This year, when I turn 4 years old, I will start attending kindergarten.

As I had always been a stay-at-home kid, it was in a sense my debut in the world of society.

I am going to make my debut in the Onmyoji world accordingly.

I heard that a get-together will be held for children of the same age and their parents.

The host of the party is the Abe family, a family that is considered as one of the three major Onmyoji families in Japan and the head of the Kanto region.

The Abe family, founded by the famous Onmyoji Abe no Seimei, has been in existence for more than 1,000 years and is considered the most influential of the three major Onmyoji.

There was no way I could just sit back and enjoy a get-together held by someone who could be described as the president of the company where my father worked.

The Abe family has two children.
The eldest son, Seikyu Haruku (6 years old), and the eldest daughter, Akari (4 years old).

They are the stars of this get-together and are important figures in the future of the Onmyoji world.

I would like to get to know them somehow.

Connections and money are important in society.

I regretted that fact when I became an adult and found out that I had few friends.

”Please make it a little taller.
Yes, I think the length looks just right. ”

The mother is happily preparing my formal wear.

She had prepared a well-tailored outfit for me, even though I would soon outgrow the clothes of a four-year-old child.
However, if I had to describe the outfit in one word, it would be Onmyoji fashion.
If we were not Onmyoji, it would be a complete cosplay.

”You have grown up, haven ’t you? Your mother is happy that Sei has grown up so well. ”

I guess it ’s like the 7-5-3 day for my parents.(T/N – 7-5-3 or Shichi-Go-San is a day of prayer for the healthy growth of young children.
It is also called 7-5-3 because in most regions around the country, boys and girls aged three, boys aged five, and girls aged seven visit a Shinto shrine with their parents.)

Seeing my Onmyoji look, my mother had a big smile on her face.

That smile is a sign of happiness for my growth, and I can feel her deep affection for me.
It made me feel itchy, but it also made my heart warm and fuzzy.

I remember that even in my previous life, I went to a photography studio to take pictures at the time of Shichi-Go-San.
I wonder if the growth of a child is a joyful thing for any parent.
Well, my parents in my previous life gave me a lot of love, too.

I thought about it at the funeral, but now I regret that I didn ’t give them much filial piety.

I will be very filial to my parents in this life.

As a first act of filial piety, should I give my shitty father the gift of a connection with his boss?

To do so, I need to get the main actors to remember my name at this get-together.
Since I have memories of my past life, I will play a trick that only a child can pull off in a mature and grown-up way.

The Abe family ’s mansion was magnificent beyond any comparison to our home.

It is a two-story Japanese-style house, lovingly preserved by the passage of time and of great historical value.
The Japanese garden, which extends from the main gate to the

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