Chapter 8: My life is given by the teleprompter

At this time, Fang Huai’s assistant rushed over in a hurry.
When he noticed the tense atmosphere between the two, he said in a lower voice, “Brother Fang, you should wait backstage, your turn is about to begin.”

Fang Huai glanced at Yu Nian, snorted coldly, turned around and strode away.

Yu Nian sat up again, closed his eyes for two seconds, cleared all the things about the person “Fang Huai” from his mind, and refocused his attention on the lyrics sheet in front of him.

He has always been aware that his ability to memorise lyrics is terrible.
So he cautiously chose one of the title songs of popular female singer Yu Qing — “Wild”, thinking that the difficulty factor should be low.
But he didn’t expect that he still couldn’t remember the lyrics.

It seems that he can only depend on the teleprompter.

The waiting time was not too long, but because he was the last to appear, he had to wait for his turn until everyone in the dressing room had left.

Yu Nian originally thought that he would be very nervous, but the closer he got to the stage, the calmer he became.
When he put on the headset, his heartbeat even stabilised.

The stylist helped him make the final styling adjustments.
After confirming that everything was in order, Yu Nian untied the black translucent ribbon from his wrist, started from above the left ear, crossed the right ear, blindfold himself, and finally tied a knot.

After making sure it was tied perfectly, he turned his head slightly to adjust to the feeling of the blurred vision in front of him.
Then he heard the clear inhalation sound from the stylist.

Yu Nian’s lips curled into a smile.
He looked at the stylist through the ribbon and asked, “How is the effect?”

“Better than expected!” The stylist looked at Yu Nian’s white complexion against the black tulle, and praised, “Very good-looking, come on!”

“Well,” Yu Nian adjusted the headset for the last time, “Thank you.”

Now it was his turn to take the stage.

When the lifting platform stopped, Yu Nian stood on the stage firmly with the vague vision and the pictures he had recorded during the previous rehearsal.
At this moment, countless lights converge onto him, and he is the only focus on the stage.

The director quickly cut his close-up on the big screen.

Yu Nian’s figure is slender and straight, the black trouser was tucked into the short boots, stretching out the very symmetrical lines of the calf.
The two top buttons of the silk shirt were unbuttoned, revealing his delicate collarbone.
And the sleeves were rolled up to the elbows, revealing the muscular forearms, thin wrists, and knuckled fingers.

The hardest thing to look away from was his face.
The black tulle covering his eyes, not only did not damage his appearance but added a bit of coolness and colour to it.

Under the silence of the audience, the brisk music of the violin rang out.
After a few breaths, a very clear voice was heard in the studio through the equipment, instantly grabbing everyone’s breathing.

Meng Yuan stood under the stage.
He looked up at Yu Nian in the centre of the stage, and couldn’t help laughing.

This is the person he chose.

The black tulle reflects the silver light on the stage.
The jet-black hair that hangs down to the end of the eyes, the exposed straight nose bridge, the lips with clear lip lines, and the almost perfect jawline, after the eyes are covered, it amazes everyone’s sight.

Yu Nian’s voice is very clear, every movement of the dance is in sync with the beat, and every muscle in the body is obeying his command.

Meng Yuan remembered the day when he went to the 33rd floor after dark.
The lights in the practice room were on.

Yu Nian seemed to be unaware that he was tired.
After practice, he ends up lying on the floor tired, but he stood up on his own a few minutes later and continued practising.

He’s one of the most talented and hardest-working entertainers he’s ever seen. 

When the song reached the climax, Yu Nian’s thin waist exerted force, he turned around, raised his left hand, pulled the one end of the black ribbon with light force.
The next second, the veil fell, and a pair of eye-catching eyes appeared in front of everyone.

Yu Nian looked at the camera and chuckled, his eyes seemed to be holding a handful of water from the galaxy.

Meng Yuan heard exclamations and screams from the audience.

Yu Nian is like the one who should stand on the stage to receive the attention of thousands of people.

The show hasn’t been recorded yet, but Meng Yuan has already concluded that all the drafts written by him can be distributed.

The song is not long, it only lasts more than four minutes together with the prelude.
The last beat fell, and Yu Nian stood still.
He picked up the black translucent ribbon that had been thrown on the stage before and wrapped it around his right wrist.
Then he faced the audience and bowed deeply.

His sweaty hair swayed with his movements, revealing his slightly reddened eyes, “Hello everyone, I’m Yu Nian.”

He was still out of breath because he had just danced while singing.
After slowing his breath, Yu Nian looked at the auditorium a little nervously, “Everyone………Can you give me some feedback?”

The next second, a deafening scream broke out from the audience.

Yu Nian put the palm of his left hand behind his ear and asked with a smile, “Can you be louder?”

