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“Good grief, Brother, are you even listening to me?” she spoke furiously, and her brother, who had been expressionless, suddenly burst out laughing.

“Haha, Bianca, that’s funny.”

Bianca was desperately complaining about her predicament, yet her brother laughed aloud.

“Well, that’s a horrible thing to laugh at!”

Bianca’s eyes were brimming with tears of frustration.

“I understand.
When I have time, I’ll teach you.”

For the first time, she heard her brother refer to himself as “I.” And although her eldest brother seemed to be expressionless, it seemed that he could also laugh.

“Then enlighten me, right off the bat.”

Bianca leaned forward as if she would not let him get away, and with that, he said, “Okay,” so readily that it was hard to miss the beat.

“And also, Bianca, don’t speak ill of the family in front of the servants.”

Her brother warned her.

“It’s not like I’m badmouthing them.
This is a complaint.
It’s so painstakingly harsh that it’s overflowing.
Is there a church near this mansion? I think it would calm me down a little if I prayed.”

“You are a chatterbox, aren’t you? It seems as if you are rebounding from not talking before.
Don’t go to church now.
You are a nobleman’s daughter.
You can’t afford to be out and about.
I am reluctant, but I’ll listen to your complaints from time to time.”

Her brother let out a wry smile.

“I see that aristocrats are inconvenienced in various ways.
By the way, was I not the type to speak in the past?”

Bianca tilted her head.

“You and I have never had more than the necessary amount of conversation.”

“Well, is that so, aren’t I stressed out by all of this?”

Her brother turned away from her with a huff as Bianca widened her eyes.
His shoulders were slightly trembling.
He appeared to be suppressing a fit of laughter.

“Aren’t you and Julian chatting a lot, though?” Her brother responded while maintaining a cool head; his bursts of laughter rapidly subsided.

“Indeed, Brother Julian is easy to talk to.”

The second brother was carefree and unreliable.
Should he hear a complaint, he would say, “Well, even if you said that to me,” and then escape with a smile on his face.

After that, she studied with her eldest brother for a while before retiring to her bed.
Perhaps because she hadn’t conversed with Satias in a considerable amount of time, her anxiety didn’t rear its ugly head that day, allowing her to drift off to a pleasant sleep.
It seemed that she was settling into her room, which did not suit her preferences.

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