nce of the station staff.

“Looks like there’s no one else.”

“Normally, there are no nobles who would come all the way to Pensir to take the train.” 

Upon first glance, I noticed that the plush seats were padded with velvet.
The weather was getting colder and colder, so the seats were made of warmer materials. 

“Since there are no other people here, you can sit anywhere.”

I sat down and Calix sat across from me.
Soon after, the sound of horns could be heard, signalling the departure of the train. 

I had high hopes for what my first train ride would be like, but surprisingly, it was nothing special.
To be more precise, it was the same as travelling by carriage.
Sitting and looking at the neverending scenery outside… it was fortunate that the seats were more comfortable compared to a carriage’s. 

The train continued to move, passing through several small stations along the way.
I was becoming increasingly relaxed, but bored, as the trip continued. 

By the time the train stopped at the fourth station, it felt like my whole body had melted and I was almost one with the train seat.
At this station, I stopped paying attention—no one was going to come onto this train car, after all. 

However, the train did not depart even though enough time had passed for the passengers to board the regular compartment. 

“Why isn’t the train departing?” 

If there was a problem, it was long past the length of time needed to fix it. 

Calix also looked outside, checking to see if there was something wrong.
At that moment, he must have caught something, as his face rapidly turned harsh.
In the reflection of the train car’s window, I could see Calix’s blue eyes flaming with anger. 

He began cursing.

“Those bastards…”

“What’s going on?”

Following Calix’s lead, I turned my gaze and saw a large carriage with several horses standing nearby it.
The carriage was adorned with a crest that I had never seen before.

‘Did someone pull up in this carriage?’ 

Calix hurriedly turned his head to find me.
When our eyes met, his face was stained with a hint of anxiety and slight irritation. 

“What’s wrong……”

At that moment, there was a knock on the door of the special class compartment.
When I turned my head towards the sound of the knock, I saw the silhouette of a man through the opaque glass window. 

A strange voice was heard.

“May I come in for a moment? By the order of His Majesty, the Emperor, there will be a special inspection.” 

Special inspection?

In an instant, my body stiffened with tension.
Unknowingly, I searched for Calix.

Calix, when our eyes met, briefly clicked his tongue before raising his voice.
Throughout this process, his gaze never left mine. 

“Explain to me there.
What’s going on?”

“There has been a recent order from His Majesty, the Emperor, to conduct special inspections on all trains arriving at this station due to the increased activity of bandits in the area.
May I come in?” 

At least the investigator was being polite, seemingly because this was a special class compartment, which was often mostly occupied by nobles. 

However, I currently had no means of proving my identity.

A sense of crisis washed over me.
If we made any error, then the fact that I, someone from the Troxia family, had survived could potentially be exposed. 

“I don’t have any identification!”

I whispered urgently to Calix and he frowned, trying to figure out what to do next. 

Calix stood up and answered the investigator outside the door. 

“…That would be difficult right now.”

“I’ll just be checking for a minute.
It won’t take long.”

Uneasy, I got up from my seat and approached Calix.
He reached out and held onto my hand. 

At that moment, all of a sudden, goosebumps were raised from my head to my toes.
All five of my senses were heightened. 

In horror, my body stiffened. 

I could feel someone else’s gaze.
Someone was watching us. 

‘It’s not the investigator.
Who could it be?’ 

As if it were a reflex, I turned my head, trying to find the culprit.
However, when I couldn’t move my head any further, I had to stop. 

‘I couldn’t see it.’ 

My gaze shifted to the sky outside of the window.
I could faintly sense the presence of magic. 

‘Is it a wizard’s eyes?’

My hands and feet grew cold from this tension.
When I lowered my gaze, I immediately was met with Calix’s eyes.
Looking straight at me, Calix’s gaze was unwavering, without even an inch of distraction. 

Frowning, Calix began to open his mouth, but at that moment, the investigator’s voice came from the other side of the door. 

“I will be coming in now.”

At that moment, I had to make a judgment call.
I immediately bent down and climbed on top of Calix’s body. 


Flustered, Calix was about to call me by my name, but I immediately lowered my lips to prevent him from doing so. 


I felt Calix’s body stiffen.
I hugged him around his neck without any hesitation.
I tilted my head and deepened our kiss, taking advantage of the gap between his lips to whisper. 

“There are eyes looking in from outside the window.”

“Don’t look up.”

At the same time, the door to the special class compartment was thrown open.

I burrowed into his arms, tousling his hair as best as I could.
I felt that Calix, who had been stiff, suddenly wrapped his arms around my waist, actively participating. 

“Excuse me… Whoops!”

The investigator, as heard by his voice, was astonished.
Showing no interest at all in the investigator, I continued kissing Calix, moving down to his jaw, turning my head to the side in the process to block the investigator’s view of my face.
Pretending to be oblivious, I buried my face in Calix’s shoulder and held my breath. 

Calix, who had been actively following my movements, raised his head, an agitated expression on his face. 

“I don’t remember telling you to come in.”


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