clothes and he pressed my head.


“I’ll be back soon, so stay calm.”




At the same time, I took Gerard’s outstretched hand.


Pretty Sister followed Uncle while fluttering the fan once more, as if she was greeting me.


Gerard said Uncle didn’t have a girlfriend, though.


Still, maybe…?




I flicked my hand and asked Gerard to bring his ear closer.


Gerard bowed deeply on his back.




“Is that sister Uncle’s friend? Girlfriend? She’s very pretty.
She has yellow hair and is wearing a yellow dress!”


Then Gerard burst into laughter.


“Absolutely not.”




“Yes, she’s not.
What they want is the same, they just go in the same direction.
Shall we sit at that secluded table over there?”


“Um… The fountain over there!”


Instead of where Gerard pointed, I pointed to the outdoor area connected to the terrace.


Compared to the central hall, it was more secluded and there were many small glowing lanterns, that’s why when I saw it earlier, I wanted to go there.


To be honest, even my gestures drew attention, so I had a desire to avoid them.


Now it’s not cold at all at night, so it should be fine.”


“Wow, Gerard! Can I climb the fountain?”


The dripping water glistened from the lanterns hung above it.


“If you do so, Miss’ clothes and hair will be wet, so no can do.
How about the table next to it?”


And if you go up to the fountain, I will die by Milord’s hands.


Gerard added, stopping me.


I can’t do that.


I brushed off my dress and sat down on the chair Gerard had brought me to.


It was a place where I could see the fountain from the front.


I looked at the large fountain where the water glistened as if possessed.


It wasn’t wet, but it felt cool enough that I could feel the water splashing on my face.


It would be fun to dive into that water.


I stretched out my hand out of regret and got hit by the water droplets bouncing from the fountain.


Then I turned my head around and suddenly there were many people outside the terrace.


There was also a group of people glancing in this direction.


I think it’s been a while, but Uncle isn’t coming.


Uncle said he’d be back soon, what a liar.


Maybe it’s because I finished eating earlier, I think I’m all digested, and I’ve seen all the fountains.


“Uncle must be busy.”


“It seems so.
He will be back soon, so can we go to the carriage first?”


“Mmm, no.
I’ll wait here, Gerard, can I eat that too?”


People were carrying cakes taller than me into the banquet hall.


I saw a grandfather wearing a chef’s hat like Grandma Sophie.


Everyone’s eyes were drawn to it, and exclamations poured out here and there.


The cake was white, that’s why it looked like a wedding dress was walking into the hall.


“That big cake?”


“Yeah! When I was a kid, I wanted to get buried in a huge cake like that and eat it.”


Then Gerard’s lips twitched.


“Pfft, how young were you?”


“Five years old? No.
I must be four years old!”


“…That was a very long time ago.
I’ll bring some.
Ah, by the way.
Mmm, if I had known this was going to happen, I would have brought Zenda.”


Gerard tried to move but hesitated.


“I’ll stay right here!”


Fortunately, a servant attending a banquet was passing nearby.


“Then I will ask that attendant instead.
I’m sorry, Miss.”


“Yeah! It’s nothing!”


Gerard was back in less than a minute.


As I swayed my feet next to Gerard, I swelled with anticipation for the sweet cake.


There was a loud exclamation along with the sound of applause from inside.


Seems like they’re cutting the cake!


Laughter broke out again.


Before long, the servant brought a large cake.


“I was a little late because there was a cake cutting ceremony.
But you said the Little Princess would eat it, so I asked for the prettiest top.”


The cake was topped with all sorts of fruit.


There were also pastel colored chocolate beads.


It looked like Zenda would scold me for eating it at night, but there was even a candle stuck on the cake.


“Thank you.”


“Thank you!”


I also greeted the servant, following Gerard.


The servant was surprised and smiled.


“No! It’s what I have to do.
Have a good time then.”


The servant nodded and walked away, then I quickly grabbed my fork.


“Gerard, here.”

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