of growing.
But of course, being a 3D model, it won’t.

She has a slender figure and wears a black dress.
It’s a good outfit that highlights her arms and legs.

All in all, I like her.
I’m genuinely pleased.

However, if there is one problem…

“I’m a dude! Why a female avatar?!?!?!”

I screamed in my room.

“Sensei, um…! Why is my avatar a female?!”
Right after I screamed, I VC’d the artist, Yuru Kakizaki-sensei, who made the original drawing.

“Huh? Aren’t you a girl? What’s so odd about a girl using a female avatar? By the way, I’d say that’s gotta be my greatest work of all time.
How do you like her looks? Oh, and her hair and dress colors are modifiable, so you can change them as you like,” says Yuru Kakizaki-sensei in a voice that gives me the impression she’s as cool as her tweets.
“She’s absolutely the best! I mean, no! I’m a guy! Didn’t I also mention that in my bio?!”
“Oh, stop it with the lies.
Where do you find a guy with a voice as cute as yours? Also, you didn’t mention your gender in your bio.
That’s why I VC’d with you to confirm it, remember?”
“Nghhhh… H-How can I make you believe me then?”
“Send me a pic! I’m sure I should be able to tell by looks!”
“Oof… Does this convince you now?!” and with that, I send a selfie.

“?! Y-You look boyish, b-but you’re still cute.
As for your boobs…better luck next life, I guess?”
“No, no, NO! It’s obvious that I’m a dude! Don’t my shoulders look broad to you?!”
“No… I’m gonna be honest, all I see is a girl…”
“N-No way…”
“Actually, before that.
I don’t think men usually wear their hair like that!”
Hm? I felt her cool aura vanish momentarily, but maybe it was just my imagination.

But when she puts it that way, I remember being told I was cute since I was young.

I’ve always let my hair grow because my mom said I should keep it long.
Don’t tell me she said that because I looked cute in it?

There’s no way…right?

“Hm! Well, either way, your voice is definitely suited to be a VTuber.”
“Really really! And that’s coming from someone who has seen loads of VTubers.”
“I-I’ll give it my best…”
“Haha, good luck and spread my name too for me, will you? Of course, I’ll share your debut on Tweeter, so let me know once you’ve created your channel and intro vid!”

Thus, I unintentionally became a G.I.R.L.
(Guy In Real Life).

My name is Yuru Kakizaki, rather my alias, so to speak.

One of the commissions I accepted this time was to draw an original character for an indie VTuber.

I had been following them since I was a nobody, so I thought I’d at least listen to what they had to say.

Although my name has become quite popular, I’m still an amateur.

Unlike the professionals, I am still far from being well-known.

So, I decided to take a gamble.
I offered to provide everything from the original design to the rigged 3D model as much as my client’s budget could handle.

Incidentally, I’m unfamiliar with 3D models, so I recommended my sister, an amateur 3D modeler.

By the way, an artist of my caliber can charge 500,000 yen just for an original character design.
Some may charge more than that.

And my sister, who receives 3D model commissions, charges at least 300,000.

It doesn’t take that long, but we have to make a living, so the total of 500,000 yen is a non-negotiable line.

And since I’d be doing the design as cheaply as possible, the client would have to do their best.

When I presented these conditions, my client readily agreed.

I decided to talk to them on VC to get their information and design a character that would fit their voice.

The client’s data didn’t have a gender mentioned, so it was the perfect opportunity.

The person who answered the call was a girl with a lovely voice.
With her voice, I had a feeling she could become famous.

From there, I kept brainstorming the design, and with the help of my sister, we worked on creating a 3D model that matched our client’s voice.

Two months after receiving the commission, the day of delivery finally arrived.

“I’ve created a masterpiece of a child.
Thanks for helping too, Yura.”
“Onee-chan, I know I’m saying this about my own work, but this model is superb! She could captivate the whole world!”

My sister Yura seems to feel the same way.

All we need to do…is send these to her.”
“I can’t wait to hear her reaction, onee-chan!”
“Me too.”

I then uploaded the 3D model and 2D illustration data on the website.
After about 10 minutes, I received an invitation to a voice call.

“Onee-chan, could she be sharing her thoughts with us right away?”
“Hehe, I’m a little excited.”

I answered the call and was informed of a shocking revelation.

I respond without breaking character.
Someone praise me for not losing my cool.

After the call ended, I told my sister.

“It turns out… our client… is a guy despite his voice and looks…”

I showed Yura the selfie he sent me.

“And the thing is… he’s sooo my type… My heart hurts, help me, Yura…”
“A legit shota…? Oh god, oh god, I think my heart skipped a beat just now, onee-chan…”

And we fell in love at first sight with the G.I.R.L.
behind the newbie VTuber.

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