“Oh, Killian! Were you waiting for me?”

“Where are you coming from?”

“I’m on my way after visiting Lise.”

Hearing that she had been with Lise, Killian nodded his head slightly.
Was this also a scoring point? Killian went on the other side and went on a non-essential topic.
Things like the weather or news from the duchy.
Then, subtly, he changed the subject to something about her.

“By the way… How about increasing your exercise a bit for your health? I heard that you take a walk in the morning, but in fact, it would be nice to take a walk around the garden path once after eating.”

“Ah, is that so?”

To be honest, she probably ate a little too much after she started starving, and she couldn’t stop herself from gaining weight even with the romance novel world buffs.
Even so, it’s to the extent that the side meat was slightly caught…

“It changes the mood and prevents one from gaining weight.”

“Do I look fat?”

“Mmm, yes.
You seem a little fatter than before.”

Killian’s words shocked her.
If Killian, who is not interested in her, had noted that she had gained weight, how much did she gain?

She jumped up.

“In that case, it would be better to walk for a bit.”

“I will go with you.”


“You’re taking a walk, so you need an escort?”

In an instant, her spine tightened.

“Ah… But now that I think about it, Killian’s remark just now is a bit insulting.
I gained weight, and then you told me how much I gained and that I need to exercise…”

“Oh no, I don’t mean that!”

“I won’t go for a walk today.
I’ll do it next time.”

She could see Killian clenching his molars.
Wow, she almost got caught in a surprise exam. 

If she clung to him like she did earlier, his gaze at her would have become very cold, right?

“I think my expression has been misunderstood.
It was more like that you lost a lot of weight before, not that you had gained enough weight to lose weight.”

“Ah, I see.
I’m sorry for the misunderstanding too.
But I don’t feel like going out that much.
Of course, thank you for caring about my health, Killian.”

Paste a little thank you note.
Wasn’t this a good answer?

“…All right.
See you next time.”

Do your best today too!”

She saw him off with a smile and a service mindset.

‘Whoa, today’s test passed!’

Taking advantage of the gaps Anna wasn’t looking at, she danced for joy by herself, and suddenly she remembered Killian’s eyes staring at her and stopped.
It was as if something was going to break at any moment.

‘It’s clear that the high ground is not far away now!’

It will be the end of doubt.
It’s probably because he’s testing her with the mindset of ‘I can’t do this, but if it were this woman, she’d think she’s right and run to me.’

‘If I get over this hurdle, then can I have tea with Killian? I want to eat together, take a walk…’

Would he treat her like a person when he realizes she was not the lascivious, boisterous woman that rumors say? She was really sad.

* * *

She was always nervous because she was going through Killian’s ‘test’, but if there was time to control her mind during that time, it was definitely the time she was working in Renan’s office.
Renan’s office, cool even in summer and full of the smell of paper, was one of her favorite places in the mansion.
She especially liked the warm silence.

Contrary to his initial introduction of being stingy with his compliments, Renan complimented her more often than she expected.
In fact, it was not difficult for her to sort the papers by date and organize the scattered contents into one sheet, but Renan said she handled it neatly and meticulously, he said in passing.

She found peace of mind in those words that were not excessive, but acknowledged her hard work.
But today, even that seemed difficult.

“Killian? Why are you here?”

When she went to work, she found Killian sitting in the middle of Renan’s office.

“Is there any reason why I shouldn’t be here?”

“It’s not like that… It’s just, I’m surprised.
I think this is the first time I’ve seen you here since I’ve been working here?”

“I come sometimes.
Even when you weren’t there.”

“Ah, that’s right… Then, do you have something to discuss with Renan?”

“Yes, what…”

Well, although he was the second son of the Duke, Killian was also helping the Duke.
He might have something to ask about taxes, so it wasn’t surprising that he showed up at Renan’s office.

“Then talk the two of you.
I will be doing my job.”

She smiled and sat down in front of her desk with what she had to do today, but she couldn’t get rid of the thought that Killian had come to watch over her.

‘Yes, I’ll show you how hard I work.’

