laughed, “Yes, yes, obviously you can rely on your face, but you have to rely on your talent and self-will!”

The two drank a cup of flower tea, and Meng Yuan concluded, “So the person who was going to be eliminated in the first round should be Zhao Ruo.
My request for you is to take it slowly and steadily so that all the audience watching this show will remember you.”

Yu Nian didn’t speak, he shook the bamboo cup with his hands, thought for a few seconds and said, “Brother Meng, I had an idea when I was practising dance before.
But I don’t know if it can be done.”

Meng Yuan raised his eyebrows, “Tell me?”

Yu Nian simply said his thoughts, waiting for Meng Yuan to express his opinion uncertainty.
Meng Yuan rubbed the bamboo cup and looked at Yu Nian with a smile in his eyes, “I think I can go back and prepare the manuscript.”

Yu Nian coughed, a little embarrassed, “Do you think you can do it?”

Meng Yuan took a breath, restrained himself and didn’t reach out to pat the table, “Of course! Why not? I will communicate with Lao He tomorrow, and he will definitely agree! your idea is very good!”

At this time, there was a knock on the door.
After the box door was opened from the outside, the ordered dishes were served one by one.
A waitress in a dark blue cheongsam was explaining the recipes and raw materials used in the dishes in a soft voice. 

When the last two dishes were served, Meng Yuan wondered, “We didn’t order these two dishes, did you send it wrong?”

The waitress smiled and said, “This stewed yellow croaker with bean sauce and fish belly soup with chicken sauce was given to us by our chief chef.”

Hearing the names of the dishes, Yu Nian was stunned.
He glanced at the last two dishes that came up and asked hesitantly, “Excuse me…..
Is the chief chef’s surname Shen?”

The waitress smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

Meng Yuan understood, “Anyone you know?”

Yu Nian nodded, “Well, someone I know.”

When the waitress closed the door and went out, Meng Yuan was still a little surprised, “I’ve eaten here several times, and Master Shen is very temperamental.
No matter how many old eaters want to see him, he’ll be impatient.
Cooking depends on his mood.
If the mood is not good, no matter how much money is given, he won’t do it.”

He looked at the two extra dishes, and guessed, “He should have seen you coming and wanted to meet you, but he didn’t want to disturb you rashly, so he just sent two dishes to check the situation.
If you want, You can meet him after dinner, maybe in the future I will be able to eat Master Shen’s craftsmanship every time I come here.”

Yu Nian smiled, “Well, then wait for me after dinner, Brother Meng.”

After dinner, following behind the waitress, Yu Nian turned left and right into the back kitchen.

Shen Wei’s eyes turned red as soon as he saw him.

Yu Nian was amused and helpless, “Uncle Shen, if you cry, I will laugh at you.”

Hearing this, Shen Wei wiped the wet corners of his eyes, and then looked up and down at Yu Nian several times, “Young Master, are you all right?”

Yu Nian reassures the other party, “I’m all right.
I’m a few centimeters taller and a lot heavier than three years ago.”

Shen Wei was uneasy, “After the old lady passed away, I shouldn’t have listened to your words and left.
If I stay there, I can cook two meals a day for you.” He has been a cook in Yu’s family for 30 years and had watched Yu Nian grow up.

After listening to his words, Yu Nian was stunned for a moment, and then he smiled and said, “I’m the only one left at home.
I was in college before and lived in the school all the time.
I didn’t have the time to go home at that time and I can cook now, so I won’t be hungry and thin.”

Shen Wei frowned, “Young master, how can you cook by yourself? I ——”

“Uncle Shen,” Yu Nian interrupted him, his voice softer, “I always have to learn to live by myself, and I have grown up.”

Shen Wei didn’t say any more, sighed, and turned the topic to the meal, “You have loved to eat yellow croaker with bean sauce and fish belly soup with chicken sauce since you were a child.
I haven’t made them for a long time, and I don’t know if they still suit your taste.

Yu Nian opened his eyes deliberately and exaggeratedly said, “How could it not be to my taste? I ate two dishes by myself, and almost ate the plates!”

Shen Wei smiled, the wrinkles around the corners of his eyes were gentle, “Young master is still the same as when he was a child, he likes to make me happy.”

The two chatted a few more words.
He couldn’t let Meng Yuan wait for him much longer so he was ready to go back.
Before he left, he remembered what Meng Yuan said, and said again, “The friend who came with me like to eat your dishes.”

The smile on Shen Wei’s face deepened, “Young master’s friend is my guest.”

Yu Nian smiled embarrassedly, with a little more youthful air on his face, “Thank you, Uncle Shen, next time I’ll be greedy, and will find you to fry a small yellow croaker.”

After coming out of the back kitchen, Yu Nian walked back along the original road alone.
The night wind was cool, with a faint smell of grass.
He was reminded of a lot of memories.
He was anxious to move out before, but now he is suddenly homesick.

It’s just that at home, he’s the only one left.


Xie You couldn’t stand the noise of Qu Xiaoran playing games, so he went out for a walk.
But he didn’t expect to meet Yu Nian again.


Standing quietly beside him for a while, he found that Yu Nian seemed to be in a daze, he hesitated, and approached, “Yu Nian.”

Hearing someone call his name, Yu Nian came back to his senses.
He saw Xie You, and said with a smile, “Are you out for a walk?”

“Well.” Xie You said carefully, “Are you in a bad mood?”

Yu Nian shook his head, “No, I just remembered some things from the past.” He smiled again, “I’m going to record the first episode of ‘Sound of Nature’ tomorrow.
To be honest, I’m actually a little nervous.”

“Don’t be nervous.” You must be number one.

But to be on the safe side, Xie You had already planned in his mind how to exclusively fund the show.

Yu Nian didn’t go on talking.
Although he and Xie You met several times, they were not familiar with each other.
So the other party probably didn’t have the leisure to listen to his mood.

He sighed softly, looked at Xie You again, and said goodbye with a smile, “My agent is still inside, so I’ll go back first.”

Out of the corner of his eyes, Xie You saw pale pink petals on Yu Nian’s shoulder.
Just as he was about to help him, Yu Nian raised his hand and brushed them off.

Xie You regretfully withdrew his hand that didn’t get the time to move.

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