Later then.”

I left Yura’s room and went back to my own.

“Oh, I haven’t shared the video yet.”

I followed his Tweeter account and retweeted the post.

I’m looking forward to next weekend.

I made up my mind to wrap up my current work early just for that.

This is an anonymous online forum where 80-90% of internet users are familiar with the site.

Among them, there’s a VTuber sub-forum that discusses VTubers.

This sub-forum has a thread called “Discovering Promising New VTubers,” where a certain VTuber was introduced today.

283: Name: Anon
I found a pretty amazing fresh face today.

284: Name: Anon

what kinda vtuber is it? male or female?

285: Name: Anon

Not sure, but their profile doesn’t have their gender listed, so I’m guessing they’re female.

286: Name: Anon


give us the deets! hurry!!!

287: Name: Anon

Her channel’s 白姫ゆか/Yuka Shirahime.
She has only posted a self-intro so far, but her voice and visuals are as good as those of VTubers under talent agencies.

288: Name: Anon

nice voice, and her design’s pre cute
was the commissioned artist famous or smn?

290: Name: Anon

It was done by an amateur illustrator named Yuru Kakizaki who’s popular right now.
I actually found out about her through that artist.

291: Name: Anon

no shit, the Yuru Kakizaki?!
I’m gonna check it right now.

292: Name: Anon
hey, she’s pretty cute

293: Name: Anon
My heart almost stopped when she called me onii-chan.
Won’t this cause accidental deaths?

294: Name: Anon

the hell you mean accidental deaths lmfao
no one’s gonna die from that…right?

295: Name: Anon
We might be witnessing the beginning of a legend.

296: Name: Anon
Her success depends on her future streams and videos, so I hope she does her best.

297: Name: Anon
As someone who loves girls who use boku to refer to themselves, I’m so happy I can’t stop crying.

298: Name: Anon


299: Name: Anon


300: Name: Anon

Are you me?

The response from netizens was very positive, but the VTuber herself was still unaware of it.

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