The wagon traveled across the wide open plains and eventually entered a tall grove of trees.
The sunlight was blocked by the trees and the wind cooled for a moment.

Lionel addressed the Empress, “Your Majesty the Empress,” but received no response.

He then wondered if the current stagnant state of affairs could be broken.
Theseus was surprised by Lionel’s observation that the emperor was controlling the nobles through the advantage he gave to the magician group.

The nobles were kept in check, afraid that the tower would fall on their estates and they would need the help of the wizards to survive.
There was even a law that stated that moving without the emperor’s orders was treason.

Theseus was speechless as Lionel explained that the current situation was not to the Empress’s liking.
A black disaster arrived with the bloody sky, paradoxically strengthening Emperor Ehmont’s power.
He reigned as an absolute monarch, using the blood and fear of the people as a stepping stone.


Adele instructed Mrs.
Giggs to call Count Calvin, who was still in the capital.
After Mrs.
Giggs left the room, Adele was left alone with her thoughts.
Despite being the Empress of Ehmont, she did not have a family to support her and struggled to understand the power dynamics of Ehmont’s political circle.
She was grateful to be fluent in Ehmont, even though she had grumbled about having to learn the language of a country she was unfamiliar with.

“It is difficult,” she thought to herself.

Adele felt like she was feeling her way through the darkness.
She suddenly remembered Elizabeth’s advice to appoint an aide.
Adele cringed at the thought of having a male aide, as she remembered Elizabeth’s words about the previous emperor’s mistresses and the political power plays that took place at banquets.
However, she also remembered Elizabeth’s advice to prioritize her spirit over everything else in Ehmont.

The name “Prince Baldr” and his associate, Lionel Baldr, came to Adele’s mind.
Adele remembered Lionel’s calm and steady gaze, which reminded her of the sea just before a storm.
Although they had only met a few times, Adele felt that Lionel was a reliable person.
She smiled involuntarily as she remembered the time they rode horses together, which was the only enjoyable moment she had experienced in Ehmont.
She quickly pushed those thoughts away, shaking her head slightly.

“First of all, I need to learn more about the culture here.
I can’t be squeamish about doing it.” Adele sighed and massaged her forehead.

She knew that in this situation, understanding the culture was crucial and she couldn’t be delicate about it.
Historically, emperors and empresses sometimes had differences, but it was usually when both parties were at their strongest.
However, in the current scenario, where no one has any power, if Adele were to confront the emperor impulsively, it could have unfavorable consequences.
Therefore, it’s essential to weigh the options before taking any action.


Count Calvin, a learned gentleman with a dignified air, was a picture of composure – or at least he used to be.
Currently, he was a mess, his dignity barely holding on.
He was well aware of the urgency of the situation as he rushed to the territory, but his efforts were met with disdain and no offers of help upon arrival at the conference hall.
The cold expression of the emperor was the final nail in the coffin – the territory and its people were of no consequence to the ruler.

“Take care of your sword, so that it is ready at a moment’s notice when the emperor calls for you,” the emperor warned.
This only added to Count Calvin’s distress, as memories of what could have been flooded his mind.
He wished he could go back and warn his people, to prevent the current disaster.
Regret washed over him, and he felt like slapping himself for not realizing the severity of the situation sooner.

It was not until Count Calvin was summoned by the empress, Adele, that he arrived at the Imperial Palace.
He was perplexed by the sudden summons, and as he sat in the conference hall, he barely touched his tea.

“Here’s your queen,” Mrs.
Giggs announced Adele’s arrival.

Count Calvin quickly rose to his feet and turned to greet her.

“Sit easy, Count Calvin,” Adele instructed as she took her seat at the head of the table.

“When was the tower built?” Adele asked, cutting straight to the point.

“!” The count was taken aback by the question.

“At first, there was no flying demon, but over time, did it appear?” Adele continued, “Is the diameter of the tower getting wider?”

Count Calvin’s eyes slowly filled with light as he realized the significance of the empress’s questions.
The sadness and anger that had been building inside of him burst forth like a dam breaking.
He finally saw a glimmer of hope.

“I ran when I saw the flying monster.
No one had weapons to defend against the beasts, regardless of age or gender.
From the elderly who’ve lost all their teeth to children just entering puberty, everyone is fighting for survival.

Please, Your Majesty, save us,” the Count implored, his voice trembling.
His wrinkled face showed his immense pain as he ran towards the imperial palace, leaving the horrors of war behind.

When the empress asked about the absence of strikers and keepers, the Count explained that they were normally dispatched based on tower level, but support was often delayed.
He feared that without help, everyone in the area would die.

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