r ”>However, before I could make up my mind, Ilvis noticed and smiled gently at me, as if to say that everything was okay.
My sister, who mistook this for a smile directed at her, screamed in a high-pitched voice, but her voice did not make me stiffen again.


“Is Lord Lambert about to leave now? I happened to hear that just now, but are you free after this? I'll be happy to accompany you in my sister's stead!”


With that, my sister wiggled her body and tried to get closer to Ilvis.
Of course, Ilvis maintained a distance with an arctic smile.


(As if such a coincidence would happen.)

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My persistent sister must know about the Duke's carriage, and when she noticed it parked in the yard, she must have planned to get closer to it.
And while she was waiting for the right moment, she must have overheard our conversation.


“I'm sorry, but I have work to do after this.”


“Huh? But earlier you said you were going out with my sister…?”


But my schedule has changed for tomorrow, so I have to finish it today.”


Realizing that there was no way to win, my sister reluctantly backed down.
However, her gaze was fixed on me with a hateful look, and I could tell that she would pounce on me as soon as Ilvis was out of sight.


“Come on! The Duke-sama said so, and it would be bad to keep him any longer.
Let's see you off, lady-like, shall we?”


As soon as my younger sister fell silent, my mother ended the conversation as if it were the perfect opportunity.


The determination not to allow any objections was palpable.


“I see.
As Amalia's condition seems to be worsening, it's fine to say goodbye here.”


“Thank you for your consideration.
Well then, until next time.”


“Yes, let's meet again tomorrow.
Take care of yourself.”


After quickly bidding farewell, Ilvis finally headed towards the entrance.


“Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention one thing.”


However, Ilvis stopped in his tracks and turned to his sister with a daunting smile.


“You can't replace Amalia, my lady.”


I couldn't help but gulp in surprise.


I don't know if it was my sister's glare, or if it was me who heard it up close.
It could be both, or maybe it was just my hallucination due to my mental exhaustion.




It was certain that those words saved me.

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