Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Fatty at the Same Table.

Zhuo Shao High School is Fuyang County’s Best High School, Fuyang No.
4 High School, and local people prefer to call it Beimen High High School.

The entrance rate to Beimen High School is very high, so it is very strict.
The self-study will begin at 07:10 in the morning, and the teacher will usually observe it.

Zhuo Shao lies on the desk without reading his English book.
Not only the representative of the English class and the learning committee on stage criticize him, but also the teacher who has just arrived at the classroom: “Zhuo Shao, what’s wrong with you?”

The main teacher of Zhuo Shao High School, surnamed Yang, is a teacher in his thirties.
He teaches them Chinese.

According to the reason, Zhuo Shao, who remains in the top three in the class even though his grades have dropped, should be very popular with his teachers.

But Mr.
Yang doesn’t know why he doesn’t like Zhuo Shao very much.
Of course, that is, he does not like it.
I don’t want to wear shoes for Zhuo Shao.

Zhuo Shao raised his head and saw Master Yang frowning.
If it was the former him in those days, he would have said that he is fine right now, but now…

Zhuo Shao smiled weakly at the teacher: “Master Yang, my stomach hurts.”

Zhuo Shao’s face was not very good, and his eyes were a little red.
He said that his stomach hurt and everyone in the class believed it.

Master Yang did not get angry again: “You’re not comfortable, just take a break.”

Zhuo Shao replied, and lay down on the table again.”

The voices of the students in the class reading English sounded again.
Zhuo Shao heard those voices and his thoughts drifted away.

He was reborn once, what should he do?

He definitely cannot live with his uncle and aunt anymore, and must prevent his uncle from trying anything with his sister in private…

In his last life, he asked the police to let others adopt his sister.
Although her sister had a better life, the shadow of her childhood accompanied her.

As an adult, she was shy and cowardly no matter what she did, and as long as others treated her a little better, she would bring out her heart…

You must not allow your sister to have a shadow in her heart.

Also, you should study hard.
Liang Xin studies at the best university in his province.
If he wants to be worthy of Liang Xin, he can’t be that bad.

The last thing is to earn money.

You need to earn money.
He wants to earn money to support his sister.
Only by making more money can he pursue Liang Xin openly, rather than not daring to reveal her heart to Liang Xin to death.

There are many things that Zhuo Shao wants to do, but after thinking about it all, he has to admit that this is not easy.

What can you do now that you are not an adult, have no money, and cannot eat enough?

Thinking of eating, Zhuo Shao’s stomach really hurt, he was hungry.

Zhuo Shao’s uncle took his family’s iron rice bowl when he was young, and his registered permanent residence was transferred to the county.

At the time, he was very proud of it.
After marrying his wife, he looked at the villagers along with his wife.
But later they were both fired, he regretted it again.

Registered permanent residence is in the county town.
The land in the village is gone.
You have to pay for everything you eat.
Naturally, it’s not a good day… Not to mention, Zhuo Shao’s aunt is a troublesome character.

When Zhuo Shao’s parents were still alive, she would cycle to Zhuo Shao’s house to collect vegetables and rice every morning, but she did not give any money.

Zhuo Shao’s parents died and after receiving Zhuo Shao and his sister in their home, she naturally was unwilling to feed, drink or entertain them.

For example, in the morning, what she gave Zhuo’s brother and sister was always porridge, and she was even reluctant to give more pickles with porridge.

Zhuo Shao is in the prime of eating age.
When father and mother Zhuo were alive, they did not have time to prepare breakfast, he would buy it and eat 20 small dumplings at a time.
He now he only gave her a plate of porridge.
Where did he get enough of it?

After eating porridge and going to the bathroom, Zhuo Shao was hungry.

Once he was hungry, he could only bear it.
He was embarrassed to ask people for food, and even he didn’t want to say it, but now Zhuo Shao…

The bell rang and the self-study ended.
Ten minutes later, the first class will begin.

Many people in the class went to the bathroom, but Zhuo Shao looked up and looked around.

