Chapter 8 – Subsidies for Poor Students.



This day at school, Zhuo Shao still used all his free time to read books.


He's been out of school for a long time.
In fact, he is not used to sitting in the classroom and listening to lessons.
He doesn't like to learn these things, but even if he doesn't like them, there are still many things to do.


During the break, Yang JianHua, the head teacher, called out to Zhuo Shao: «Did your aunt hit you last night?»


«Master Yang, no.» Zhuo Shao bowed his head, «I'm fine.»


Although Zhuo Shao said that it was fine, he thought about what he saw yesterday and looked at Zhuo Shao's old clothes… Yang JianHua sighed: «Zhuo Shao, I applied for a poverty allowance to the school… Don't refuse, and you sister can also apply to school.»


Fuyang County's economic development is quite good.
There are few poor students in school, but there are many poverty allowances…
This allowance is not only provided by the government, but also by some people.


He calculated that Zhuo Shao could get more than 1000 yuan per semester, in addition to the tuition reduction.


It is not a lot of money, but for Zhuo Shao, it can definitely improve his living conditions.
Now he is afraid that Zhuo Shao does not want to lose face.


There is a poor student in your class.


Last semester, in addition to the allowances, the school gave the poor student a stationery bag.
Zhuo Shao must have known all this, but he kept silent…


Zhuo Shao really loves the face.


When I was young, I could go hungry every day, but I didn't want others to know that I was hungry.
He just experienced so many things, and his face had been torn several times.
Now Zhuo Shao doesn't really care about these things.


«Thank you, Master Yang.» Zhuo Shao said gratefully.


Zhuo Shao's attitude is a bit unexpected for Yang JianHua.
In fact, he is ready for Zhuo Shao's rejection…
But Zhuo Shao is willing to take the money, which is good: «Zhuo Shao, after taking the money, you have to study hard.
If you do well in the high school entrance examination, the county high school is free.»


«Master Yang, I will work hard.» Zhuo Shao said, looking at Yang JianHua seriously.


He has made up his mind, and when he has settled the uncle's family affairs, he will move out of the uncle's family and find a way to work and earn some money.
He will then take his sister to study and when he is admitted to the provincial university in the future, he will be able to meet Liang Xin.


Yang JianHua nodded happily.


Yang JianHua did not talk about the allowance in the class.
Substitute teachers also behaved as usual.
Naturally, the students in the class did not know anything.
Zhuo Shao, in his eyes, was still the guy who didn't like to talk but he had very good grades.


Liang Chen then asked, «Zhuo-Zhuo Shao, what did Master Yang ask you to do?»


«Teacher Yang helped me apply for the poor student allowance.» Zhuo Shao did not hide it.


«Huh?» Liang Chen was surprised.


He always thought that Zhuo Shao is good at everything.
As a result… Zhuo Shao had no money at home and was a poor student?


He wanted to ask Zhuo Shao what was going on, but he did not dare to ask.
He wanted to comfort Zhuo Shao, but he didn't know how to comfort him.


«I can't afford to eat.
You have so much money in your pocket every month, I'm jealous of you.» Zhuo Shao said with a smile.


“Huh?” Liang Chen felt more and more lost.


«I told you jokingly.» Zhuo Shao said with a smile, «And thanks for the chicken leg and biscuits.»


So you want more?» Liang Chen looked at Zhuo Shao hopefully and opened his backpack.


Zhuo Shao thought about it and asked Liang Chen for two buns and two braised eggs.


In an instant, it was noon.


Zhuo Shao knows that Qu Guixiang will never give up after finding out that instant noodles were missing from the cupboard.
He told Zhuo Ting in the morning not to go home and wait in the classroom after school.


After the bell for the fourth class in the morning rang, Zhuo Shao went to Zhuo Ting with bread and eggs.


At Zhuo Ting Elementary School, most of the students eat lunch at school.
Because the school did not have a cafeteria, food was still distributed in the classroom.


Other students eat out of stainless steel rice bowls.
Zhuo Ting is embarrassed and doesn't want to look.
Instead of listening to Zhuo Shao, staying in the classroom and waiting, she stood at the school gate.


When Zhuo Shao arrived at the elementary school, she had been waiting for almost half an hour, and her face was red.


«TingTing.» Zhuo Shao saw her and smiled.


«Brother!» Zhuo Ting is also very happy, but just for a while, she was worried again: «Brother, shall we go home now?»


Zhuo Ting doesn't want to go back.
She and her brother stole instant noodles to eat.
At this time, her aunt will definitely hit them.


«We're not going back.» Zhuo Shao took out a bun and a braised egg and gave them to Zhuo Ting: «TingTing, here and eat it.
Then you go back to the classroom, after school in the afternoon, you wait for me to pick you up.»


«Okay.» Zhuo Ting nodded, then looked at the bread in his hand with some surprise.


She hasn't eaten bread in over a year.


«In TingTing, how many classes do you have?» Zhuo Shao asked again, a little embarrassed.


He has forgotten how many classes Zhuo Ting has now…
In other words, if Zhuo Ting didn't wait for him at the school gate today, he would have to search for Zhuo Ting for a long time.


