ng the most ridiculous among the dolls.


Among those many dolls.


It wasn’t a dog, nor a bear, nor a cat, but its fur was white.


Does that one also think wearing a necklace is the same as me?


Anyway, her taste was strange for once.


The owner, who was worried that he wouldn’t be able to raise sales, smiled brightly and pretended not to know when Gerard secretly said something.


The only person in the store who didn’t notice was Aika.




We really didn’t buy it!


I left the store in vain.


It was a little doll! Such a tiny doll, though!


Of course, there are hundreds of dolls in the house, but none of them look exactly like that one.


I have slept hugging each of the other dolls, so it was time for a new one.


It was perfect, though!


Uncle didn’t buy me anything, saying he had no money.




I’ll just ask him to exchange it for the necklace.


I shouldn’t have said I was just taking a look when I first entered.


I should’ve said I would pick just one item.


I should’ve listened to him yesterday.


No, if I hadn’t followed him to the banquet hall…


No, before that…


I gave up after biting his tail.


Although I tried begging Uncle again, it didn’t work at all.


I instinctively knew too.


He will never buy it for me this time.


I had no choice but to give up and head to the flower shop.


But Gerard was nowhere to be seen.


Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen him since we left the toy store.


“What about Gerard?”


“He’ll figure it out.”


“What if he gets lost?”


“Is he you?”


“He will follow us soon, Miss.”




I left my disappointment behind and went to the flower shop.


Hmm… But where did we need to go from here?


Because I only went to the flower shop each time, it was the first time I went after looking around the market like this.


It seemed like I would have to go back to the carriage rental to find my way.


However, it seemed that if I did that, Uncle would jump into the carriage and leave right away.


Clearly like that.


I held Uncle’s hand tightly and set out to find a similar distance as possible.


After wandering around a few times, I found the flower shop I always go to.


“Uncle, over there!”


I pointed to a flower shop with a small sign in the distance.


“Go ahead and buy it.”


Uncle pushed me and said.


“Is Uncle not going? I always bought flowers with Mom there.
There’s a very nice and pretty sister.”


“I told you earlier.
It’s annoying, so hurry up and buy it.
Zenda, take the kid and buy it on your own.”


Eventually, instead of Uncle, I joined hands with Zenda and headed to the flower shop.


“I wanted to go with Uncle.”


“He must be tired.
We’ll quickly buy it and go back.”


“Mm! Although I wanted to tell Uncle about that flower shop, I can’t.”


Next time, we really need to come here without stopping anywhere else.


I took Zenda’s hand and went to the flower shop.


“Welcome, uh, Aika…? How…”


“Hello, Sister!”


I greeted Pretty Sister whom I hadn’t seen in a long time.


I heard that a carriage accident was the trigger for Mom to get to know this flower shop sister.


Mom said that on her way home from work late, Sister, who was coming out of the alley, bumped into the carriage.


She was fortunately not seriously injured, but Mom provided treatment and lodging, she said, knowing that Sister had just moved up to the capital and had no place to stay.


Since then, as they continued to be close, Mom provided Sister with her shop, and Mom stubbornly insisted on her running a flower shop here despite Sister’s decline.


In fact, I haven’t seen Sister more than ten times in total, but every time I come, she welcomes me.


She always gave me one of the prettiest flowers that bloomed that day.


Sister, who spotted me, approached me, putting down the flowers and gardening shears.


Sitting on her knees in front of me, the flower shop sister stared at me for a long time.


How have you been?”


Somehow, it looked like she was about to cry.


I guess I know why Sister was making that face.


Because Sister was also close with Mom.

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