‘Wait, what was it talking about? What conditions did it say I met?’

It was the same when the first stage exception condition was met, but this situation that the second stage exception condition was met was also incomprehensible.
Could it be that the conditions were fulfilled every time she sleep with Killian?

‘What is the second stage exception condition?’

Again, she tried her best to convey her doubts to the voice.
The voice spoke as if it were listening to the answer recorded by the machine.

[Step 2 exception condition: Reject Killian Ludwig’s proposals ten times.]


It was such an absurd condition.
Rather, it is easier to understand the viciousness of the first-level exception condition.
Shocked, her first thought was that someone with that condition was playing with her.

‘I’m sure.
Somebody’s watching me struggle in real time and having fun.’

The god of this world must be a sadist! It was clear that he knew she liked Killian and made that condition.
In fact, if she hadn’t made up her mind to clear up Killian’s misunderstandings and never get soggy with him, she would never have been able to get past the 2nd stage exception.

‘I really caught a mouse by walking behind the cow.’

Perhaps by now the god of this world was as bewildered as she was.
Thinking about it made her sue a little.
She couldn’t hold back the smile that spilled out and laughed.
In a dream where she felt nothing but darkness, her senses in my limbs gradually returned.
She didn’t have any strength in her languid body, but something held her firmly so her body didn’t collapse at all.

“What are you dreaming about, why do you laugh while sleeping?”

A low voice was heard.
It was Killian’s voice, so erotic that it shook her eardrums.
It seems that it has passed from a dream for announcements to a normal dream.
Killian’s voice whispering to her…

“Huh… good…”

When she slightly opened her eyes, she saw the man’s bare chest, albeit blurry.
Considering that she heard Killian’s voice earlier, this must be Killian’s heart.
She rubbed her face against it with a fuzzy feeling.
Even though it was a dream, she could feel the hot body temperature and tight muscles.
She meant it was really good.

‘Ah… Even if I die like this, there will be no time… huh…?’

It was only after she buried her face in Killian’s chest for a while and breathed in his body odor that she did everything she wanted to do, and then she felt something strange.

‘The running time is strangely long for this kind of dream…’

In a bad mood, she blinked her eyes hard and tried to wake up.
In front of her eyes was the deepening of the man’s chest, lying on her side.

‘Yes, I rubbed my face there.’

Five seconds after that realization, she jumped up.

“Ah, Ki-Killian! Sorry!”

Crazy! It was not a dream! She had slammed her face into Killian’s bare chest.
So she apologized, but his smiling face hardened.

“Did you rub your face without knowing it was me?”

“Ah, no, it’s not like that, I thought it was a dream!”

“Dream? Are you sure it was me in that dream too?”

However… If it were real, you wouldn’t have stayed still… I thought it was a dream.”

Only then did his furrowed brow straighten.

“That’s it.
Lie down again.”


When she couldn’t understand what he was saying and her eyes widened, he pulled her back and locked her in his arms again.
He hugged her tightly and let out a long sigh as if he was somehow satisfied, but said nothing.

She didn’t hate being hugged by him either, so she just let him do it.
She thought she was going to fall asleep again, but Killian was playing with her hair through his fingertips.
It seemed like he would watch her no matter what she did, so she played with his pectoral muscles pretending to be crazy.

‘I think this will be enough for a C cup… is not it? I want to knead it once.’

Her saliva went down.
But then Killian started to chuckle and laugh.

“Is it that good?”

Oh, she was heard.

“Oh no, just… I’m curious…”

“What are you curious about? It is natural that you will build muscle as much as you train.
I was more curious about your body.”

He gently stroked her back with his large hand.

“How… soft… … Are you babbling?”

“I was a little worried that you might get crushed earlier too.”

There, Killian shuddered and laughed again.
It was a strangely warm and comfortable atmosphere.

“Is it midnight?”

She asked because it was dark around.

I just pulled some curtains.
It must be around dinner time.”


“You haven’t eaten, so you must be hungry.”

