“Not anywhere.
An important… important… important… Ah! It’s an important document!”


Suddenly I couldn’t remember the words, so I almost got into trouble.


As we were arguing for a while, someone knocked on the door.


“Milord, this is Leto.”


“Come in.”


Uncle was warning me not to think about stamping, but Leto came in.


However, he has some kind of uncomfortable gaze.


“A guest has come.”


“I didn’t have any appointments today.
Send them back.”


Uncle waved his hands roughly without giving the slightest second thought.


“It’s the daughter of the Green family.
She’s crying at the entrance asking to see you just once…”


“Why do you make me say it twice?”


Uncle’s voice grew cold.


“…I apologize.
I will send her back.”


“She must be crying in the carriage, anyway.
She’s not even falling out and crying on the ground, yet it’s a huge fuss.
Just send her back.”


“Yes, I will send her back right away.”


Leto nodded and left again.


I ate the ice cream with a spoon again.


The bottom was almost visible.
















I sat down, reaching out and tugged at the hem of Uncle’s clothes.


“Since I ate it all, let’s go to the flower shop.
I will give it to Grandpa and also Russphe.”


“Can’t we go tomorrow?”


Uncle gave off an annoying gesture.


Knowing that I’m going to the Imperial Palace tomorrow!


“Nasty Uncle… Scammer Uncle… Evil Uncle… Wicked Uncle… Ice Cream Pig Uncle… Hippo Uncle… Liar Uncle…”


I murmured, scratching the ice cream bowl with my spoon again.


Then Uncle raised a white flag saying, “Let’s go, just go.”


I grinned and got down from the chair.




I politely accepted Zenda’s dressing up for the outing.


I waited with my arms outstretched, yet she put on a gold plate necklace saying that it was the last one.


It was a gold necklace with my name written on it that Uncle had put around my neck the other day.


No, why does it seem bigger than last time?


“Now, that’s all done.
I’ll just look at the ribbon one more time.”


“Zenda, can we not do this? I hate name tags.”


Then Zenda made a troubled face.


“It’s just a necklace, though? And if we don’t do that, you’ll really get in trouble.
He said you must put it on when you go out.”


“Other people stare at me when I do this.”


“It’s not because of the name tag, it’s because Miss is cute.”


“Zenda just said it was the necklace.”




Zenda laughed bashfully, but it was too late.


At her earnest request, I had to get into the carriage with a gold plate jingling around my neck.


Uncle was dressed very lightly, a shirt and black trousers.


But he was so cool.


“You know, Uncle.
If you make this into a small name tag…”


“Get off?”




Uncle is really too much.
He threatens me every day.


I leaned on Zenda in relief only after the carriage door closed.


After passing through the garden and leaving the main gate, there was another carriage at the entrance of the main gate.


A woman was standing in front of the carriage.


I knew she was wearing a dress, but I couldn’t see her face very well.


Yet it blocked the front when our carriage came out, whether it was dangerous or not.


The carriage, which hadn’t yet accelerated, came to a halt.


I widened my eyes.


A woman ran to the side of the carriage.


“Marquis! This is Rosina Green.
I’m here to meet you! I want to apologize!”


It was a half-crying voice.


Perhaps because the carriage was high, all I could see was a wide-brimmed black hat with a flower on it.


Huh, this voice?


I think I heard it at a banquet hall.


Uncle pulled the rope and the carriage moved aside, then the wheels started rolling again.


They said to avoid something outside, and I heard a loud voice as if she had been caught by the front gate guard.


“Uncle, that person keeps calling…”


Uncle didn’t even look at the window, as if he wasn’t particularly impressed.


“Learn it right now.
How to dispose of garbage.”


I didn’t know what that meant, so I looked at Zenda and she covered my ears with both of her hands.


It’s presumptuous, but please use more refined words for the Miss.
As long as you trust me and leave her in my care, I will prevent you from harming her.”


Her voice had been significantly reduced by my ears covered, yet I still heard everything.


Zenda is cool!


And I decided to keep in my head the ‘garbage disposal method’ that Uncle showed me.


Ignore if the carriage is blocked.


I’ll have to ask Uncle later.


When Zenda lowered her hands from my ears again, Uncle sighed, saying that raising a kid is so hard.


At the same time, a cry followed from the outside asking to meet again.


The carriage left the woman and headed for the market relentlessly.


But can it really be like this?


Uncle really didn’t pay the slightest attention, so I soon lost interest too.




By the time I forgot what was in front of the front gate to look at the scenery through the window, the carriage stopped in front of the carriage depot near the entrance to the market.


Uncle got off first, and he immediately grabbed me by both of my armpits, then the market came into view at a glance.


A delicious smell wafted into my nostrils.


“Whoa, Uncle, look over there!”


I saw a person carrying a mountain of balloon-sized bread like a mountain in a cart and walking almost as if they were running.


The bread on top was being moved while staggering and holding on even though it looked like it was about to collapse.


It was like a stunt.


“You said you were going to the flower shop.”


Uncle reminded me of the reason I came to the market.


As soon as I nodded, I turned to the side.




If we go to the flower shop right now, I think we would just buy flowers and go home right away, though?


Perhaps Uncle would remain like that.


Even at the banquet hall, he really came only to do business!


Mom didn’t come out often, but there was one flower shop she went to.


We also bought flowers and went straight home, so I know exactly how to get to the flower shop from here, but…!


I wanted to visit the market.


Just like when I came with Mom, I didn’t want to go back after just buying flowers.


Now that I’m seven years old, I want to see the bigger world.


It’s about time, yes, yes.


It was also true that the words I heard at the banquet hall that Mom raised me while hiding me stayed in my mind.


Why did Mom hide me?


I never hid.


I’m really curious, but if I ask, Uncle will be angry again for getting reminded of what happened that day, so I’ll have to keep my mouth shut.


Yet that thought didn’t last long.


“Don’t run your tiny brain, take the lead.
We’re just going to buy flowers.”


It was because Uncle looked at me crookedly and threatened me.


Pretending to go to a flower shop and snorting where to go first, I had no choice but to cool down.


In fact, I wonder if Uncle has the ability to look into my head.


If not, how can he block everything I think!










“I’ve never been to the market before…”


I couldn’t come up with a good way to convince him.
This can’t be.


I groaned and looked up at Uncle with a teary face.


He twitched his eyebrows twice and let out a deep sigh.


“Let’s go, just go.”


Uncle’s clumsy permission fell.


Excitedly, I dragged Uncle into the market.




He shouldn’t have lost to the gloomy eyes.


He should have noticed when Aika’s eyes brightened.


Kassel swallowed deeply and touched his forehead.




“Oh, hello.
Little Miss! To think that I’m greeting a noble lady.”


“Mister, have a good day! Your hat is really cool!”


“Hm, hmmm? Good day! Your clothes are really dazzling!”


“Thank you!”


This is because she began to make eye contact and greet every merchant whom they passed by. 


If she pretended to be closer here, she would even introduce herself.


And, not knowing what was dangerous, she was putting a small snack in her mouth, which was offered by a merchant who greeted her.


“Would you like to try this, Little Miss?”


Kassel was right behind her, keeping her safe, so if they wanted to live their lives to the rightful, they wouldn’t give her anything dangerous.


“Thank you! Wow, so delicious! I think it’s the most delicious thing in the world!”


“Whew, you speak beautifully too.
Maybe it’s because you look like your dad, you really look like a doll! Gasp, t-that guy is.


The faces of the merchants who saw Aika’s gold plate name tag belatedly turned pale.

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