u want to go back to that impoverished monastery? That place is for the commoner, not for the daughters of the nobility.”

Her brother was startled.

“I was going to become a nun there.
Is it possible for me to go back there now?”

“No, it is impossible.
There are other monasteries for aristocrats, and above all, our father will not approve of it.”

After saying this, Satias regarded Bianca with a fixed gaze.

“Bianca, you’ve changed.
Are you really that Bianca? If it weren’t for the color of your eyes, I could hardly believe it.”

“I knew it; you’ve got the wrong person, right?”

Bianca looked at her brother expectantly.

“No, you’ve shed a ton of weight, but your face and the color of your eyes are the same.
The vermilion eyes are a rare color that occasionally appears in the Kesler family.”

When Bianca noticed her brother’s assertion, she was disappointed.

“In any case, you mustn’t mention that you want to become a nun in front of our father.”

His eyes were slightly concerned as he stared at Bianca.

“Why?” Bianca tilted her head curiously.

“You’re marrying for the family.
That is how an aristocratic girl is supposed to conduct herself.
Our father would be infuriated if you announced your desire to join a monastery.”

It was disheartening to hear that, but then she reconsidered the possibility of joining a monastery after the marriage.
In that monastery, there were some divorced and widowed women.

“Speaking of which Brother, I was rescued by fishermen on the beach, but how did I end up washed up in that place?”

“That’s because you fell into the sea…”

Satias hesitated to say.

“Fell into the sea? From where?”

“From the balcony where you felt sick earlier…”

“Huh? Ehー! How could I have fallen from such a place and survived!”

Bianca interrupted her brother in shock, exclaiming.

“You excel in wind and water magic.
Such people are favored with the blessings of spirits.
That may have saved your life.”

Despite feeling she had heard this somewhere before, her memory failed her, and thus she could not grasp the meaning.
Furthermore, now that she couldn’t remember anything, Bianca couldn’t even cast any magic.

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