Zhuo Shao is sitting in the penultimate row, behind him was a thorn from the class, and next to him was a little fat man in the class who had been bullied and displaced…

Zhuo Shao’s eyes fell on the fat man.

Right now, high school is not as strict as later generations.
Although the school has issued uniforms, no one wears uniforms except for the flag-raising ceremony or other special occasions.
Everyone’s clothes are of all kinds and it has everything.

Now is the beginning of 2000.
Although there are not as many styles as the later generations, there are still many.
They are all well dressed, but this fat man always wears all kinds of clothes for middle-aged and older people.

Not only that, but he also has ultrashort hair with less than an inch left on his head.

In fact, the fat man is not particularly fat, he has good facial features, but he just messes up.
Of course, he is bullied and ostracized by others, not just because of this.

Not only did the boy dress strangely, but he also stuttered a bit.
It was also rumored that his mother died and his father did not love him.

Zhuo Shao’s parents died when he heard the rumor, and he felt a little empathy towards him.
When no one wanted to sit with him, she took the initiative to be his desk buddy.
But later, she found out that the fat man had a lot of pocket money.
At that time, when he was very poor, he resented the rich a bit and began to ignore this desk mate.

Later, he became a little gangster and broke his life.
After he couldn’t eat another meal at his uncle’s house, Zhuo Shao stopped him every day on the way to collect protection fees, asking for ten yuan a day to eat.

At that time, the man gave him ten yuan a day, which was very easy.
He sometimes he had no change, and he would take a hundred yuan, buy some snacks to let the store open and give him another ten yuan …
Sometimes he saw that he could put several hundred yuan in his wallet.

I was really envious.
He even took the sandwiches from him and took them home to feed his sister.

Zhuo Shao thought of the past, and his eyes fell on the fat man’s face.

This is the easiest way to earn money and it is not a scam.

Zhuo Shao remembered that there was such a person, but he had long forgotten what that person was like, but he only remembered that he was a bit fat and always lowered his head, and now looking closer…

Zhuo Shao suddenly discovered that the fat man who had been blackmailed by himself for over a month looked pretty good.

“Zhuo-Zhuo Shao, are you okay?” The fat man looked at Zhuo Shao worriedly.

“I’m fine.
You have something to eat?” Zhuo Shao looks at the little fat man, and the smile on his face is more sincere.

You don’t have the psychological burden of asking the fat man for money and food.
After all, he has been covering little fat man since he took the money in the last life from him, and he will continue to cover him in this life.

At first, when someone bullied the little fat man, he would help him drive him away.
When someone wanted to steal all the money from the little fat man, he came up with bricks and even saved his life.

In a few months, the fat man will meet a kidnapping.
He was badly beaten by the kidnappers.
In his last life, he brought someone to rescue him from the kidnappers.

It was said that the kidnapper was going to assassinate him.
If it hadn’t been for him, the fat man would not have lived to be sixteen in his last life.

Zhuo Shao thought about all this, and felt a little sympathy for the boy.

“Yes-Yes Yes.” The fat man looked at Zhuo Shao flattered, and then took several sandwiches from the bag behind the chair: “What would you like to eat?”

Zhuo Shao took a bag of cookies, which is a kind of famous sandwich cookie.
It is a very expensive snack at the moment.

In fact, he does not like this kind of sweet and fatty food, but it is only fair for him to eat now, and he can get calories quickly.

Taking out the cookies, Zhuo Shao took a bite and ate half a box quickly.

When he looked up, he saw that the fat man is looking at him.

“Want?” Zhuo Shao asked.

“There is no need.” The fat man rushed to take another cookie from his backpack: “Yo-yo, I still have more!”

Zhuo Shao ate the rest of the cookies directly.

Seeing this, the fat man said again: “Can I help you throw out the trash?”

It’s good for someone to run errands.

Zhuo Shao directly handed the bag of cookies to the little fat man.
Then he saw the fat man holding the bag and throwing it into the back of the classroom.

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