Chapter 7: Your most troublesome opponent is me

Early the next morning, Yu Nian went to the studio with Meng Yuan and Shi Rou.
When they arrived in the studio, He Qiubai was sitting in his chair eating breakfast with a sleep-deprived face.
When he saw them coming, he greeted them without any spirit, “Have you eaten breakfast yet?”

“Yes, we did,” Meng Yuan “tsk” a few times and said, “So miserable? Did you not sleep for another night?”

He Qiubai drank two sips of soy milk, “Yeah, I have been sitting here since dawn,” His tone suddenly changed, and he roared in a higher voice, “How many times I have to say it? Don’t use the seventh light.
We aren’t filming a ghost movie!”

The lighting engineer responded from a distance.
He Qiubai was not in the mood to eat breakfast, he threw down the soy milk and looked at Yu Nian with a much gentler expression, “Lao Meng told me about your thoughts yesterday.
Although it was only a small detail, the stage effect will definitely be very good.
I have already asked the stylist to arrange it.”

Yu Nian smiled, “Thank you and sorry for the trouble!”

“You don’t have to thank me.
I’m still counting on you and Xia Mingxi to help me bring the ratings and popularity.
I’ve already bought all the hot searches.
Anyway, if you have any other ideas in the future, just tell me, and we’ll try them together.”

He Qiubai touched his messy beard and said, “You come early, so you can go to the rehearsal first.
This is your first time on stage.
Although we are recording it and will edit it later, we will still try not to make mistakes.
There is still plenty of time, so let’s walk through it twice.”

This is also Meng Yuan’s plan.

Although Yu Nian did not have stage fright and Huo Xing and An Cheng had told him about a lot of stage common sense, listening to it a thousand times is not as useful as practising it once.
If there is a small mistake during recording, it will be reduced or replaced with other shots later.
Meng Yuan said: “Yu Nian try to do it in one shot and don’t make mistakes!”

Yu Nian has a very good memory.
When he was rehearsing for the first time, he would still make small mistakes.
But after being corrected once, no one can pick any faults at all.

He Qiubai watched it off the stage and waved at Yu Nian.
When Yu Nian came over, he said, “The official rehearsal will start in a while.
Now I want to teach you that no matter in what program you are on in the future, you must treat every rehearsal as an official performance so that even if it is a live broadcast, there will be no mistakes.”

Yu Nian nodded seriously and said gratefully, “I’ll remember it.”

He Qiubai put a cap on his head to cover his messy hair, “Well, don’t forget, you still have a long way to go.”

After the rehearsal was done twice, He Qiubai took the lighting engineer to the side for talking, and Meng Yuan went to the camera to see the overall effect.
Yu Nian adjusted his breathing, took the towel that Shi Rou handed over, and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

At this time, a voice came, “I thought I would be the first to come, but I didn’t expect you to be earlier than me!”

Yu Nian tilted his head, and a face with bright features came into his view.

When Yu Nian suddenly tilted his head in his direction, the other party was stunned.
He blinked his eyes and asked, “You…did you come out of the comics?”

Yu Nian smiled and rolled his eyes, “I was about to say this too!” He stretched out his hand, “I am Yu Nian, Yu for abundance and Nian for every year.”

Xia Mingxi happily held Yu Nian’s hand, “My name is Xia Mingxi, Ming for bright, Xi for hopeful.” Then he retracted his hand, scratched his half-long chestnut hair, and muttered, “I thought that I would be the first to come, but you turned out to be more diligent than me, and you have already gone through the rehearsal twice!”

Yu Nian took the water bottle that Shi Rou handed over, unscrewed it and took a sip, “I woke up early in the morning, and couldn’t fall asleep.
So I thought why not just come over and have a look.”

Xia Mingxi nodded again and again, “It’s right to come here early.
It’s easy to get nervous and make mistakes when you’re recording.
There’s nothing wrong with rehearsing multiple times.” He took out a small packet of cookies from his bag and handed it to Yu Nian, “For you, we’ll be friends from now on!”

Yu Nian stretched out his hand and ate it directly.
With a cookie in his mouth, he also took out a mint from his pocket, handed it over, and said with a smile, “Well, we will be friends in the future.”

