Chapter 1 – #Prologue.
I’m Aika.
Aika de Valliot!

I’m Aika de Valliot.


I have a mysterious power.




I’ve been on a cushion of thorns for several days.


However, it was a cushion that I climbed on myself.




A sigh filled with irritation made my shoulders unconsciously winced.


“To think that he told me to take care of this thing, that old man out of his mind.”


At the confused look which is glaring at me, I turned my head and looked out the window.


Even when I avoided his gaze, my cheeks stung.


I wish he could stop staring at me.
If he’s going to keep looking at me, do it with pretty eyes!


I wanted to speak openly like a chimney, yet I only shouted inwardly.


Because Mom said this person was the scariest person she had ever known.


He was even said to be more fearsome than His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, the Sun of the Empire.






Besides, I’m sitting on the carpet, I can’t believe he’s sitting alone on the soft sofa.


He called out to me in a bad manner and snapped his finger.


I glanced at him, then turned my head away and pretended not to see him.


It was the most timid defiance I could do.


Though it’s true,


What matters if his face is handsome? His personality is bad!


Huwa, Mommm…


No, this isn’t the time.


Don’t forget why you came here.


I showed a smile on my face to try to make the relationship good again, but it quickly collapsed.


“Hey, Peanut.”


“I’m not ‘Peanut’!”


In the end, I couldn’t stand it and shouted out.


“Then Three Heads Tall.
Come here.”


“I’m also not ‘Three Heads Tall’!”




Phew, do I really have to say that by words?


I looked down at my body.


No matter how much one looks at it with hateful eyes, it wasn’t a three heads tall body.


Mom said I was the prettiest and coolest in the world!


“Four Heads… Tall?”


Am I not at least four heads tall? I can understand to this extent!


Sneer, and I heard a sound ridiculing me.


I huffed and turned around, sitting down against him.


“Won’t you come when I call you nicely? You’ll regret it if I go there, though?”


Wow, really.


It seemed that the threat he was making wasn’t just a threat.


I curled my lips, puffed out my cheeks, and stood up with a look of dissatisfaction.


Then I walked in front of him and glared at him with triangular eyes.


Even with my head up, I was barely below his waist, yet I didn’t feel intimidated in the slightest.


“I have to live with you from now on.”




“I have no interest in raising children.
So live as if you’re dead, huh?”




Hmph, I don’t have any interest in raising adults either!


I hugged the doll and just pouted while looking at it in a sulky way.




He’s 18 years older than me, and he’s so mean.


An adult who was 18 years older was threatening me, who was 18 years younger than him.


It’s fierce, how fierce.


Phew, but we can’t help but live together.


Even if I really want to reach Mom, I can’t do that anymore.




It was complicated with many thoughts running through my mind, but I calmly answered.


“If you know, go and ask for food.
Stop fooling around in front of me.”


“I already ate earlier, though…”


“Eat more.
Since you grew up and stopped somewhere.”


He jumped up from his seat and brushed his hair roughly.


Then he tucked his hands in his pockets carelessly and strode past me.




I sat down again.


It was as if a storm had raged.


We wouldn’t have lived together if it wasn’t for my mother’s will, well.


Grandpa likes me much, much more.


Without me, he’s meant to be short-lived, yet he treated me like this.


He has to press his nose very flat afterwards!


I won’t forgive him even

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