Chapter 4 – Large Mansion

The carriage crossed the border and went into a neighboring country.
As the director also pointed out, Bianca seemed to be a foreigner.

After driving the carriage through the night, they reached their destination before dawn.
Beyond the majestic gateway, a breathtakingly grand mansion emerged in the darkness.
Lights filtered through the windows with servants awaiting their arrival.

Its size was greater than that of the monastery.
It was unbelievable that she was the daughter of the owner of such a massive mansion.

When the front door opened, the maids waiting for Bianca came out in droves and tended to her.
In no time at all, her body was cleaned.

A simple meal and soup were sent to her bedroom after she was led there.
It was a sandwich with thin slices of grilled chicken, tomato, and lettuce.

While it looked luscious and visually appetizing, inexplicably, it didn’t stimulate her craving.
It seemed that she had grown accustomed to the plain meals at the monastery.
After taking a slice, she drank a cup of tea.
Since it would be a disservice to leave food unfinished, she made a mental note to consume the remainder later.

The maids here would handle everything for her.
For Bianca, who was used to doing things on her own, it was rather irritating and embarrassing.

Later, she thought she should get some rest.
Lying down on the opulent bed with a canopy, Bianca dreaded going to sleep.
Her nerves were so tense that she expected to have difficulty falling asleep, but contrary to her expectations, she slept soundly.


“Bianca, may I have your time?”

It was late in the afternoon when her brother, Satias, came into her room to call her over.

“What is it, Brother?”

Even though they had spent a night together in the carriage, she was still nervous.

“Why don’t you take a look around the mansion? It might jog your memory somewhat.
Of course, if you’re worn out, there’s no need to push yourself.”

Her brother did not smile at her.
She nonetheless decided to go with him since she did not feel at ease being by herself in the room.

This wasn’t the main house; rather, it was a villa on the estate, according to her brother’s account.

“Normally, we live in a townhouse in the royal capital.
This place is used for the social circle, and this villa has a favorable reputation.”

While receiving such an explanation, they arrived at the hall.
The floor was polished immaculately, and a broad chandelier reflected the afternoon rays of the sun.

“This is the ballroom.
When you went missing, a ball was being held here.”

She followed her brother across the hall, which had glass walls.
The mirrors reflected one another, creating the illusion that the space was broader.
What a grand and mystifying space.

Satias elaborated on what life was like back then, describing how an orchestra would perform musical entertainment, some would waltz, and others would sip champagne and light refreshments while chatting with each other.
In the absence of her memory, Bianca found it challenging to conjure images of these scenes.

It was incredulous that she was the daughter of such a distinguished aristocrat.
She felt like she was bewitched by a fox.

“The door on the right leads to the card room.”

Despite being informed of the guests invited that day, she could not make out any of them.

Subsequently, she accompanied her brother to the huge overhanging balcony at the front of the building.
The sky was a brilliant shade of blue, and the refreshing ocean breeze swept through the curtains, revealing the sea.

At her brother’s prompting, she stepped onto the huge overhanging balcony.
While the view was spectacular, it only exacerbated her mood inscrutable.
With each step she took, the darkness in front of her eyes intensified.
Beyond the fence was a precipice.
The moment she laid eyes on it, terror immediately overcame her, sending her blood tingling down her spine.

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