“Okay… It should be.”

And for two days, he suffered from unknown guilt and headaches.
But that night when he heard the news that Edith had woken up, he was awakened by a suspicious human being who had got into his bedroom and interrupted his light sleep.

‘What? Is it an assassination?’

As he tried to reach for the dagger he had hidden under his pillow, the next moment he noticed that it was Edith who had broken into his room.
The light scent of roses let him know that it was her before the sound of her footsteps.
Curious about what happened to the person who fainted and barely woke up that night, he let Edith do it.

Edit sneaked up to the bed and stood there for a while.
Just when he thought that it was an assassination, Edith slowly lowered her body.
Sensing the smell of her sweet flesh, Killian almost forgot to breathe.
And Edith, who hesitated for a moment, kissed him lightly, what made him feel anxious.

A light kiss that didn’t even come in between the lips, and wasn’t strong.
If he had been in a deep sleep, it probably would have passed by without him noticing.

The moment Edit kissed him, Killian opened his eyes in surprise.
Then he looked at Edith, who was standing right in front of him with her eyes closed and only their lips touching.
Her long brown eyelashes quivered, and her thin eyelids slowly opened at the same time as her lips fell.
But Edith wasn’t too surprised to see Killian open his eyes.
As if she knew he would wake up…

“Mi, I’m sorry.
That… I’ll go back on my own.

Killian couldn’t leave Edith, who said she would go back, leaving only a futile kiss.

‘As expected, the rumor that she uses her body as a weapon seems to be true.
She seems to be at a disadvantage, so she’s trying to seduce me with her body, right?’

The guilt he had felt for an unknown reason evaporated in an instant, and a heat that he did not know whether it was anger or excitement surged up from his lower stomach.
It was embarrassing, but on the other hand, he thought that he would like to explore that feeling.
Before he could think of anything else, he was already holding onto Edith’s forearm.

“You pretended not to be, but now you’re so horny that you can’t even play?”

No, estrus was what she was doing herself.
It was probably a violent, one-dimensional desire.
He knew it, but as usual, he rebuked Edith and pushed her.

“No, I just kissed…”

Killian hurriedly knocked Edith onto the bed, who was trying to protest timidly.

‘She was going to go back after kissing me, where did she come up with such a ridiculous excuse…’

Killian snorted at her, determined that he would check carefully what this woman was doing.

“Well, try to satisfy me as the flower snake of Rigelhofs.
You can’t know.
Will I even get tempted?”


Killian took off Edith’s gown, who looked embarrassed, and he put his hand inside the hem of her spittle, which he had felt since the last time.
Her smooth thighs quivered at his touch.

“Key, Killian! Can you do this?”

“If is it okay to do this? What are you asking?”

“No, so… I… A-ar, are you okay?”

Killian’s hand stopped.

‘So, even though she knows that I love Lise, this woman doesn’t mind it enough to worry about my situation?’

He clenched his teeth At the same time, the desire to flatten Edit’s bridge of the nose also rose.
He started stroking Edith’s soft skin again.

“That’s not what I’m asking.
Aren’t you the one who crawled into my bed in the middle of the night because you’re confident?”

Then he swallowed Edith’s lips as if he would not allow any more thoughts.
He had no intention of just rubbing his lips tickling like Edith had done in the first place.
Killian felt the excitement made his hair stand on end as he found something sweet and soft between her soft, warm lips.
So, without realizing it, he became deeply immersed in kissing.
Edith’s breath, lips, tongue, and saliva, which should have been disgusting, were ridiculously sweet and fragrant.

“Eup, oops!”

Edith, who couldn’t breathe properly and was flustered, struggled and finally lifted her lips.
Seeing this, Killian laughed as if it were ridiculed.

‘Hmph, pretending to be innocent.’

And in his spirit of provocation he took her hand and laid it on his own breast.

“It would have been a pity to just peek at it every time, but take this opportunity to take a good look at it.
You can even touch it.”

“Uh, how did you…!”


It was worth seeing Edith’s expression as she couldn’t open her eyes as wide enough to her open mouth.

