‘That’s why your stomach hurts because your friend who was worse off than you is doing better now, isn’t it?’

The current Duke Ludwig and Count Rigelhoff have been rivals since childhood.
However, at that time, Count Ludwig, who had less prestige than Count Rigelhoff, was given the title of Duke after making a big contribution in the war.
And Count Rigelhoff believed that the duchy had been stolen from the Rigelhoff family.

“Originally, it was a title that our grandfather was going to give to our family because of his great achievements.
But they stole it! Even the emperor is foolish.
To give the dukedom to such bastards!”

Yes, well, the feeling was understandable.
But why should she be the scapegoat for that revenge? According to the memory that had just arisen, she was getting married to the Duke of Ludwig as a bait to hide the black feelings of Count Rigelhoff, and the Count knew very well that if things went wrong, she would be blown away from her head.

‘Why is my family like this in the past or present life? Am I wrong?’

It was so absurd that she felt like she was about to burst into tears, but she held it back.
It wasn’t a family that comforted their daughter when she cried.
Still, she was not without hope.
After all, she would be leaving this house in a week anyway, and she would have to find a way to live in the Ludwig family, the main setting of the original story.

‘Yes, in the early stages of romance, possessed by an evil woman, there is always a crisis! I can live as long as I don’t do it like Edith did in the original work!’

She made up her mind and prepared for the evening meeting between the two families.

* * *

Although she had strengthened her fighting spirit, she was fed up with the majesty of Duke Ludwig’s residence, which was no different from a castle.
Count Rigelhoff’s family was enough to make her eyes go round, but now that she was in a duchy, it’s another level.

Winning the war with the neighboring country must have been a huge deal, and the mansion was enormously large and luxurious.

‘The Ludwig family, who lived less than themselves, received a mansion like this, so Count Rigelhoff had to roll his eyes…?’

The difference was big enough to make her think so.
Besides, the mansion was not the only one received.
She didn’t know, but she was sure they got more things like estates and chests of gold coins.
Anyway, it wasn’t that important to her.

‘It’s more important to not get hit even if I block the negotiations today.’

Count Rigelhoff was trying to negotiate with her to send some of their maids.
Of course, it’s not because he was worried about her safety or her life.
The maids he wanted to send in with me were all mercenaries trained in assassination and theft.

‘Can I call such people maids in the first place?’

In particular, Sophia, the maid closer to her, who brought in the washing water, was quite a favored subordinate, and was in charge of her escort and surveillance at the count’s residence.
She used honorifics with her, but in terms of power within her earldom, she was above her.

‘And she’s also the person who helped Edith in most of the evil deeds she committed in the original work.’

It was said that just not taking Sophia into it would make her life considerably safer.
She took a slow, deep breath so as not to show her nervousness, and followed the Count Rigelhoff and her brother, Shane Rigelhoff.

“The Count of Rigelhoff, the successor to the count, and Miss Edith Rigelhoff have arrived.”

With the butler’s polite introduction, they were ushered into a large dining room.
On one side of the large, elongated table were the members of the Ludwig family.

‘To see in person the characters that I had guessed from the writer’s description!’

When she saw the people of Count Rigelhof, she didn’t think much of it, but when she faced the main characters in the work, she was amazed and thrilled.

‘That person is Duke Axel Ludwig, next to him is Duchess Jocelyn Ludwig, and… and… That’s Cliff, the male lead!’

He is very handsome.
Gold eyes with black hair.
It’s cool when it’s expressionless, but it’s a beauty that looks like it’s going to melt away when you smile.
How about his well-muscled body! Her eyes glazed over his clothes, and her saliva flowed.

‘He is the most handsome man I have ever seen.
My heart hurts.’

However, Cliff was a man only for the female lead, Lize.

The person she was going to marry was next to Cliff… Oh, my God!

Cliff has just been demoted to being the second most handsome man she had ever seen.

‘… Now I know for sure why Edith hanged herself.’