“Yu Nian…….Yu Nian….…”

Yu Nian just put down his hands, adjusted the position of the headset again, and said with a smile, “I feel that everyone at the scene recognizes me.” He puffed out his cheeks and exhaled, “The song and dance just now, I hope everyone can like it.”

The audience responded enthusiastically: “Like——”

Yu Nian’s heartbeat was still very fast due to strenuous exercise.
He looked at the fluorescent auditorium and suddenly ran out of words, so he simply bowed again.

He followed the staff and walked to the lounge backstage, Yu Nian took the mineral water handed over to him and drank half of the bottle in one go.

Some people are asking, “How do you rate your performance?”

Yu Nian pulled the black translucent ribbon wrapped around his wrist with a smile on his face, “I saw my manager smiling when I stepped down, … should be pretty good, right?”

The camera was still filming.
Yu Nian looked at the camera, thought about it, then raised his right hand and put it on his heart, “I hope to stay.”

As soon as the door of the lounge opened, a figure rushed over and gave him a bear hug.
Yu Nian took two steps back and smiled helplessly, “Xia Mingxi, how are you so strong?”

Xia Mingxi didn’t care what Yu Nian said, and said excitedly, “My God, your performance was amazing! There is—” He couldn’t think of an adjective, so he simply stretched his arms and gestured, “——that’s great!”

Under the camera, Zhao Ruo, Xu Xuan and Fang Huai, who was sitting on the sofa, all congratulated each other.
Yu Nian thanked them and completed the friendly scene of bragging about each other.

In the small screen hanging in the lounge, the jury and the audience in front are scoring.
Taking advantage of the fact that there are not many shots used in this section, the five people stopped talking and waited quietly for the result.

Xia Mingxi couldn’t sit still, he moved to Yu Nian’s side and asked in a low voice, “I’m just a little curious.”

Yu Nian looked at the small screen and leaned beside him, “What do you want to ask?”

Xia Mingxi: “You are blindfolded, how did you see the teleprompter?”

Yu Nian’s voice was even lower, and he was a little embarrassed, “I focused on the lyrics that I sang blindfolded, and recited them many times.
As for the lyrics in the latter half, it all depends on the teleprompter.”

Xia Mingxi patted his thigh, “Witty, Nian Nian!”

Yu Nian sighed, “You don’t know, when I was singing, there were two lyrics that I almost forgot.
At that time, I really wanted to take off the blindfold in advance and take a look at the teleprompter, just a glance!”

At that moment, Yu Nian deeply realised something and said, “My life is given by the teleprompter”.

Xia Mingxi held back his laughter.

Fifteen minutes later, the five people were brought back to the stage by the staff again and stood in order of appearance.
Zhao Ruo cried and her eyes were red, she tried to cover them, but one could still see the traces.
So she lowered her head slightly and did not dare to look at the camera.

After reporting the ad, the host opened a silver envelope, took out rectangular cardboard, and began to read the voting results.

“The results of our reading this time will start from the middle, and the third place will be announced first.” The host looked around the scene, “The third place is…..

Xia Mingxi was quite surprised.
He was very self-aware.
He really didn’t inherit the slightest talent for singing and dancing, and he didn’t expect to be able to take third place, so he waved to the audience with satisfaction and was in a very good mood.

“Second place is, Xu Xuan!”

Xu Xuan was also a little surprised.
She originally thought she would take third or fourth place, especially after watching Yu Nian’s performance she didn’t want to compete for the first place.
Unexpectedly, she overpowered Xia Mingxi and won second place.

At this time, Zhao Ruo foresees her ranking, her eyes are red again, and Yu Nian can hear a slight sob.
Fang Huai’s clenched fists, his stood stiffly waiting for the result.

“It is now announced that the fourth place…….,” the host took the opportunity to announce the sponsors again, and then said again, “The fourth place is, Fang Huai!”

Fang Huai’s face changed.
But under the camera, he didn’t show any extra expressions.

After the announcement was made, Yu Nian breathed a sigh of relief.
In the audience, the voices calling his name came one after another.

“Now I’m announcing that in the first round of the second season of ‘Sound of Nature’, the first place is, Yu-Nian!! Congratulations!” 


After the recording was completed, the five people walked backstage one after another.
Yu Nian noticed Fang Huai’s gloomy gaze, smiled at him, turned around and continued forward.

“Yu Nian.”

Hearing Fang Huai calling him, Yu Nian politely stopped, “Is there anything else?”

Fang Huai’s face was dark, his Adam’s apple rolled, “This time you used some tricks, this won’t work again, next time——”

Yu Nian interrupted him, “Next time, I will still be number one.”

Yu Nian suddenly found that the feeling that the other party was annoyed with him but couldn’t kill him was refreshing, “If you don’t believe it, look carefully next time.”

But as soon as he walked to the door of the dressing room, his cold expression was destroyed by a hug from Meng Yuan, “I want to say that If you didn’t become popular one day, even God won’t tolerate it!”

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