One yuan for a bun and fifty cents for a packaged braised egg are good snacks at this time.
Zhuo Ting is particularly happy to eat it for lunch.
Zhuo Shao also thinks that it is very good to eat.


He ate bread and eggs in two bites, and then walked towards the Zhuo house.


She ate instant noodles in the morning and didn't do the dishes.
Now Qu Guixiang must have discovered that instant noodles were missing.
When he returned, he was able to tease Qu Guixiang.


Zhuo Shao thought very well.
At this time, Qu Guixiang found that four bags of instant noodles were missing at home.


Qu Guixiang has always been stingy.
He usually gives Zhuo RongMing instant noodles to eat by pouring out half of the water after soaking the instant noodles, so as to add less seasoning and save half of the seasoning packet mixed with noodles.


Now that you find that four bags of instant noodles are missing at home.
You can imagine how angry she is.


«Those two brats are amazing.
Today they stole what I locked in the closet!» Standing under the five-story building where she lived, Qu Guixiang yelled angrily.


Qu Guixiang is surrounded by many people.
They often hear Qu Guixiang complain about Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting.
Knowing that his parents died, they stay at Qu Guixiang's house.
They have a bad impression of Zhuo Ting and Zhuo Shao.


At this time, someone said: «What? Steal at this age? Guixiang, you should teach them a good lesson.»


«If while you study, you also steal.
Will you steal later? This kind of person must be hit hard.» Said another person.


As soon as people say something, they attack Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting.
At this moment, a young wife finally said something fair: «No, Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting look pretty good…»


«What's up? Yesterday I did things that didn't suit their tastes, so they broke their bowls.
Today, it's worse, they stole things!» Qu Guixiang looked at the young wife and said louder, «His father and his mother are gone.
I am kind enough to support them.
I didn't expect them to be so ungrateful and they stole my things…»


Qu Guixiang scolded and cursed Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting.
Even if someone sympathized with Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting at the beginning, slowly, the sympathy disappeared.


They even believe that those two children are not really good things.


While people were talking about it.
Someone entered from outside the alley.


He was a boy of fourteen or fifteen years old.
He was very skinny.
He was wearing a white washed blue T-shirt.
His hair was a bit long and a bit messy.
At first, he lowered his head, but he noticed someone in front of him, and raised his head to show a pretty face.


The young man's skin is very white, his eyes are very big, his eyebrows are very thick but not messy, and his face is clean.
When the people around Qu Guixiang saw it, they couldn't help but sigh.


Although the two children in Qu Guixiang's house are troublesome, they look really good, especially the older one.
There isn't a more handsome man in the community than him.


Even if they hear that the man steals, they would not be able to hate him.
It's just, why didn't they find out sooner?


Zhuo Shao noticed the gazes of these people.


He is a handsome boy.
If not, he couldn't be at Liang Xin's side, who has a very good appearance, and he would have to go to Liang Xin's side.


The 15-year-old Zhuo Shao was unable to make use of this.
He always had a face full of bitterness and hate.
His long hair covers his eyes, so that no one can look at him carefully.
But now Zhuo Shao knows from which angle his face looks best.


«Aunt…» Zhuo Shao called out to Qu Guixiang, and then stopped a bit awkwardly.


«Little beast, you dare to come back! Don't think I'll let you go with just a wake-up call.
I'll make sure you look good today!» Qu Guixiang took a broom and yelled at Zhuo Shao who just arrived.


When Zhuo Shao threatened them yesterday, he didn't take it seriously at all.
He hit him and then he hit him.
What can this boy do?


In the past, Zhuo Shao would often keep quiet and allow her to hit him, but now…


«Aunt?» Zhuo Shao took a step back and looked at Qu Guixiang stubbornly: «Why are you hitting me today?»


«You dare to ask, you stole my things.
Can't I show you?» Qu Guixiang said.


«When did I steal? I never did it!» Zhu Shao said.


«The noodles I put in the cupboard are gone.
Who stole it, if not you?» Qu Guixiang said angrily, but she didn't know that as soon as she said this, the expressions of those who were watching turned subtle.


They heard Qu Guixiang before, and they thought that Zhuo Shao stole money or valuables, as a result… Instant noodles?


«Auntie, after my parents were in an accident, you took the money the driver gave and the savings my parents left behind.
Even the TV, washing machine and refrigerator were moved for your use.
Now I ate instant noodles, and you say I stole that?» Zhuo Shao looked at Qu Guixiang angrily.


Qu Guixiang's eyes flashed with a bit of guilt, and then he said, «Your father and mother have a lot of debt, how can they have money? You're not satisfied that I raised you, are you?»


«If my parents really don't have money to pay their debts…
You and my uncle don't work.
How can they get money to buy a house for my cousin?» Zhuo Shao clenched his fist and asked Qu Guixiang.


The boy's face turned red with anger and he said something extraordinary.


The expressions of those around Qu Guixiang had completely changed.


They knew that Zhuo RongMing and Qu Guixiang did not have formal jobs.
How could they buy a house for their son?


Qu Guixiang is really shameless.
He took other people's money and said that Zhuo RongMing's younger brother's family was a poor peasant!

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