and Ilir did not take the initiative to call him.
They were well aware of Zero’s racial characteristics.

When they returned to the manor, as soon as Qiao Xingnan stepped into his room, his whole body relaxed.

Uncle Ster, who stayed in another room, had long since returned from the act at this time.
Hearing the commotion of his master’s return, he took the initiative to go to Qiao Xingnan’s room.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Qiao Xingnan slumped on the bed.
Ster was just about to say something when his new master hurriedly sat upright and made him sit next to him, “Uncle Ster, I was just about to go to you.”

Seeing this, Ster did not press his etiquette at his new master but looked at him with some confusion, “My master, is there something wrong?”

“It’s important.” Qiao Xingnan touched his nose: “Tomorrow, I’ll go with you to ‘refine’ the magic scroll.
After the ‘refining’ is done, I need to re-summon a new person.”

Ster held up his gold-framed glasses, the long golden chain waved slightly, and his expression was gentle: “If I remember correctly, the master had told me this morning that the ‘refining success’ would be delayed and that you would postpone summoning the newcomer by a few days.”

Qiao Xingnan sighed.
The plan could not catch up with the changes.

“I was the one who didn’t consider it well before.”

They really don’t have enough manpower.
To be precise, they don’t have enough manpower for high combat power.
Of course, Qiao Xingnan was prepared for the card drawn this time to also not be high in combat power.

If not, they just have to continue making up the script themselves, but if the card drawn happens to have a high combat power, then their disguise will be even more unbreakable.

After telling Zero and Ster the decision, Qiao Xingnan took Zero the next day and followed Ster to the room where the boxes were kept.

The knights who were monitoring them were stationed outside the door.

Qiao Xingnan raised his hand and exchanged the remaining two boxes directly into gold coins.

The two boxes of low-grade magical beasts were able to be exchanged for two hundred gold coins.

Now, he had a total of 1,304 gold coins plus three silver coins.

Qiao Xingnan opened the system panel, and the countdown for the card draw counted down minute by minute, with nineteen days left.

After this card draw, perhaps they will have to wait for a free draw for the next card draw.

Qiao Xingnan looked at his money with reluctance.

On the side, 035 received a notification when the system panel opened.
Its eyes lit up and quietly appeared beside them without anyone knowing.

It’s coming! Finally, it’s here!

Host, you can rest assured to draw a card.
035 will help you secretly!

In fact, secret manipulation in the star field is very common.
After all, some hosts have amazing luck and are all SSR, while others have no luck and all draw N.
This really affects the balance of the star field card pool.

Therefore, there has been a subtle rule that if the host’s luck was too bad, the system responsible can quietly help.

Of course, there are limits to this help.
For example, if you have a dark box, you must wait for two card draws before doing another dark box operation.
Also, when you help, you have to pay attention to the balance of the rules.
The system can’t have all SSR cards in the dark box.

Considering that the host has already been so miserable, the cards that 035 gave the host for this dark box were carefully selected.

There were three SSRs, two SRs, and one R.
Apart from the R card that was used to balance the number, the other cards were all good in terms of combat power, intelligence, and temperament.

Of course, this specifically refers to the SSR, while the remaining two SRs are just so-so.

035 floated in the air, puffing its transparent ball belly, cheering for its own host.
Go for it! Host, draw the card.
The SSR is yours!!!

Qiao Xingnan was still looking at his gold coins.
These gold coins, which he hadn’t even kept for a few days, were all gone.

He looked at Uncle Ster and Zero next to him.

Gritting his teeth, he finally closed his eyes and clicked on the card draw.

[Card draw in progress, please wait for a moment.]

With the disappearance of a thousand gold coins, a red light flashed.
Qiao Xingnan’s heart lifted up, and he clenched his fist.
No matter what, as long as the force value is higher, it will be good to protect the three of them.

Perhaps Qiao Xingnan’s wish was heard.
In the next second, a strong fragrance of wine wafted through the air, followed by the crisp tinkling of gold coins, mixed with the sound of mingling and clinking of glasses.

This special effect has never been seen before.

Qiao Xingnan gulped and was a little nervous.

Not to mention the host, even 035 also followed with some nervousness.
Is it the SSR that can control the shadow and has strong combat power, or is it another SSR with beauty and healing, or the SSR with a high IQ? If not, the remaining two SR demon couple cards will also work.
No one dares to mess with the demon couple!

In the eyes of the tense and nervous crowd, a pure white thin sword fell from the shadow of the red light and collided with the floor with a crisp sword sound.

Ster froze at the sound.

Floating in the air, 035 saw a sword thrown out of the Chaos card pool and was confused.

Only Qiao Xingnan’s face flushed red with excitement as he excitedly wrapped his arms around Zero’s neck.

With a sword!

“Anyone, have you seen my sword?”

A man dressed in white stumbled and stepped out.

His silver-white hair sliced through the air, and his body landed directly on the ground with a heavy thud.

Although it was not so obvious, everyone present could hear him belch with the smell of alcohol.

[Ding, congratulations on drawing [Drunkard Ruiert – Human (R Card Level 1)]

The system almost lost its breath: ……

Ahhhhhhh, R card! How did the host get that one R card?!

Not an N card, but an R card!!

Qiao Xingnan’s golden eyes shone brightly.
An R card just like Uncle Ster! And it’s even a card that uses a sword! He’s got lucky again!!


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