Xia Mingxi took the candy and put it in his mouth.
He blinked, and said very straightforwardly, “Your smile is so beautiful!”

Yu Nian tilted the corners of his mouth, with cookie crumbs sticking to his lips, he said, “There must be a lot of people telling you that you look very beautiful when you smile like that, right?”

“Hahaha, are we flattering each other?” Xia Mingxi raised his chin, “But it’s true, for example, my mother, she praises me a hundred times a day!”

Yu Nian laughed out loud, “Teacher Zhang Lan is so interesting? My grandmother used to like watching her movies.”

Xia Mingxi found that the more he looked at Yu Nian, the more he liked him.
He grew up in this circle and knew a lot of people, but he had very few friends.
When the people next to him heard him mention his parents, they either pretended not to care, or despised him as a second-generation star who relied on his parents or flattered him for a while.
It’s rare to talk about it naturally like with Yu Nian, without pretentious gestures or deliberate flattery.

Talking to him is very relaxing.

Yu Nian saw that Xia Mingxi’s eyes lit up when he looked at him, causing him to touch his face subconsciously, thinking that maybe a flower had bloomed on his face.

At this time, He Qiubai, who had finished instructing the lighting engineer, came over and saw Xia Mingxi, “So early?”

Xia Mingxi nodded politely, “Hey Director He! My agent came to my door a long time ago.
If it wasn’t for the traffic jam, I would have been here half an hour earlier.”

Seeing that Xia Mingxi and Yu Nian were standing together and getting along pretty well, He Qiubai sighed, “With your two here, the ratings of my show are guaranteed!”

Xia Mingxi said bluntly, “Director He, I’m saying it very clearly, my singing and dancing skills are average.
My dad tried to teach me how to sing, but finally turned the table and quit.
He also hired a vocal teacher at a high price, but it still failed to save me.
Therefore, I really only have the face to show!”

After listening to his sincere words, Yu Nian couldn’t hold back and laughed beside him.
Xia Mingxi’s eyes widened, while scratching at Yu Nian he said, “You actually laughed at me!”

Yu Nian hurriedly ducked back, and the two of them got into a fight.
He Qiubai added leisurely, “Be careful not to scratch your face!”

When the two of them finished the rehearsal and went to the dressing room backstage, they were already rubbing shoulders and chatting.

Xia Mingxi: “Damn you were rehearsing up there, and I was only looking down the whole time! My agent said that if only he found you first, what would have happened to Xingyao and Meng Yuan?!”

Because Yu Nian just danced, the end of his eyes was a little red, lining the tear moles under his eyes.
Looking at it glistening under the light, Xia Mingxi exaggeratedly covered his heart and took a step back, “My little heart, it’s moving!”

Yu Nian felt that Xia Mingxi was a living treasure, and smiled coldly on purpose, “I will not be responsible.”

Xia Mingxi laughed, “Nian Nian, you scumbag!” After laughing, he became curious again, “How could you not live without the teleprompter? I found out that while you were dancing, you were looking at the teleprompter!”

Yu Nian was also very helpless, “I can hum a piece of music once or twice after reading it, but I can’t remember the lyrics even if I recite it 20 times.
The same is for the words I wrote.
I can remember the words when I wrote them, but I can’t memorise them.”

Xia Mingxi burst into laughter, “I’ll tell my dad when I go back that I finally met a little friend who can memorise lyrics better than me!”

It wasn’t until nearly 11 o’clock that the other two female singers Zhao Ruo and Xu Xuan arrived one after the other.
Seeing Xia Mingxi in the dressing room, the two of them were a little excited.
After introducing themselves to each other, they were about to say a few more words to Xia Mingxi, but they were called away by He Qiubai’s assistant.

Xia Mingxi glanced at the watch on his wrist, “It’s almost noon, and the guy named Fang Huai hasn’t arrived yet?”

Yu Nian was trying to memorise the lyrics when he heard Xia Mingxi muttering, “Maybe it’s a traffic jam?”

Xia Mingxi lowered his voice, his face full of gossipy excitement, “I’ll tell you something, I heard it from my agent.
It is said that Fang Huai is not very happy to come to this show, saying that the level of this show is too low, Not worthy of his current position.”

