I puffed out my cheeks, realizing that he was pointing at my light blue collar.


“It’s not a bib, it’s a collar.
This represents the sky.
The dress is flowers, and the socks are originally grass, but there is no green, that’s why Zenda wants to do it with the grass that hit the eye.”


“I don’t care… Then why are your shoes black?”


Phew, Uncle.
You don’t know that either.


You don’t have the slightest bit of fashion sense.


His face crumpled, yet I concentrated on explaining.


“Uncle, you don’t even know that? It’s soil.
There must be soil for grass and flowers to grow.”


“So your hair is dark clouds?”




Shocked by those words, I stopped walking towards him.


…H-How can you say such harsh wordsㅡ


“Go back and ask Zenda to dress you in a decent way.”


To think that he said, ‘in a decent way’.
It’s so pretty, though!


I stamped my foot in anger.


“I-I’m going to wear this.  I heard that as long as I bring a handkerchief and a nice bag, I can wear whatever I want.”


Do as you please.”


Still, Uncle, who seemed uninterested, pointed at me with his finger, telling me to come closer.


“Uncle, did you see the present I gave you yesterday?”


“Did I see it, I wonder.”


“Huh? I asked Leto to put it on the desk, didn’t you see it?”


“Not sure, I think I saw it.”


He couldn’t even show it, so I stamped my feet and said urgently, fearing that he might have lost it.


“Look for it later, okay? I told Leto to put it in the middle of your desk, though? It’s a square box like this, but it has blue, purple, and yellow colors.”


“I’ll think about it.”


Although his tone is snarky, today Uncle was really cool.


It was similar to the uniform Mom wore every day to work, but there was more to it.


As I approached Uncle, he put something around my neck.


“Uncle, but what is this?”


I opened my eyes wide and looked at him.


What he gave me before going on a picnic to the Imperial Palace was a necklace.


However, the necklace was strange.


Something was written on an elongated rectangular gold plate that was almost the size of my two palms.


[Kassel de Leguier]


It said so loudly.


What the hell is this.


It wasn’t even my name.


“…It’s your uncle’s name.”


And why is the necklace so big?


I doubted it, yet Uncle rather tapped the necklace with his name on it with his finger and showed a satisfied expression.


“If it’s a bastard with eyes in the Empire, there’s no way they won’t know my name.”




“Don’t go running around like a puppy’s poop just because you put this on.
Show this to anyone who dares to jump at you.
Don’t make trouble.”


I held the flat, square-shaped pendant and looked back and forth between Uncle and the pendant.


It’s like a dog name tag…






“…It’s embarrassing.”


I’m not even a dog, so why are you asking me to wear something like this?


I wore pretty clothes at best, but I guess all people could only see a shiny gold necklace.


“You just go out and cause trouble, bothering people.”


“I won’t cause any trouble.
Can I take it off then?”






“Go to your room and get ready.
let go.”


“I’m all ready.”


“Then follow Gerard and go to the carriage first.”


“…Am I really going to do this?”


For real?


I don’t want this, though.


I prepared everything with pretty clothes, but what is this?


I tried to persuade him somehow, yet I kept my mouth shut because Uncle would put a bigger one on my back.


Still, a necklace is better than a gold turtle!


I was forced to wear a large gold necklace and reluctantly headed for the carriage.


Every time I walk, it seems to make a rattling sound.


It felt like everyone was looking at me, as well as Zenda, who was supposed to go with me.


She said that I would ride the carriage and share a lot of fun stories with Uncle, and that she would follow me.


I like riding the carriage with Zenda, yet somehow she was afraid of riding in the same carriage with Uncle.


Soon after, Uncle got on and the carriage started.


The carriage, which had been moving slowly through the garden, sped up as soon as it got on the road.


Fresh green leaves quickly brushed past us.


The sun was also high, and it seemed that even with the windows closed, I could smell the sunlight and the smell of grass.