“You are… are not you hungry?”

“I am.”

She hadn’t thought much of it until a while ago, but she suddenly felt hungry when she heard that it was dinner time, having skipped lunch.

“Could it happen?”


It was a little dazed, but not dizzy or difficult.
But Killian looked down at her and suddenly he kissed her.
It wasn’t a passionate kiss, it was a warm, comfortable kiss.

He kissed softly and asked quietly.

“Me… Are you serious about not looking at me as a stallion?”

“Why do you ask that? Of course!”

“Well… You’ve never given me that certainty before.”

No, he shouldn’t talk like that! When did he start thinking like that? But she was the one who regretted it.
She had to continue this good atmosphere now to change the future when she die at the hands of Killian.

“How can I trust you?”

Then, as if he had waited, the corners of his lips curled.

“Come to the opera with me tomorrow.
Even outside the bedroom, you…”

Killian, who was about to say something more while going to the opera, just looked down at her and was speechless.
She seemed to be contemplating the right words.

I thought you were forcing me when offering this and that out of a sense of duty, I didn’t mean to push you away.”

“I can’t believe it.”

“When did you trust me? But I am innocent as always.”

“Then do your best to convince me.”

Killian kissed her again and caressed her body.
If it hadn’t been for that growling sound in her stomach, she might have gone into round 2.

While she buried her face in the palm of her hand at the embarrassing sound, Killian laughed a little and pulled the service-bell.

“Prepare the bath water.
We will eat after the bath.”

“I will prepare it soon.”

Even seeing their nakedness, Anna obeyed the order without the slightest wavering.

After taking a bath, they had a late dinner together.
They didn’t have much of a conversation, but she felt full and the time flew by.

“Really… Would you like to go out with me tomorrow?”

“I made the offer.”

“It is, though.”

“We will be leaving tomorrow after lunch.
When I’m ready, I’ll come pick you up in your room.”

Her heart fluttered at the thought of going out on a date even though they were already married.

“I’ll wait.”

“…See you tomorrow.”

So they parted as if they were sorry for parting ways until the next day.

* * *

[Step 2 exception conditions met.
Exceptions are made and the author’s rights are reduced.
The 2nd stage exception conditions will expire.]

‘How so fast!’

K was shocked to hear that the second stage exception conditions had been met.
She thought that this condition would never be broken, but Edith quickly met the condition as if she had waited.

‘Didn’t you love Killian? It must have looked that way, right?’

The 13th Edith also fell in love with Killian, just like the last 12 Ediths.
She made it clear that she was.
That’s why she was confident with the condition that ‘she refuses Killian Ludwig’s proposal 10 times’.
How could she reject the tempting offer of her crush 10 times?

‘I thought she wouldn’t be able to refuse even once, let alone 10 times…!’

The love that K knew was the feeling that she wanted to do whatever the object she loved wanted, and to give it to.
Just like Cliff and Killian did to Lise.
Even if she could reject him once or twice for some reason, for her to reject him 10 times was the same as not loving him.
Even if someone you don’t love asks for a favor, it’s hard to refuse 10 times, but how on earth…!

‘I said I was anxious, but I never thought it would really turn out like this.’

It happened between Killian, who she could only control 70%, and Edith, who couldn’t get involved at all, so she didn’t know exactly how things went.
However, she didn’t miss what Killian complained about in the middle.

“I think Edith is avoiding me these days.”

How strange it was that Killian, who was talking about Edith, not Lise, with her bitter face… However, because of that, she was able to not miss the abnormal signs and persuaded Edith through Lise.

‘Certainly, there was something strange about that time.’

Unlike him, who didn’t like this marriage, Edith said that she felt sorry for Killian, who fell victim to an arranged marriage.

“He is still… He can’t accept me.
In the end, even making me this or that offer would be forced because of his position.”

At that time, she thought she was complaining because she was angry with Killian, but now that the situation has come to life, she really seemed to have thought that she was forcing him to do something he didn’t want to do.

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