Yu Nian also lowered his voice and was surprised, “Director He’s programs had become a hit, and the first season of ‘Sound of Nature’ is also very popular.
The grade… is very low? Did he have any misunderstanding?”

Xia Mingxi rolled his eyes and said, “Who knows, mortals like us don’t understand such an inflated mentality.”

It was half-past twelve, and He Qiubai’s expression couldn’t be darker.
Fang Huai arrived late with his manager and three assistants.

Xia Mingxi secretly whispered to Yu Nian, “Look, one has a water cup, one has clothes, and the other has a mobile phone.
Even my parents don’t show such pretension!”

Yu Nian didn’t pay too much attention but thought that Xia Mingxi’s expression and tone were very interesting, so he talked a few more words.

The five people finally gathered in the dressing room, and one of Fang Huai’s assistants began to distribute gifts, “This is a small gift that Fang Huai intended for a few of you.
I hope we can get along well in the future.”

Xia Mingxi accepted the small gift box, and whispered to Yu Nian, “I dare to make sure that Fang Huai himself doesn’t know what the hell is in it.”

Yu Nian is still working hard to memorise the lyrics, and after hearing the words, he said, “Whether you know it or not, it is heartfelt after all.”

Xia Mingxi thought about it too, “That’s right,” then he put the small gift box on the table.
Seeing that Yu Nian was memorising the lyrics so seriously, he felt that it was not good to play soy sauce, so he also took out his headphones to listen to the song.
For a while, the dressing room was quiet, only Zhao Ruo and Xu Xuan whispered from time to time.

At seven o’clock in the evening, there was a loud noise from the front desk, the audience and the jury had begun to enter the venue.
Yu Nian was doing the final hair styling.
Xia Mingxi finished it before him, and now he was staring at his side face in a daze.

Yu Nian glanced at him sideways and reminded, “Xia Mingxi, your earphones are about to fall out.”

“Ah? … oh oh oh!” Xia Mingxi put the earphones away, stared at Yu Nian again, and sighed, “I look in the mirror every day, and I think I look very good.
But when I saw you today, I suddenly felt that you should be the first, I am second, and I agree!”

The makeup artist was amused, “You guys are different in style and temperament.
Mingxi is bright and flamboyant, and Yu Nian has delicate and extravagant features, each with its own beauty.”

Yu Nian also smiled and looked at him in the mirror, “We have been boasting each other the whole day, but you still have a different way of doing it!”

Xia Mingxi raised his head, “Of course, I can brag all day, and I can do it without any seriousness! Are you the only one who has skills?” After speaking, he made a serious expression and said, “Yu Nian, you will definitely be popular one day, very very popular.”

Yu Nian took a deep breath and looked at Xia Mingxi, “Well, let’s work hard together.”

The waiting session begins at 8 o’clock.
In the previous draw, Zhao Ruo drew first, Xia Mingxi second, Fang Huai third, Xu Xuan fourth, and Yu Nian fifth.
After the performance, there will be live voting and one person will be eliminated on the spot.

After Zhao Ruo went backstage, Xia Mingxi also went out, leaving only three people in the dressing room.

Finding Fang Huai sitting next to him, Yu Nian greeted him with a friendly smile, “Hello.”

Fang Huai nodded arrogantly and looked at Yu Nian, “Newcomers like you should not rush forward to climb high branches, if you are not careful, you will fall down.”

Yu Nian held the lyrics sheet in his hand for a while, and after realizing what Fang Huai said, the gentle smile in his eyes turned cold, “Whoever I’m friends with, I won’t bother you anymore.”

Fang Huai was a little annoyed, but remembering the agent’s words, he held back and said, “I’ll say it straight, I’m here to work with you.
Xia Mingxi’s background is there, and he is definitely our most troublesome opponent.
A collaboration——”

Yu Nian interrupted Fang Huai, “You may have misunderstood something.”

A black translucent ribbon was wrapped around his fair and thin wrist, he adjusted the collar of the black silk shirt and smiled coldly, “First, I will not cooperate with you to deal with Xia Mingxi.
Second, Your most troublesome opponent is me.”

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