wouldn't,” I admitted, “but if we go on too many dates, rumors will spread, and it'll be a big deal!”


Yesterday I thought he was half-joking.
After all, I never expected him to do this much for a woman he had just met.

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Ilvis seemed to think otherwise.
“Actually, it would be more convenient if things got a little out of hand.
I didn't think you were so slow on the uptake, Amalia.”


“Why are you exasperated with me now…?”


“Listen,” he said, “I'll handle the complicated stuff.
You just focus on getting along with me.”




“For now, please try to deceive your parents no matter what they ask.
I was planning to tell you more details, but it's okay now.
First, let's get along well.”


Just when I thought that the distance had been shortened again, he grabbed my hand as if not to let me go.
Then, without even having time to be surprised, I yelled at him so quickly that he let out a big sigh.


As for me, I was completely taken aback.


I beg your pardon.”


After talking for a while and calming down, Ilvis seemed to realize that we were very close to each other.
He quickly moved away from me, but the air between us was a little awkward.


“I was going to go out with you right after this, but I decided not to.
You seem to be hiding it, but you don't look well.”


“Was it that obvious?”


“No, I just noticed it earlier…
I'm sorry for suddenly approaching you like that.
I must have made you feel uncomfortable.”


Now that he mentioned it, I was only surprised and didn't really feel uncomfortable.
Do handsome guys always have an advantage even in situations like this?


“No, I didn't feel uncomfortable at all.
But it's true that I'm not feeling well, as Ilvis-sama has said.”


My nausea had subsided considering, but my headache showed no signs of abating.
If I went out in this condition, not only would I not be able to enjoy anything, but I would probably cause trouble for Ilvis.


“I see! I understand.
I will visit you again tomorrow, so I will take my leave now.”


But please let me see you off.”


Even though he had been refused an outing, Ilvis seemed a little happy.


Well, I didn't really mind since it was better than parting in that awkward atmosphere, so I didn't pay much attention to it.

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