Killian thought he was crazy, but he held her hand and made her touch his upper body.
It was something he forced her to do, but Edith didn’t try to get her hands off him, either.
It gave him goosebumps as a thin, soft hand, unlike his, brushed over his sunburnt skin.
It was an action to embarrass Edith, but his throat was dry.

“…Are you satisfied?”

“Yes? Ah… that’s it… yes…”

It was strangely pleasant to see Edith, who couldn’t take her eyes off his body even in the midst of her surprise.
He felt as if he was making fun of an innocent lady.
He couldn’t stand Edith touching his body as he let her touch it with her mouth slightly open, so he buried his lips on the thin white nape of her neck.


Edith breathed in with a strange noise, but even that was cute now.

‘If Edith Rigelhoff is cute, I must be crazy.’

Indeed, his head was dizzy at the warm body temperature and the rising scent of roses.
He definitely thought it was a vulgar and disgusting smell, but why was it so good now? He felt like going crazy.
Around her neck the ruby necklace he had bought for her was still there.
The red ruby, like a drop of blood on her white nape, suited Edith well.

Even now, he couldn’t forget the tension when Edith puts her hair back together and gently entrusted him with her neck.
Thanks to her, even his hands trembled as he put on her necklace.
He thought she would be rude about buying her a cheap thing, but she had been wearing this necklace ever since.
For some reason, he felt a tickle in his stomach, so he kissed Edith’s hollow clavicle, where the Ruby touched, and then moved downward, pressing his lips together.

“Ah…! Killian…”

Something snapped somewhere in his head as Edith called his name anxiously.
After that, Killian couldn’t control himself either.

It was just the beginning of a night dominated by passion, instinct, hot body temperature and slippery sweat.

* * *

…did… She did it… And now she was hiding under Killian’s blanket.

“I am not feeling well today.
Get some bath water ready.”

“Yes, young master.”

The maid, who was not shaken even after hearing Killian’s order, which was completely different from usual, prepared a bathtub by the window of Killian’s room with two other maids after a while.
They covered the side of the bathtub with a blanket, prepared towels and gowns, and bowed their heads as they retreated.

“Well, can you walk…”

“I can.”

“Ah… yes…”

It was embarrassing to have a moment like this in the bright sunlight, apart from what happened at night.
Not knowing where to put her hands and eyes, she ended up burying her face in her hands.

Her heart skipped a beat and she heard a low laugh.
The vibration seemed to grip and shake her heart.

“Tell me if it’s too hot.”

He hugged her and slowly sat her down in the bathtub.


As she sat in the hot tub, she let out a moan of satisfaction.
Again, a small chuckle was heard.

“The first night you fell asleep sitting in the bathtub by yourself.
You seem to like bathing in the bathtub quite a bit?”

“Ah, haha, yes, well…”

Killian gently washed her, put her in a gown, and dried her with a towel.

“You’d better get some rest for a few days.”

“I guess… I guess so.”

After a passionate night and even washing herself, she had no idea what feelings he had for her.
It didn’t seem like he’s going crazy, so he wouldn’t suddenly say he loved her, and she wondered if something he’d been holding back toward Lise might have exploded.
Although she became a substitute for Lise, she was not miserable.
That was because she was a woman of a tolerable level.

She’s doing this with the most handsome and sexiest guy by her standards, and she couldn’t help but hate that.
She didn’t expect anything emotional from this man, but he’s strangely kind today, so her heart melted, a bit.

‘It’s a huge change compared to the wedding day when he didn’t want to touch my fingertips.’

She smiled for no reason when she remembered the image of him putting on a ring with a hard expression like a stone.
After drying her hair thoroughly, he made her wear bedclothes, and then had her outside maid call Anna.

“You seem to have a slight fever, so as soon as you return to your room, cover yourself with a blanket and rest.”

“Yes, Thanks.”

They looked at each other, hesitated, thinking they should say something more, and then parted ways.
SheI returned to her room unnoticed by Anna, who had picked her up, but she couldn’t understand the whole series of events from last night and earlier.

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