Killian Ludwig was a handsome man with dark hair and mysterious gray eyes, somewhat rebellious.
He didn’t have a single frown, but his cool eyes clearly show the displeasure he felt, and his nose and jawline were straight and sharp as if they were cut… Overall, his face was more sensitive than Cliff’s.
His physique was similar to Cliff’s, with a broad chest, a slender waist, and strong thighs… Ah, this seems to sexualize the male leads too much…

Anyway, she would just say that it seemed that her unjust death in my past life has been rewarded with just the pleasure of her eyes today.
And her final visual impact was from the heroine Lise Sinclair.
Even though she was not a member of the Ludwig family, Lize, who attended the dinner, was so dazzlingly beautiful that the description in the novel, ‘Like the goddess of spring,’ fit perfectly.
Bright blonde hair that seemed to float on its own, eyes that looked like the blue seawater of Jeju Island – it’s a pity that her expressive power was this much -smooth and soft-looking white skin, and a delicate body that she wanted to protect even though she was the same woman… 

‘This is the dignity of the female lead of romance!’

It was so beautiful that it took her breath away.
Wow, she had to forcefully shut her mouth because she thought an exclamation would come out without her knowledge.
But perhaps she was the only one who was mesmerized by Lize’s beauty, and Count Rigelhoff’s brow furrowed disapprovingly.

“You worked hard to come.
I prepared veal because Edith likes it, but I hope it suits your taste.”

“You care so much, I feel so reassured as the father of the bride… only.”

At Duke Ludwig’s polite greeting, Count Rigelhoff’s words slackened.

“Wasn’t it that only the families of the two families were to attend this event?”

Cliff and Killian’s faces turned cold at the question of Count Rigelhoff, who was obviously uncomfortable with Lize’s presence.

Ugh, guess who wasn’t the male leads?

“Lise is already a child like our family.
Since she will continue to see her face anyway, it would be better for her to say hello in advance, so I asked her to come down.”

Duke Ludwig explained, but he didn’t look too happy either.
It was clear that he would not let her go if he held on to one more word.

‘Why are you doing this already!’

From the beginning, she was trying to get rid of it quickly before the board broke, but Lize opened her mouth first.

Also, it’s not my place…”

“Rize, there is no reason for you to be sorry.
You are my family.
The one who doesn’t understand that doesn’t deserve to be in our family.”

Killian grabbed Lize’s wrist as she tried to leave.
In the original work, it was written that Edith’s eyebrows were raised fiercely here.
It’s a situation that deserves it.
But she didn’t mean to at all.
She had to look good for Lize to save her life, and when she saw the pretty girl, she wanted to get close to her.

“What the Duke and Killian said is right, father.
When I get married, I’ll keep running into her anyway, so what’s wrong with saying hello in advance now?”

She didn’t know if she laughed properly because she was nervous, but she did her best anyway.
Count Rigelhoff nodded his head broadly at what he was thinking and smiled kindly.

“Well, Miss Lize is like Killian’s ‘little sister’.

Wow, no matter how you look at it, this is ‘mecking’.
Count Rigelhoff had noticed that the two sons of the Ludwig family were infatuated with Lize.

She was nervous inside, but Killian didn’t answer and looked away.
Killian avoided the question without saying yes, only Lize looked at him in embarrassment.

“Then let’s start the dinner.”

Duke Ludwig ventilated the atmosphere as if he would not allow any further disturbance, and the servants who were waiting began to serve delicious food.

If you sit still, the luxurious menu created by the best chef would be placed right in front of you.

She was worried that Count Rigelhoff would tremble again, but he was very cultured and polite in front of her, probably because everyone was a ‘smile and stick a knife in the back’ player.
But that was nothing more than a façade.
As the second glass of wine was served, Count Rigelhoff slowly brought up the subject.

“By the way.
I have no doubt that the ducal family will take care of our Edith, but it is not comfortable to send a daughter with her parents in her arms.”

Count Rigelhoff looked at her with a sad look, then turned his gaze back to Duke Ludwig and his wife.
Duke Ludwig also nodded his head with an expression of ‘Is it finally starting?’

“I fully understand that feeling.
But don’t worry too much.
I will take care of it myself to ensure that she does not lack in any of anything.”

“Oh, how could I ask the Duke for such a favor? I just want to send away a few of my child’s maids.
Maybe the maids she had had for a long time will suit Edith’s taste well.”

The crisis has finally arrived.
However, Duke Ludwig seemed to be a quick-witted person, so he paused without answering right away.
Well, even Edith would be seen as a spy for the Rigelhoff family, but it would not have been straightforward to hear that Count Rigelhoff would let in more people of his own choosing.

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