Another two days passed.


Except for the Imperial language teacher who couldn’t come that day, I was able to meet all other teachers on the promised date and time.


Etiquette teacher, Viscountess Lemonica, history teacher, Coyle Veneta, and math teacher, Professor Jean.
And my art teacher, Professor Rebecca.


Anyway, both yesterday and today, we just greeted each other and introduced each other for almost 30 minutes.


My Imperial language teacher told Zenda that she wouldn’t be able to leave her mansion for the time being.


It seemed like something big had happened.


So I changed to a completely different teacher, and I even heard that she would be coming in a few days.




“Are you ready-ing?”


“Mm, I’m ready!”


Looking at Serpens dangling from one shoulder, I burned my will with anticipation.


Today is the day for me to finally train my skills!


Serpens naturally became my supervisor.


“What did I say-ing? What is the most important thing-ing?”


I nodded and reviewed what Serpens had taught me.


“Don’t care about other people.
Put myself first, and don’t take a keen interest in just one person in particular.”


“Why must you do that-ing?”


“Else the field of thought will narrow and I can’t see any danger other than that person’s.”


“What else was there-ing?”


“When I’m in danger, I can’t recognize the danger myself, so really big things can happen.”


“And again?”


“My ability only when absolutely necessary.
I must know that I can’t save everyone, and give up what I can’t save myself.
Otherwise, it could be very disastrous.”




I wandered through the hallways, looking around to decide on my goal.


“You have to read the energy well first-ing.”


The reason why I saw the future on my own was because Serpens couldn’t wake up, but it said it was because I couldn’t read the energy.


Before seeing the future, there is always a premonition, yet I couldn’t catch it and I used to see the future at my own pace belatedly.




Regardless of the importance, I couldn’t see the future I wanted to see, and I saw the future of someone close to me all because of that.


So, in order to read the future of the person I want to save and the future of the person I want to find out, I have to awaken myself from reading the energy.


Serpens said that if this didn’t go right, I might not be able to see if something happened to Uncle right away.


I might not see the real danger and end up only seeing, say, his leg slightly sprained while one of the servants near him was emptying the trash can.


‘I have to protect Uncle.’


I clenched my fists.


Serpens said that its ability would become useless, and it told me to practice and practice diligently so that my ability wouldn’t become a trash.


Then, later, it told me that I can grow my power enough to see the future whenever I want to see only the people I want.


I don’t know when that will be.




I squinted my eyes and checked every passing servant.


“It’s all the same.”


“Look carefully-ing.
My eyes can see it-ing.”


“Yeah, it’s because you have that ability itself.
But why can’t I see it?”




Even my tone became strange as it kept whispering in my ears.


“Miss, good afternoon.”


After walking around the hallway for a while, Leto greeted me warmly and approached me from the other side.




“What are you doing here? Are you looking for something fun to do?”


“Mmm, that’s not iiit.
Where is Leto going?”


“I’m going to put the report on the desk in the office because the work the Master ordered is finished.”


Wearing white gloves, Leto showed me the straight papers.


I don’t know what it is, but words such as budget and total amount were written among the densely written letters.


“Huh? My name is also written here.”


It’s a budget for you.
It’s still hard for you, isn’t it?”


Seeing that there were an unusually large number of zeros next to my name, I sighed.


“I know this too.
Uncle says he’s losing his life because of me.
That’s why there are a lot of zeros, right?”


Leto’s eyes widened, and he burst into laughter.


“Pffft… cough.
The Master has been mischievous.
You can rest assured that that kind of thing will never happen.
Shall I show you more?”


“Mmm, no.
It’s fin…”


I stopped talking and blinked my eyes.




A red wave arose around Leto, just like red water was draining.


I could see it darkening and then brightening, as if sensing danger.


Startled, I looked up at Leto’s face.


I-I see that?


My Age Is 7 Years Old, the World Is Not Easy


That quick?


Serpens clearly already knew Leto’s future.


Otherwise… But then, what to do next?


I blinked and looked at Leto, but Serpens tapped my cheek with its cold nose.


“Now, do you see it-ing?”


Ah, w-w-wait! Right now won’t do, though?!


It was hard to see such fantasies in front of Uncle, but I couldn’t do that in front of Leto either.


This isn’t helping!


…Or so I thought, but nothing has changed in front of my eyes.


Huh? Why hasn’t it change


Beside me, Serpens whispered softly that Leto was still there and told me to let him go.


“You don’t have to show me! Leto, thanks!”


“Haha, it’s nothing.
See you then.”


Leto nodded and passed me.


“Now, look at the back-ing.”


As Serpens said, I turned around and saw Leto’s back.


It was then.


Again, like the last time, the vision began to change, procrastinating to see the illusion.


However, instead of completely changing, Leto’s walking image faded and visions began to appear.


It was an accident happening when Leto was on his way home from work.


Someone wearing a mask was chasing Leto.


He felt just like the man who was going to attack Grandpa.


That wasn’t the only problem.


The trail continued to Leto’s house.


Leto entered the house and only noticed it belatedly, but the view changed once more.


The next day.


Maybe his arm was broken, Leto had a thick bandage on one of his arms.


His face was bruised and hurt everywhere.


And the illusion disappeared from my sight.




Mom said so.


There are many dangerous people targeting the Valliot family, so we should be twice as careful as others.


There are many people who are jealous, so she said that I should never show off what I have unless they’re someone trustworthy.


But the future I’d just seen wasn’t the first time.


Perhaps there were more before then.


There must have been a lot of people hurt, and there must have been people who blocked it well even if I couldn’t see it.


However, Leto will get hurt if I leave the future I saw alone.


If he doesn’t get hurt, there’s no way he’ll appear in my fantasy.




I ran and grabbed Leto’s clothes.




“Leto, are you going home today?”


Then Leto said to me with a puzzled face.


“Yes, I suppose so? I have a room here too, but I’ve been busy with work lately, so I’ve been away for a long time.
I’m going to stay for the holiday and weekend.”


“Y-You can’t, though… C-Can’t you not go, Leto?”




Leto chuckled.


“Perhaps in case you miss me? When I come, I will buy you delicious cookies that you will like.”


You don’t have to buy it.
Can’t you just not go? Leto’s house is in danger today.
Can’t you go with Gerard tomorrow?”


I tightened my grip on Leto’s clothes.


“Ah, is it because you’re worried that I might be in danger when I go home from work at night? It’s fine.
I’ll take a good look around so that you don’t have to worry.”


“No… Leto, then you don’t have to do that, t-take a lot of escort knights with you.
You really can’t, today.”


How can I tell him the reason?


It seemed that this reckless attitude would only work with Uncle, but not with Leto.


And for no reason at all, he might be suspicious.


Even Uncle won’t listen unless I persuade him.


I quickly shook my head to see if there was anything useful among the things I had seen recently.
A grunt sound came out.


At that moment, my mind flashed.


‘Ah, the newspaper I saw today.’

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