Brother Xuan, have you heard? Recently, a new math teacher was transferred to our school, and I heard that he is very beautiful. ”

Lin Xuan looked at his deskmate with a wretched expression, a little speechless.

”Lu Xinbo, you should study hard now. After all, we are now in our sophomore year. ”

(T/N:sophomore is second year of collage)

”No, Brother Xuan, you are not curious? Don you like women? ” Lu Xinbo looked at Lin Xuan in surprise.

”Go, go, who said I don like women anymore, but… ”

”Just what? ”

”Nothing to do with you. ”

Lin Xuan shook his head, the memory goes back to a year ago.

When I was freshman last year, a few roommates dragged themselves to the bar to play. When they went to the bathroom, they accidentally bumped into a woman who also drank a lot of alcohol, and then hugged him and said something.

Out of kindness, Lin Xuan sent her to the nearest hotel, but just went in and put him on the bed, and then she hugged Lin Xuan to not let him go, and then…

(T/N:you already know)

When Lin Xuan woke up the next day, the woman had disappeared and disappeared without any trace.

That night is unforgettable,although a year has passed, Lin Xuan has not forgotten her.

”Brother Xuan, Brother Xuan. ”

Lu Xinbo was stunned when he saw him, stretched out his hand and shook it before his eyes.

Lin Xuan came back to his senses and looked at Lu Xinbo: ”Whats wrong? ”

”No, nothing, its time for class. ”

The first class was a math class. When the class bell rang, Lin Xuan prepared the textbook and waited for the teacher to arrive.


Everyone looked around, only to see a teacher who was about 1.73 meters tall came in from outside.

Lin Xuan looked at this woman, her pupils shrinking slightly.

”Its actually her! ”

The woman who has been thinking about it all the time, did not expect to appear in their classroom now, and she is still the math teacher in their class!

”Brother Xuan, how about it, this teacher, isn it beautiful? ”

Lu Xinbo saw Lin Xuan staring at the incoming female teacher with a stunned look, and said with a wretched look.

Yang Ziyi looked around and looked at the students in the classroom. When she saw Lin Xuans face, there was a trace of panic on his face.

Why is he a student in this class?

But at any rate, the quality was firm, Yang Ziyi coughed lightly, and said: ”students, get ready for class. ”

[ ”Ding! The perfect daddy system is activating. ”. ]


[ 100%. ]

[ Mission:. ]

• ”Go home with Yang Ziyi, get her approval and become a daddy! ”


• ” 50,000 yuan, cooking skill of God of cooking! ”

”Host Children and mothers need supplementary nutrition. For the mother and children, cheer [ for the host ]

”Dad? ”

”Could it be! ”

Lin Xuan was stunned for an instant when he heard the sudden voice in his mind.

If it weren for the system, he wouldn know that Yang Ziyi has a child, and the child still belongs to him.

The system makes him a dad. This child is obviously his own. You can systematically pit yourself and let yourself become a ”receiver ”.

And at that time last year, he did have a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) with Yang Ziyi, so it should be that time.

Thinking of this, Lin Xuan looked at Yang Ziyi with complicated eyes. She must have been very hard working with the child!

Lin Xuan didn listen to the lecture at all in this class. As soon as the bell remembered after class, Lin Xuan got up directly, left the table, and walked onto the stage.

”Um, teacher, I have something I want to talk to you. ”

”If you have anything, just say it here. ”

Yang Ziyi looked at Lin Xuan with a complex expression, and said.

”I want to talk to you alone on this matter. ”

”All right, go to the office. ”

”Ok. ”

Lu Xinbo watched Lin Xuan actually take the initiative to talk with the new teacher, and also went out with the new teacher, and he was stunned.

”Come on, whats the matter? ”

Entering the office, Yang Ziyi sat down and looked at Lin Xuan.

”How are you doing this year? ”

Lin Xuan looked at her for a while, and said with some anxiety in her heart.

”Its fine. ”

Lin Xuan looked at the desk, a notebook, it was written to buy milk powder for the babies, wet diapers and so on.

He took a deep breath and asked, ”Do you have a baby? ”

Yang Ziyi glanced at the desktop and nodded slightly: ”Yes, there are indeed children. ”

”Is this child mine? ” Lin Xuan took a deep breath after receiving her reply, and looked straight into Yang Ziyis eyes.

Hearing this, a trace of panic flashed in Yang Ziyis eyes, and then shook her head: ”No. ”

”No? How old is your child now? ”

”Its just three months. ”

”Just over three months? Combined with last years time, it is exactly the same. ”

”Zi Yi, although we did is accident , this is also my child. If possible, I would like to see the children. After all, I am also the father of the child. ”

Lin Xuan looked at Yang Ziyi sincerely.

Yang Ziyi looked at Lin Xuan with a complicated expression. The two children were indeed her and him, but Lin Xuan was only a student. She felt that there was no need to walk into his life. She could raise two children by herself.

But he is the father of the children, no matter what, he has the right to see the children.

But what if he sees the children and wants to take them away? Although there was a caretaker in the family who was taking care of the babies, she had already left when she went home, and took him back by herself at that time.

If he wanted to take the child away, he couldn stop him.

After hesitating for a long time, when the class bell rang, Yang Ziyi nodded: ”Okay, you are over in the afternoon, and I will take you there. ”

Lin Xuan was overjoyed when he heard that he could finally see the little baby. He didn know how the little baby was, whether it was very cute.

”Well, Ziyi, Ill go to class first, see you this afternoon. ”

”Go ahead. ”

Seeing Lin Xuans back, Yang Ziyi sighed faintly, perhaps this is the so-called fate.

”Brother Xuan, how about it, lets drive the black together tonight? ”

Lu Xinbo said eagerly just after school in the afternoon.

”No, I still have business tonight. ” Lin Xuan shook his head.

what is it important that games or children?

”Something? Brother Xuan, what it is? ” When he heard this, Lu Xinbo looked at Lin Xuan incredulously.

As soon as he said that he would play games at night, Lin Xuan nodded and agreed, and then scored points together.

This surprised him too much.

”Ill tell you another day, Im leaving now. ”

After saying that, Lin Xuan quickly left the classroom and walked to the office where Yang Ziyi was.

”Zu… Teacher Yang. ”

As soon as he entered, Lin Xuan was about to call her, but found that there were other teachers there, and quickly changed his name.

Yang Ziyi glanced at him, nodded, packed his things, got up, passed by Lin Xuan and whispered: ”Lets go. ”

Lin Xuan hurriedly followed behind her and left the school together.

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