I reached out my hand to catch the white cumulus clouds that were eagerly following us through the window.


“Does Uncle work in the imperial palace like Mom?”




“Mom went to the Imperial Palace every day, though.”


“Because she was the Prime Minister.”


I suddenly became curious.


What happened to the place after Mom was gone?


“Then who will do Mom’s job now?”


“The old man is in charge temporarily.”


I jerked my head away from the window.






Then isn’t Grandpa busy too?


Grandpa asked me to come and he would play with me anytime.


Come to think of it, there were times when Grandpa wasn’t there when I woke up in the morning, but he would still show up after a while if I looked for him.


Grandpa seems to be someone who can work faster than Mom.


“Then can I see Grandpa today?”


“I’m sure you will.”


After hearing that, I wished the carriage would run faster.


I Made a Friend.
Pretty and Kind!


We arrived at the Imperial Palace, which was gold and white everywhere.


Uncle got off first and I jumped off the carriage before he could even drop me off.


The large necklace jingled against the buttons.


Uncle opened his axe eyes for an instant, but I escaped with a, hehe laugh.


Then, holding on to the hem of Uncle’s clothes, I opened my mouth wide and tried to capture the palace at a glance.


“Uncle, it’s very big here.
Isn’t it?”


“Then follow me well.”




I grabbed his clothes and followed him eagerly.


Uncle has long legs, that’s why if I don’t follow him quickly, I’ll miss him instantly, yet today he was strangely slow.


The golden necklace sparkled in the sunlight.


Because of this, people passing by seemed to stare at me once in a while.


“Uncle, it seems like everyone is looking at me.”


“A walking peanut must seem strange.”


“I think it’s because of the necklace, though?”


“If you go quietly, no one will look at you.”


I pouted at those words.


“Uncle, why are some people wearing white and others wearing black?”


“It’s because each of their workplaces is different.
Well, to put it simply, departments that meet a lot of outsiders, no, people, wear white clothes.
The ones who do physical labor a lot are wearing a dark green uniform.”


Instead of Uncle, Gerard kindly informed me.


“Ah, Mom wore black.
Like Uncle, the gold rope runs like this.
Ah, and she wore white sometimes too!”


Most of the people who work in the Emperor’s Palace wear black.
She probably wore white to events or large gatherings.”


“I see.
It’s interesting.
Is there a yellow one too?”


“I’m not sure.
I don’t know about that.
Will they wear it at events? When I find out later, I will be sure to tell you.”


“Thanks, Gerard!”


Uncle walked through the halls of the palace and had several conversations with people in black uniforms.


After a while, he entered the large door following the guide to come inside.


“Uncle, where are we?”


“This is where you wait before your audience with His Imperial Majesty the Emperor.
I will be waiting here.”


“I’ll be waiting here too, Miss.”


“Zenda too?”


“Yes, the nice people inside will take care of you.
Miss, see you later.”


Uncle told me that originally, we could go in together, but today, he asked me to see him separately.


“Yeah, then see you later!”


When Uncle and I went somewhere alone, another short hallway came out.


I grabbed the tip of Uncle’s little finger and asked.


“Uncle, it’s difficult to meet His Imperial Majesty.
Isn’t it?”


“It’s because your legs are short.”


“T-They’re not.”


As if on an adventure, we passed through corridors and several spaces, and finally arrived at the meeting place.


Various snacks and food were already prepared on the table.


Even though it was indoors, there were many flowers and a large harp and musical instruments on one side.


The person who escorted us said that His Imperial Majesty was still taking care of business and that he would be a bit late.


His Imperial Majesty the Emperor was just like Mom, who was always busy.


At Uncle’s urging not to get into trouble, I walked around cautiously.


By the time I looked around, the door that had been firmly closed opened.


“Even though I set aside time in the morning, I was delayed.
I’m really sorry.”


It’s His Imperial Majesty the Emperor.

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