stood this plainly and spoke rudely to Ilvis.


“Well, thank you for your concern.
But Amalia is the kind of person who is good at taking care of herself, so you didn't have to hold back?”


I could feel the strength in Ilvis' hand as he pulled me towards him.


“I cannot allow such rudeness to the important young lady of the Earl's family.
Even you, madam, if I were to do something wrong, would intend to distance Amalia, wouldn't you?”


If we were to make a mistake in any way, my mother would immediately use it as an excuse to distance me from Ilvis, while ostensibly blaming me.


Ilvis seemed to understand this as well, and while wearing an archaic smile, his eyes were not laughing.


Under the pressure of his smile, my mother came to her senses and quickly made amends.


“The Count would be delighted to have such concern for Amalia.
Thank you.”


So that's how it is.
Then, I will come visit again tomorrow.
Is that okay?”


“Eh, yes! Of course!”


If Ilvis were to press her further, my mother, who had let slip a mistake, could not deny it.

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Ilvis was satisfied with her quick response and easily released my mother, showing a gentle smile that was quite different from before.


“I'll come at a slightly later time tomorrow, so please rest well tonight.”


“I understand.
Thank you for your concern.”


Ilvis seemed to want to say something to me, who had returned to my stiff demeanor, but unfortunately, I couldn't back down.


If I made a mistake here, not only would my mother criticize me, but I was also afraid of what would come next if I made her any grumpier.


I'll do my best to act more like a lover from tomorrow, but for today, I'd like to be excused.


“Goodness, only you can control me like this.
Well, it's the first day, and I guess I can say the results are good.”


Ilvis had been staring at me for a while, but when he realized that I had no intention of giving in, he gave up, albeit reluctantly.


“Thank you for seeing me off.
I'll take my leave now.”


Whether it was good or bad timing, just as Ilvis was about to leave, a terrible, high-pitched voice came from the entrance, blocking his way.


“A splendid carriage has stopped in front of our house, and who should it be but the Duke of Lambert!”


It was my sister who had returned.

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