you have a lot of things to say, but I think honorifics are good for girls”

I laughed at his cool, smartly and uselessly said.
I really feel like all my little worries are ridiculous in front of Towa-kun.

Time passes.

Towa-kun worked hard for the soccer tournament and I supported him as much as I could.
Towa-kun had been working hard since elementary school.
He said he was doing it for Akemi’s sake and for mine.
I had always thought that his hard work should definitely be rewarded.

But …….

“OI SHU!!”

“…… Eh?”

Fate is cruel.


In an instant, it took away his years of effort and passion.

I’ve learned so much about how people can be so ugly.

“You know, you’re not needed here.
Shu has Ayana-chan, and Ayana-chan has Shu.
You must be punished for being an outsider who has entered into this.

Shu-kun’s mother …… that filth uttered this.

“It is fine just with Onii-chan and Ayane nee-chan.
I don’t want to have him around.”

Shut up, shut up trash.

“Towa can’t go to the tournament …… haha”

Why are you laughing? Towa-kun was injured because of you!

“I knew from that moment on that he was a disgusting child.
With a mother like that, it’s no wonder he’s not getting a good education.”

……How sickening it is to have the blood of …… this person with you.

I put my hand on my chest to restrain my chest from vomiting, it was slightly damp and that was a sign that Towa-kun had shed tears on my chest.

He loved soccer.
He worked hard for Akemi’s smile,…… and something in me changed with the words that so easily trampled on those feelings.
Then,…… I no longer saw them as equal to me,…….

My heart creaks every time I see Towa-kun’s painful appearance as he works hard at rehabilitation.
I am glad that Towa-kun notices and cares about me even though he has his hands full with himself.
I was happy to see that, and at the same time, I felt shallow for being happy about it.

And then I heard.

“I …… like Ayana.
I want Towa to support me in this.
You are my best friend, so I wanted to be the first to tell you.”

My heart, which tried to be indifferent, turned to disgust and hatred.

“… That’s outrageous.
Ayana is in trouble.”

The man who had finished playing the fan disk muttered those words.
It was a revenge story against those who mocked Ayana’s path in life and Towas’ dreams, which were not discussed in the main story.

Ayana’s figure driven by hatred was shocking, but in front of Towa, she was always her usual self.
Of course, there were H scenes with Ayana, but her partner was always Towa.
She only lost control in front of Towa.
However, despite the intense scenes, the story was too heavy, and the focus was mostly on that.

“Um, is this an interview with the developers?”

What the man saw was the developers’ comments posted on the official website.

“Perhaps, everyone who played the game, including the family members, may have developed hate towards Shu.
There were several scenes that I thought we went too far, but it turned out that it became like that because we wanted to express Ayana’s madness in detail.
The staff felt sorry for the seniors and juniors (laughs).
By the way, have you played the game for the second time? There’s a slight change in the production of the ending on the second playthrough.”


It was a surprise for the man.
Leaving the comment page as it was, the man played the game again, but there were no changes in the conversation, so he used the skip function to quickly head towards the ending.

The screen showed Towa and Ayana holding hands with a smile, and the staff roll flowed in the background.
However, at the very end, these words appeared on the screen:

“In my arms is Ayana, always smiling.
Seeing that smile, I can also become happy.
But… was this really okay?”

The picture of the two happily together changed, and Ayana’s figure disappeared, leaving only Towa behind.

“She acted for me, who she loved.
But perhaps, what truly broke her heart was… me, who couldn’t realize anything.
Maybe I am the one who took away that kind-hearted girl from myself.”

With those words, the true meaning of the ending was revealed, and the title screen appeared again.

The man who had been watching it all was at a loss, but he quickly read the comments page again.

[I actually don’t know if Towa did what Ayana did in the main story.
So, it’s more like if they realized it later and the staff added it as a fun feature.
In other words, Ayana was already broken and couldn’t stop herself from doing it.
This game is over, but… if there was someone with a more special perspective than Towa or Ayana, both of them could have had a happier ending.
Achieving revenge may give a sense of accomplishment for a moment, but in the end, it only brings emptiness.
Well, no matter how it turns out, it seems like a bitter ending for Shu, haha.]

“… A third party with a special perspective”

The man muttered, lost in thought.

What could he do if he were in that position? It’s pointless to think about it since it’s just a game, but what if… if only.
Would Touwa approve of Ayana bearing his hatred if he knew this would be the outcome?

Playing the fan disk changed the man’s impression of Towa’s character.
He only wanted to be with Ayana and didn’t realize he was trapped in his past and hatred as Ayana began to act.

If there had been some sort of trigger, if there had been an event where Ayana and Touwa truly shared their feelings and overcame their past, their future together would have been much brighter.

“… Phew, should I write a review?”

Writing a review after finishing the game is part of the man’s routine.

He opens the internet to write his review, but before he can start, something catches his eye.

It’s the game file he had been playing in window mode, and he never noticed until now.

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