She was really focused on her work.
She never paid attention to Killian, and focused only on filing the paperwork.
Wouldn’t Killian have been a bit impressed by how hard she worked? But Killian, who was quiet about what he was doing, suddenly spoke to Renan.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to add one more staff, Renan?”

She guessed she wasn’t the only one who thought that word was out of the blue.

“Suddenly… You mean now?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t take care of you for a while.
When you come in person during business hours, you look like you have too much work.”

She could finally understand Lise’s expression of being blunt on the outside but deep inside. 

It was a little embarrassing even though it was a proposal with concern for Renan, and his voice was hard and indescribable.

“Thank you for your concern, but Miss Edith is helping me, so it’s okay.”

“If Edith helps, how much does she help?”

“This isn’t lip service, but she’s more competent than any other employee I’ve ever worked with.
It has made my job much easier.”

Oh! It’s kind of embarrassing to hear compliments in front of Killian.
It’s embarrassing, but she couldn’t hide her pride.

‘But why is his expression like that?’

After hearing Renan’s compliment for her, Killian’s eyebrows crumpled terribly.
At first, she thought he didn’t like hearing compliments, but now that she thought about it, she felt like she had to admit it, so it seemed like a process of giving up her doubts.

‘Let’s stay alert until the end and do our best!’

She pretended not to have heard the conversation between the two and worked harder on the paperwork.

* * *

Rena Filch’s Diary.

-April 2, 1824

The Duchess sent Miss Edith to me.
It seemed to help with work.
I didn’t have high expectations, but it’s true that things have been a little daunting since the last time the fool ran away.
I wished that the young lady had at least the intelligence not to confuse the date, but surprisingly, the young lady diligently and meticulously organized the receipts.
She even looked very skillful, like someone who had been working somewhere for a long time.
I thought I could ask for nothing more if she continued to do this, but in the afternoon Master Cliff called me and asked about Miss Edith.

I answered as I felt, but it didn’t seem like the answer the young master wanted.

-May 20, 1824

Lady Edith, who was always diligent, seemed strangely anxious and nervous recently.
I asked if something was wrong, and she pulled something out of her pocket and asked if it was okay.
At first I thought it was a piece of cloth, but upon closer inspection, it turned out to be an embroidered handkerchief.
It seems that it will soon be sold at the bazaar of the Countess of Ermenia.
I told her honestly, the handkerchief was a bit weepy on all sides and the stitches were randomly spaced, but you could definitely tell what kind of painting it was. 

In my opinion, it was a compliment, but the lady made an expression as if the sky had collapsed.

I don’t know what to say to women’s embroidery work to make it sound like a compliment.

-June 18, 1824

The other day, the Riegelhofs sent their maid to Miss Edith, but she didn’t seem very happy.
I even wondered if she looked a little weak since she enjoyed the refreshment she hadn’t had today.
She said it was mine, and she left me a cookie and a madeleine, but as she sipped her tea, her eyes were fixed on it, so I couldn’t help but tell her to finish it.

She looked like a young girl when she asked if it was okay.
But why was she suddenly eating refreshments? Did she have any pregnancies?

-June 29, 1824

After returning from a business trip, the atmosphere at the mansion was unusual.
It seemed that Miss Edith, in order to harm Miss Lise, first poisoned herself and staged a play, and then attempted to poison Miss Lise.
It was an unbelievable story for me.
A person who is greedy will show through somehow, but Lady Edith did not seem to be greedy.
The circumstances of the superiors were not my concern, so I did not listen to the servants’ gossip.

Miss Edith is said to be on probation for the time being, but it is quite inconvenient to have one of my hands empty.

-July 15, 1824

Lady Edith’s probation has been lifted.

It seems that the cases involving the young lady have been sorted out, but the servants still seem to believe that the young lady is the culprit.
I didn’t really care if Miss Edith did that or not.
If she just helped me with work like now.

But what did I provoke, the lady showed tears.
I was a little taken aback, but fortunately my mental head remained to hand her a handkerchief.
The lady quickly wiped away her tears and went back to work.
Looking back, she did a really good job.

How much better it would have been if the young lady had rather been the daughter of a commoner in need of money.
Then I would have hired her as a full-time employee right away.

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