alse ”>

no way

yamestop kudaplease…

[I was their junior and had a one-sided crush on them, but one day I found out they got a boyfriend…]


i’d cry

ive experienced the same thing, so I know how harsh that feels…

[They liked VTubers, so I thought, what if I became a famous VTuber and showed them what I’m capable of? That’s how I started.]

thats how theyre connected?

I see…

going into VTubing because of being heartbroken is some next-level creativity

[Enough of the depressing stuff! Let’s talk about my struggles next! It’s about my body, you see.
Making it myself was impossible, but with a generic model, I couldn’t express my individuality, you know? I wanted to be a unique VTuber, so finding an artist was tough.
Ultimately, I commissioned mama Yuru, whom I’ve been following for a long time and loved her art.]

i guess everyone experiences issues with their virtual body

i gave up on that too

although the generic models have improved recently, the same-face syndrome is still a problem.

[Next are my faves and VTubers I respect… Hm, there are a lot of them, so it’s hard to say.]


theres been a lot of interesting VTubers nowadays too

not only that but companies have also increased.
Its hard to keep up

I agree.]

youre one of them too, what are you saying lolol

she immediately turned into vtuber-otaku mode lol

[Anyway, we’ll start with my fave! It’s Fuwari Ukigumo-chan from Imananji’s 7th wave!]

ohh, i feel ya

you can never get enough of her comfy vibe

we have the same tastes!

[As for the VTuber I respect, I guess it’s Glintz the Schwartz from V-Live’s 1st wave?]

there it is, the chuunibyou side

his naming sense is something, but hes a good person, so I get it

hes alr saved a lot of people from his real-talk streams

[That’s true, but that person’s videos are well-made, and even though they have staff now, I heard that the first gen had to do everything themselves, including editing, so I respect them for that.]

true that, doing everything by yourself is tough

i was really worried they might collapse at one point

i remember falling asleep during editing a few times

[Okay, let’s move on to the next question!]
“I saw your cooking videos.
Do you cook for your family too?”

the food looked so delicious



just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

[Well, my parents both work, so it’s hard to coordinate schedules.
They used to cook for me when they had days off and I was really happy about it.
But now I live alone, so I just cook for myself.]

what a good kid…


Yuru Kakizaki: I want to eat Yuka-chan’s cooking…

i thought she already vanished, but sensei’s still here

can relate

[Ueeeh?! But I’m not good enough to cook for other people…]

clippable moment found

that “ueeeh” was so cute

ugh so cute…

Yuru Kakizaki: (´・ω・`)

even Mama Yuru is starting to look cute to me

[M-Maybe next time when I get the chance…? Is that okay?]

Yuru Kakizaki: Pledge confirmed.



[A-Anyway, next!]
“I love you, Yuka-chan!”

[Ehehe, thank you! I love you too, onee-chan!]



My brain is melting…

[We’re running out of time, so let’s move on quickly.
Everyone, stay strong!]
“Which do you prefer, karaage or fried chicken?”

[Karaage all the way, no objections allowed.]



serious karaage lover eh

“If our heart fails after you call us onii-chan or onee-chan, will you come visit us at the hospital?”

[If anything, I don’t want you to end up in the hospital over something like that! If it does happen, please get yourself thoroughly checked!]

so sweet

but it does happen, you know


same here

Yuru Kakizaki: It happens to me too.

mama yuru lmao

mama yuru pls

[Let’s keep this pace up!]
“Under the ‘Hobby’ section, it says you like games.
Can you tell us what genres of games you like and what genres you’re good at?”

I like this question.]

who the hell are you

dont just suddenly change your voice into a manly one lmfaooo

that’s not a voice that model should be making XD

i just lol’d irl

[Okay, enough with the jokes.
My favorite genre is action RPG, and I’m good at shooting games.]

oh, you like shooting games?


action rpgs are fun

[Yep, FPS and stuff!]

i wanna see you stream it someday


i look forward to that

[I do plan on streaming them, so don’t worry!]




[Next is the last one!]
“Comiket’s next week.
Will you be participating in a Comiket circle?]

[I was also considering that, but when I decided to become a VTuber, the recruitment period for the circle had already ended.
So I don’t think I can participate.]

it is what it is

c’est la vie

comiket’s circle recruitment deadline is pretty early…

i was hoping youd be selling voice packs…



[Sorry, but if I do participate, it’ll probably be at the winter Comiket.
Is that okay with everyone?]


ill be waiting

Wake me up when its time for winter comiket

Yuru Kakizaki: Wait.

mama yuru?

oh? what’s this?

[Mama Yuru?]

Yuru Kakizaki: I’m in a circle.
Why don’t you join me?





Yuru Kakizaki: I’ll send you the details later.


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