Yeahhh, you shouldn’t fighttt.”

oops, sorry about that.

im sorry too…



Good of you to make up

“So, there’s this kid, righttt? And they’re like, sooo my typeee.
Good-looking, cute voice, and a liiiittle bit boyish, toooo.
And then, I got to huuuug them, but only because they tripped and were about to falll…”

yikes, saving the person aside, if she were the opposite sex, she’d be in big trouble

id be stoked

are they an effeminate guy or just boyish?

im curious!

“I honestly couldn’t telllll.
But if I see them again, I wanna give them a biiiiig ol’ hug…”

fuwa-chan is in the clouds again.

speaking of effeminate men, wasn’t there a new VTuber who’s suspected of being one? an indie, if i recall

for real?

Someone knows a lot

we’re listening

“Spill the tea.”


she’s not elongating her words???????

shes already way too invested in this…

huh? are you sure? but isnt it against VTuber etiquette to name-drop other streamers during your own stream?

“I don’t care, just spill the tea already.”

fuwa-chan!!! youre breaking character!!!

snap out of it, fuwa-chan!!!

you shouldn’t go any further than this!

(confused) oh well.
i think the VTuber’s name was Yuka Shirahime or something

“Yuka Shirahime… let me look that up real quick.”

anddd shes already looking it up lol

Well, that escalated quickly

ive never heard of them before, so ill check too

idk them either

“Huh? Isn’t her model pretty high-quality?”

dis some high-quality stuff indeed

pretty amazing for an indie.
i wonder how much she spent on it

Ohh, her character design is great too.

huh? haven’t I seen this art style somewhere before?

“The artist is Yuru Kakizaki… Wait, you mean the Kakizaki-sensei?”

so you know her

ah!!! it’s Kakizaki-sensei!

their art style is good, but they haven’t been doing much lately.
did they step up their game?

“Ohhh, it looks pretty gooood.”

back to normal, are we?

Welcome back fuwa-chan

fuwa-chan’s back

“And play.”
[Hey there, onii-chans and onee-chans watching this video for the first time! My name is Yuka Shirahime, and I’ve decided to become a VTuber starting today!]

aw how cute

she has a nice voice

mb I should subscribe to her channel

maybe I should too


whats wrong

hm? did smth happen?

“Huh? Is that even possible?”


whats going on dattebayo

(blindfolded) i see

fuwa-chan’s back to her unfiltered self again lmao

“Umm… this is just a guess, but that kid I said was genderless earlier? …Her voice sounds similar… Is she faking it a bit? Maybe… they’re the same person…?”


this isn’t a fictional world

that’s too much of a stretch

would be funny if it were true

“Hey, do you guys mind if I watch her archived debut stream right now?”

go ahead

i don’t mind!


fuwa-chan’s showing off some mysterious power, lol

After finishing the one-hour-long archived stream and the cooking videos, Fuwari Ukigumo was convinced.

“Guys, I’m telling you, she’s definitely the same person I met today.
Especially her arms in her cooking videos match perfectly.
In fact, that girl looks way too young for her age…Seriously? 17? ”

are you serious?

truth is stranger than fiction, eh

is she really that baby-faced?

I wanna see too…




ah… (sensed it

it’s time (for sure

“I’m sorry for suddenly getting carried awaaay.
I know this was supposed to be a zatsu streammm… I’m sorry it turned out like thisss.”



theres always next time so dw

its not everyday we get to see no-filter fuwa-chan, so it was fun

“It’s getting late, but I’ll work towards a collab with this Yuka, so stay tunedddd.”


she’s locked on her lol

fuwa-chan’s drive is amazing when she finds out someone is a legal loli or shota lol

“Well then, otsu-fuwarinnn!”





===The live stream has ended.===

As a result of Fuwari Ukigumo’s live stream, Yuka Shirahime’s subscriber count exceeded 1000, but she didn’t find out until the following day.

Yuki During that Time

“Schwartz the Glintz’s streams are as informative as always…”

And that’s how the new character Fuwari Ukigumo was introduced!
What will happen to Yuki-kun, who unfortunately couldn’t be there?!

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